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Posted 15 May 2023

Non-stop flight from Manchester to Orlando for only £364 roundtrip - e.g Aer Lingus 11am 29 Aug 2023 - 17:45 6 Sep @ SkyScanner

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Availability from August to September 2023

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29th Aug – 6th Sep
30th Aug – 7th Sep
31st Aug – 8th Sep
1st-9th Sep
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  1. Loufrance's avatar
    Early September is the peak of hurricane season. It runs July to November in Florida but they occur at the highest frequency in September, hence the cheap flights and holidays at this time of year.
    pinkstacey's avatar
    It’s cheaper cause it’s the first week of school term after summer school holidays, parents don’t like to miss first week of a new school year. Nothing to do with hurricane season.
  2. PonJaul76's avatar
    A non-stop round trip. Don't see the point unless you like airplane food
    steveieboy1's avatar
    It’s All about the Journey, Not the Destination
  3. thedvdmonster's avatar
    I was hoping for one that stops in the middle of the ocean for a quick swim. 
    fuiseog's avatar
    Air France via Sargasso Sea? They have history
  4. davester2k's avatar
    Cheapest price is only available via a dubious OTA on Skyscanner......DO NOT DO THIS!

    Aer Lingus price seems to be between £9 to £60 higher depending dates.......no brainer.
  5. phatbear's avatar
    In Orlando at the moment and everything has gone bonkers expensive, and not just because of the exchange rate even the most basic things are double the UK price, for example an 18pack of crisps in walmart are $11, approx £9, even the outlet stores are occasionally on parity with buying items on amazon in the UK.

    Still a great place to be and the sun is shining but just be aware sometimes things arent as cheap as they seem
    ChrisLUFC's avatar
    Went in April at Easter and thought the same when shopping for basic foods in supermarkets. 100% Crisps seem to be really expensive, like proportionately way more expensive than anything else which was strange. $5+ for a £1.50 size bag.

    Paying $8.50 for a beer in the parks ( only did Disney as stayed on site ) I didn't think was too bad, other alcoholic drinks were very expensive however like a random flavour slush drink might be $5 and then to get the same drink with a shot of vodka or any other booze in it was $16. Quick service meals were fairly reasonable. Especially the kids meals as they came with extra sides and included drinks. also will never understand how or why they have to add tax on at the till rather than put it on the price of the item. $30 for a teddy ends up being $32.40 etc.
  6. angleseyman's avatar
    Why would you want a no stop flight round trip ?
  7. fame's avatar
    Doesn't seem to bad ✌️
  8. franco79's avatar
    Pretty good! Aer Lingus reviews? My wife says it’s a bucket airline. I think that means she thinks they are bad 🤷🏻
    Azwipe's avatar
    Not a bad airline, food is bit meh and they are stingy with the drinks, apart from that ok. Good part is they use the new terminal C in Orlando.
  9. chrisom's avatar
    Only hand luggage included at this price
  10. DrFab's avatar
    I've just booked and the only downside I found was having to pay extra to choose your seats. I don't eat airline food so that doesn't bother me. We got a good deal with Aventura hotel onsite at Universal and park tickets only cost £464 for two of us as Universal are doing pay for 2 days and get 3 free for Studios and IOA.
    joeannexxx's avatar
    Can people from uk buy those tickets, thought thwy qere foe usa only, im going but only want 2 days at universal, so would be cheaper than 14 day uk ticket, please help me know if i can purchase
  11. _Sparky_'s avatar
    Only way to get off these non stop flights is a parachute.
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