Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Wonder Wheels 5 Litres) - £7.18 @ Costco

Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Wonder Wheels 5 Litres) - £7.18 @ Costco

Found 28th Feb 2012
Found this in my local Costco (should be national) and works out the same price you would pay in the shops for only 500ml . The price includes VAT. Also comes with brush.

Wonder Wheels is the number 1 selling and multiple award winning wheel cleaner, the formula cuts through grease and multiple coatings of brake dust, leaving wheels glistening.
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Good price and product but just remember that this is acidic (from memory) so take caution on the type of wheels you use it on
nicer mixer with Gin
leave it on too long and it will burn the laquer and turn it yellow, don't forget to wash it off!
Just wash your wheels in vinegar. Same effect (ie.. it dissolves them)
Cheap as chips from Costco (bought it from there in the past). 5lt at Halfords is £25 so definitely a good saving.

Agree on not leaving it on too long. I found that brushing it on wheel over 30 seconds or so and then giving the wheel a good scrub with an alloy wheel brush then rise with water all within a few minutes stop the acid from eating the laquer because the cleaner is constantly moving before being cleaned off.
Best wheel cleaner you can buy won loads of awards my Audi R8s wheels look amazing after this eats brake dust !!
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