Unfortunately, this deal has expired 19 September 2023.
Posted 21 July 2023

11 Night FULL BOARD Transatlantic Cruise, Southampton to Miami Florida USA for 2 (£370pp) - 13 Feb 2024 with Norwegian Cruises

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Great deal only £370pp. That works out to only £33 per day including all meals entertainment etc

Transatlantic - 11 nights - Ship Norwegian Joy
Date 13 Feb 2024
  • Departure - Southampton, Great Britain
  • Arrival - Miami, Florida, USA

Price includes:
Full Board (All meals)
Daily Entertainment
Port fees and taxes

Seascanner More details at

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  1. getmore4less's avatar
    NCL usual add ons.

    £199pp Free at sea for drinks and a special meal.
    £15.50pppd optional grats.

    Ship is in dry dock for some major work.

    Good chance they won't be finished workers still onboard. Along with smaller risk of delay.

    Plenty of other cheap NCL transatlantic to look at end of this year.

    Most important

    Cheaper at vivavoyage. £345 Free at sea also cheaper

    Also check US prices.

    Seascanner is getting over sold on HUKD no one seem to check they are best value.
    sm9690's avatar
    Vivavoyage charges a £39 service fee though when you get past selecting your stateroom
  2. jetstreamer's avatar
    I won't vote either way but I don't think this is a great deal. Unlike most Transatlantic cruises it doesn't stop anywhere, so you are on the ship for 11 days straight. It may or may not be a comfortable ride in February.

    There are a lot of Transatlantic cruises in Oct/Nov (Westbound) and Mar/Apr (Eastbound) that have great pricing, make 3-4 stops and don't have the uncertainty this one does coming right after a major dry dock where they are making some big modifications to the ship (mostly adding extra staterooms at the expense of public spaces).
    sm9690's avatar
    Yeah, I did the Epic transatlantic last December from Lisbon to NY. It was meant to stop at the Azores and Bermuda but missed both ports. They gave us $200 OBC and I managed to get 2x£100 from my travel insurance as it included missed port cover in my policy
  3. adebisi30's avatar
    If you don't choose a drinks package. What can you drink? Only tap water?
    getmore4less's avatar
    Get a coffee machine in the cabin can boil water for tea
    (Have to ask since covid)

    Buffet 24hr tea coffee water ice

    Breakfast juice

    Milk readily available at breakfast

    Fridge in cabin to store a stockpile

    Can get ice bucket in cabin
  4. Garry_Heslop's avatar
    What's the transatlantic weather like in February?
    n707301's avatar
    Titanic hit an iceberg in April.....
  5. smokieUK's avatar
    Guess it doesn't include flights back.
  6. Sheldontheduck's avatar
    Hooray, one way ticket.... I'll send the wife on this cruise. lol
  7. Mosh196's avatar
    £33 a day.

    That's cheaper than living at home.
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Plus £20 pppd drinks
    Plus £15.50 pppd tips
    Plus baggage
    Plus travel insurance that covers cruises
    Plus flight home

    Soon adds up.
  8. johnszi23's avatar
    If you go with family the basic room won’t be available and in the end it’s just under £3000
    getmore4less's avatar
    Split across 2 rooms. 3&4 are more than 1&2.

    Can try to find cabins next/near to each other.

    Eg 5313, 5317 both 4 berths available next to each other.

    Set one up as a 4 bed room and the other a sitting room.
  9. Stixxan's avatar
    What on Earth do people do during an 11 night transatlantic cru...wait there's a go-kart track?!
    samsmith66's avatar
    They are mostly pensioners I guess, so play bingo, watch onboard shows, sleep, read books, dance.
  10. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    Everyone that spots an iceberg gets another day alive
    Kelmo's avatar
    Don't worry those don't exist anymore. Now you just have to watch out for islands of trash.
  11. UARESIK's avatar
    Percentage of old and young people ? From which background ?
    deleted2936900's avatar
  12. jimmythecat123's avatar
    I have done the transatlantic in October on the queen mary and therefore would not contemplate this in February when the weather conditions could be similar.
    I have never suffered from seasickness before but it was an uncomfortable 6 days that I do not wish to relive.
    So yes a good price and thanks for posting but sorry it’s cold from me.
    getmore4less's avatar
    QM2 does the northern route.
  13. kevinyork's avatar
    I’ve done transatlantic cruises before but with a max of 5 days between ports. 11 days is way too much and if the weather isn’t kind it’s going to feel like being a sardine inside the ship.
    getmore4less's avatar
    We have done 9+ sea days in a row a few times.

    There fine if you get a decent routine and the ship is organised with activities and entertainment.

    Some that get decent cruisecritic roll going have too much to do.
  14. yorkie12's avatar
    £15/ day service charge - You can add 'Free at Sea ' drinks package , etc for £199 each.
    clavier3895's avatar
  15. ck_'s avatar
    No WiFi?
    getmore4less's avatar
    WiFi is free and needed for the app you use on board.

    An internet connection will cost extra
  16. newportdj69's avatar
    im sure titanic went down that way to usa
    wavecrest1's avatar
    Global warming.... There is very little ice at the north pole and the Atlantic is warm as bath water ..,.. according to the BBC ;-)

  17. Parappathepappa's avatar
    My train to Southampton will likely cost more than this.
    Luks_Mulla's avatar
    Your train will most likely be cancelled
  18. Whitey2048's avatar
    The missus said she wants a 2 week holiday to florida with the kids, this technically ticks the box, and makes the park tickets a lot cheaper. Heat (edited)
    samsmith66's avatar
    And it's a one way ticket too.
  19. DemonUK's avatar
    I have no idea how this works. Lol so how do you get back?
    Whitey2048's avatar
  20. phil73's avatar
    Not be confused with
    Luckyluke1's avatar
    What's this?
  21. Monaco.Blue's avatar
    Is it clear what day it reaches warmer clime?
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Emerge from the sea fog on day 11.
  22. maccalen's avatar
    How long do you get in Miami?
    ilepak's avatar
    As long as you like, it’s a one way trip.
  23. bozo007's avatar
    Just saw that I have a £150 cashback offer on spends over £500 at Norwegian on my Barclays credit card. New customers only. Valid until Aug 9.

    Petrolnut's avatar
    New customers to the cruise line or card?
  24. rob.clark's avatar
    I booked this trip earlier in the year, it was then cancelled by norwegian as the ship needs maintenance work.
    UARESIK's avatar
    Full refund ?
  25. getmore4less's avatar
    Some of the other NCL transatlantic might look a bit more but they have the extra air credit discount which helps with flight costs.
  26. bhqmaster's avatar
    Cold. Doesn’t include flight home.
  27. smellyonion's avatar
    Suitable for a couple? Or will it consist of feral kids, retirees, and weatherspoons clientele. Butlins on sea?
    blahblahblah1234's avatar
    There's nothing wrong with feral retirees! (edited)
  28. gordo1964's avatar
    You could play I Spy- singing that begins with S or W or O. That’s 10 mins of the 7 days covered.⛴️
  29. getmore4less's avatar
    Remember this is going south to Miami.

    Weather will be fine even if rough the first 3 days.
    wilburscoville9191's avatar
    Impossible to know. It can get pretty choppy in the Atlantic at any time of the year and even more likely in November. However the deal itself is good so voted hot .
  30. getmore4less's avatar
    New prices with the free at sea 50% offer for the next 2 days.

    NCL direct
    £389 Inside
    £488 Inside with free at sea(drinks)
    Tips 15.50pppd

    Vivavoyage (other TAs available)

    This is dirt cheap £40pppd with drinks £55.50 with service.
    Petrolnut's avatar
    Very tempting!
  31. janetteg's avatar
    Ah, this is because they will be repositioning the ship from Europe to the USA for the USA Spring market (no demand for European cruises in Feb/March etc. They'll be hoping to offset some of their costs for fuel/staff etc.
    Petrolnut's avatar
    It's going into dry dock.
  32. ZVO4Freedom's avatar
    Yep, looks like a typical repositioning itinerary, no stops, savage continuous one way trip for 11 nights. Proper Horrible!
    getmore4less's avatar
    It's not a typical repositioning it a drydock run in Jan and back in Feb

    Done a couple of no port TAs they have both been great cruises.

    The Prima November repo cruise is now cheapest

    11n £348 11n 3 ports.
  33. GayleMclintockCampbell's avatar
    How long are you in miami and do you have to fly back home?
    ilepak's avatar
    The answers are in the posts above
  34. kazkdp's avatar
    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but adding one more person, a child 8yrs cost extra £499. Is this correct? That a shame 😔
    deleted1945554's avatar
    The deal is for two.
  35. Abdul_Shahin's avatar
    Winter across the Atlantic? 0.0
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