Unfortunately, this deal has expired 19 February 2024.
Posted 17 February 2024

15% off PlayStation Gift Cards - from £4.25 for £5 to £85 for £100

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£5 - £4.25
£10 - £8.50
£15 - £12.75
£20 - £17
£25 - £21.50
£30 - £25.50
£32 - £27.20
£35 - £29.75
£40 - £34
£45 - £38.25
£50 - £42.50
£80 - £68
£84 - £71.40
£90 - £76.50
£100 - £85

Get More, Play More with PlayStation® Gift Cards. Redeem for anything on PlayStation™Store: games, add-ons, memberships and more. PlayStation®Plus: Use gift card funds to contribute towards PlayStation®Plus memberships, with online multiplayer access, games every month, exclusive discounts and more (scroll down for more details). Find exclusive deals on top games: With regular deals and discounts, there's always something to play at a price you'll love. Pre-order. Preload. Play: Can't wait for a game? Preload it to your console and play as soon as it’s available. Download purchases remotely: Add your purchases to your download queue from anywhere online - and start playing sooner. Enhance your PlayStation® experience: Pick your plan with PlayStation®Plus. Discover three membership plan options, benefits, and more. Essential: Monthly Games, Online Multiplayer, discounts and more. Extra: Discover a huge catalogue of incredible PS5™and PS4™games (includes everything in Essential). Premium: Enjoy streaming, Classic games, trials and more (includes everything in Extra).
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  1. mackay85's avatar
    Could I purchase these to purchase the PS5 slim offer through the ps store ??
    mossmanfly's avatar
    No, not with PSN credit. This is for PS Store, not Playstation direct.
  2. consolegamer's avatar
    16.7% off for gold customers. Time to stack up.
  3. Ljsdad's avatar
    Can you put pass code on the ps store to stop my boy from feeding his fortnite habit 
  4. Ljsdad's avatar
    Jesus nearly about bought the 50 one last night 
    JoShmo's avatar
    Did he?
  5. mooglamachuck's avatar
    Just used this to purchase Helldivers 2 so thanks
    jonny11411's avatar
    For Super Earth!
  6. Boris_Trump's avatar
    currys you got

    1% cashback on card spent
    6% currys gift card discount
    15% discount on ps gift card

    so tatally it is like 21% off original price (.99 * .94 * .85)
    Seh6345's avatar
    Sorry, can you please elaborate further?

    Edit: nevermind, I understand now. I got 7% off through Vivup and combined it with this. Thanks for letting me know about this employee benefit that even I wasn't aware of. Thought Vivup was a gimmick lool. (edited)
  7. Rone's avatar
    Heat 🔥
  8. BenWhite-78fa3.50707's avatar
    Thanks. Just saved me some cash on ff7 rebirth
  9. liam.w.ward's avatar
    Thanks. Got myself enough credit to renew my PS+ subscription.
    EVH22's avatar
    Any offers on ps plus subs liam?
  10. paul_forest's avatar
    £100 for £85, that’ll do me for a couple of years!
  11. 81980085's avatar
    Nice that they are have the same discount. Usually they are different.
  12. ohmydiggydays's avatar
    appreciated for the maths
  13. iwilliams54's avatar
    This the cheapest way to get 12 months ps plus at the moment?
    Jonesey19's avatar
    Also need to know this as mines up in March
  14. Shaun_Clapperton's avatar
    How longs this offer on?
  15. S555's avatar
    Can anyone send me a link to sign up via vpn please?
    Seh6345's avatar
    It's 15% off at Curry's at well mate
  16. StopSpendingSam's avatar
    Just got a new TV, grabbed £50 to upgrade my PS+ sub to Extra and see how a range of stuff looks
  17. MB85's avatar
    Curry’s is the same deal. Shopto is a great site to
  18. Vistrix's avatar
    I'm waiting for Sony to offer a discount on PS Plus now...
    SnoopZ's avatar
    Next will likely be in June.
  19. TheTattooedTurk's avatar
's avatar