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7nts Roussillon, France (April/May) for 2 Adults + 2 Kids - Inc. 5* Holiday Home + STN Flights + 20kg Bag from £332.18 (£80.50pp) @ Eurocamp

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Was having a look around, and thought this was a bargain. 5 Star park - Works out at just over £10pp/pn.

Quite a few dates in April at this price, but a bit more (around £20 or so on the 17th May, as an example). In this description, using 18th April as an example. Around 16 miles from the airport, so transfer costs have would be factored in.

Eurocamp Le Soleil de la Méditerranée (18th - 25th April)

You can get a 3 bed for £4 more

Spectacular beaches combined with glorious countryside, it doesn't get much better than this.
Where the mountains meet the sea you’ll find Le Soleil de la Méditerranée. But where will you head first? To the foothills of the French Pyrénées, or the waves and the water sports of the Mediterranean?

This popular parc offers the perfect coast and country location (city too - don’t miss the Catalan delights of vibrant Perpignan). With a fabulous pool complex featuring a 95m waterslide, not to mention the black and white space hole slide, you'll be hard put to leave the water, though the 6km long sandy beach that just's a short walk away might tempt you to venture off parc. Or how about a leisurely stroll through the marina, or a drive down the coast to Spain - you're only an hour from the border!

Why you’ll love this parc
  • Whizz down the giant waterslides on parc
  • Stroll on down to the nearby beach
  • Head to Aqualand water park for thrills and spills galore


Direct Flights to Perpignan via Ryanair with normal hand luggage and 1 x 20kg Check-in bag


Hope it helps someone
Eurocamp More details at Eurocamp
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    I know the area pretty well, having spent probably at least a year of my life in total there. I'm also going back there in mid April just a few km away.
    Some initial bits of info:

    > Sea will be pretty cold in April or even May, however you have pools at campsite which I assume will be heated or at least a lot warmer.

    > Visit Collioure a little further South (probably a 15min drive), it's beautiful.

    > If hire a car at the airport, be sure what you sign (often on a screen in bright sunlight so sign inside the car to be able to see properly is my advice) as like any car hire insurance, it's overly expensive and I have known of cases where hire care places there sneakily try to add on...and if you sign it.... I buy an annual policy from icarhireinsurance which costs around £42 last time I purchased (within last 12 months).

    > St Cyprien port is quite nice, but I prefer Argeles Port in the town south.

    > Tropical Golf (at least in Argeles) is great fun, and they have one in St Cyprien but only time I went there was when it opened and that would be at least 35 years ago - tropical-golf.com/

    > Ceret has the best market in the region (I recall it finishes early afternoon but I might be wrong there), I believe every Saturday and it's a lovely town. Probably about 35 mins away from St Cyprien by car. Some basic info at vallespir-tourisme.fr/en/…ts/

    > There's a catamaran cruise 'Navivoile that leaves for some cruises from nearby Canet port, and on the times I've used them I really enjoyed - one for good weather though of course, link is navivoile.com/en/

    If have any questions about the area, reply here and I'll aim to answer if I can. (edited)
  2. sheffield788's avatar
    This is a good park and accessible from the airport. We had it on our list but ended up booking a different camp. Travel during May school holidays may be very expensive, the flights are 2-3 times more expensive than in 2021 and 2022. We may end up buying hotel all inclusive this year, as campsite holiday seems expensive now. Voted hot anyway, this is a good price.
    Public transport from the airport not great, too many changes and takes too long. Applies to Argeles sur Mer where we usually go. May be ok to this location.
    We've used taxi booked from here, very reliable: perpignan-airport-transfers.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw_MqgBhAGEiwAnYOAegmR2umIxwPXehgPm1n8JQnJtRIRxP3inCD3u5kjfy7IDz_q94NQ-RoCmcAQAvD_BwE (edited)
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    Is Marseille not a nearer airport? Or am I missing something here?
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    Seems good value..what's the weather like that time ?
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    Decent, can be chilly/hit and miss in April though. May would be more ideal weather wise
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    How about without the flights? If we just wanted to go down and stay 5 days or so by car. Is it worth it? Could easily take car on ferry to Calais and then depending how far parc is from Calais just drive down there. Might even be good to get a day visit to Disney land while there 😁
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    I drive very occasionally, but only if I'm doing a long stay and even then it's a heck of a drive so I mostly go by plane.

    I have never and wouldn't personally want to do the drive down or back in a single hit. My usual plan is:
    Channel Tunnel Shuttle at about 07:30 from Folkestone, arriving in France around 09:00 local time. I get past Charles De Gaulle airport around midday, and stop off in Bourges around 16:00 to stay overnight.
    I then drive to Argeles next morning from about 08:00, stopping off at either the the amazing Gouffre de Padirac caves early in my journey at visit-dordogne-valley.co.uk/dis…rac or pop over to Rocamadour. I'd expect to reach St Cyprien area around mid afternoon.
    It is a very long drive indeed, but an easy one going direct as almost all great quality autoroute (though was about 130 EUR total in tolls covering the route and that was in 2018 when I last did it). The only point I dislike on that journey is the ring road sction I have to navigate E/S.E of Paris, other than that it tends to be clear and 130kph/82mph (assuming good weather and visibility) all the way.

    It's an adventure, but note realistically (without making plans to visit somewhere else on way down or way back) it means:
    Le Shuttle crossing cost.
    About 750 miles each way just in France (obviously add your UK mileage) so this isn't cheap on fuel with France having kind of comparable fuel prices to UK.
    A night in hotel each way (I do Bourges or Limoges on way down, and likely the Loire valley on way back).
    Insurance green card for your car.
    Wear and tear on your car, that's a lot of miles.

    So for staying 5 days, but 4 days of travel (unless combining with something else major), that's a *lot* of travel vs chilling.
    I guess it could be done in one day, but that would be pretty horrific, I recall my parents friends came down once in one go but were shattered from it.

    If plan as part of something bigger, some places of note:
    > Eurodisney of course
    > Padirac (amazing caves) and Rocamadour (stunning town built into side of a cliff) are close together and warrant a stop.
    > If going a little further west, there is Futuroscope (park of the moving image): futuroscope.com/en/

    If driving down, buy one of the autoroute tags so don't have faf with a debit card through the left hand side passenger window of your car: emovis-tag.co.uk/

    Hope the info is of use.
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    It says you are only allowed to wear budgie smugglers in the pool ... No swim shorts
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    Think that's common for France
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