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8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth & 2.4g Controller with Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch and Windows - White £49.99 @ Amazon

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Compatible with Switch via Bluetooth and Windows with a 2.4g adapter.

  • Compatible with Switch via Bluetooth and Windows with a 2.4g adapter
  • Multifunctional Charging Dock - Stable connection and controller will be automatically switching ON/OFF while it is docked/undocked.
  • Hall Effect Sensing Joystick
  • Ultimate Software on PC and mobile (Android/iOS)
  • 2 Pro back paddle buttons, Custom Profile Switch Button, Player indicators & 2-way Mode Switching button, Rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C, 22 hours rechargeable battery.

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  1. TripleMike's avatar
    Anybody have any experience with how this compares to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? I'm thinking about getting one and both are £49.99, just weighing up my options
    MTHlink25's avatar
    I've had both and prefer the 8BD ultimate.

    Main differences is that this has a dock so will charge your controller and you can use a 2.4 GHz connection rather than Bluetooth (probably doesn't make that much a difference though). This also has hall effect analogue sticks so are less likely to drift. That being said pro's drift isn't anywhere near as bad as the joycons and all controllers will drift as parts degrade over time. Hall effects use magnets I believe but still have some moving parts that will degrade over time. It'll just theoretically take longer

    Only disadvantages with this controller is that you can't wake the switch from sleep by pressing the home button (pro can) -edit: you can in bluetooth mode if you press home and shake the controller- and you can't use amiibos with this controller.

    Just to add the 8BD also supports motion controls like the pro and also has rumble.

    The things I wasn't a fan on the pro was that it felt a little light imo and the analogue sticks felt quite "loose" compared to joycons or other controllers like a PS4/5. You do get used to it after a while though.

    Here's a good video comparing the two. I watched it before getting mine. youtu.be/kwH…G8Y (edited)
  2. AverageJoeseph's avatar
    Getting one of these for me but can anyone recommend a small switch controller designed for kids?
    Joycons are too long as their thumbs can't reach on both sides (edited)
  3. prankster101's avatar
    How is this different than the black one?


    Also, if this is anything like the black controller, it's a solid controller... Absolutely solid. (edited)
    GrimDanFango's avatar
    It's 10 quid cheaper
  4. slybunda's avatar
    all hail the hall effect sensor!!!
  5. Grevious's avatar
    Good controllers got one for switch (as above no drift)- word of warning though the battery pack only lasted a year on mine and support won’t help. On to disposable batteries now…
    xybp9's avatar
    Good point - kinda makes the charging dock useless (and potentially dangerous) after the original batteries run out

    does it not take standard AA batteries? My Pro 2 and Pro+ do, and I use Sanyo eneloop rechargeables with it (edited)
  6. xybp9's avatar
    huge price jump from regular 8bitdo Pro 2 controller (which has a more playstation stick layout)

    Ultimate has xbox stick layout

    otherwise largely similar - don't think I'd go for the ultimate (edited)
    westy90's avatar
    My 8bitdo Pro 2 with the PlayStation layout has also now got a faulty battery it's now on disposable batteries

    Im currently using the Gulikit Kingkong 2 Pro and I find it better (edited)
  7. slacker's avatar
    Pity the black is still £10 more. Quite fancy one of these.
  8. Misanthropist's avatar
    Damn I don't have the 50 to drop on one of these rn! Been after one for a while 🥲
  9. rudey_valentino's avatar
    Just brought the 8BitDo Usb adapter 2
    To use with unlocked Google stadia controllers with switch
  10. Jamesmosser's avatar
    Here is a review of this controller if people would rather watch a video review:

    Best controller ever made? 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth & 2.4g review. 100% working with Steam Deck! UK
  11. st1's avatar
    Just ordered and it’s £45.65 now, bonus!!!
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