Posted 25 September 2023

Amazon Prime Student Membership 6 months free trial - then £4.49p/m or £47.49 Annual Membership (Equv £3.96 p/m)

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About this deal

Amazon Prime Student Member 6 months free trail then (£4.49p/m or £47.49 Annual Membership (Equv £3.96 p/m)

Everyone will have a preference of whether they like paying monthly or paying 12 months upfront.

Start your free trial of prime student to enjoy

Unlimited Premium Delivery on millions of eligible items

Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows
(HD, Ultra HD & HDR video when available)

All of the music you love + top podcasts, ad-free
Secure unlimited photo storage

Same Day delivery available at no extra cost on qualifying orders above £20 to selected postcodes
Amazon More details at

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Prime Student members also enjoy unlimited streaming of TV shows and movies on Prime Video, millions of songs + plus the largest catalogue of top ad-free podcasts on Amazon Music Prime, exclusive student deals, unlimited photo storage, and Kindle books.

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  1. GothBoy's avatar
    Don't forget that they now charge for 'overnight' and same day delivery. From next year they're going to charge to watch Prime without adverts too. You also need to pay for a Amazon Music if you want to listen to a lot of stuff or like albums to play in order. That's all on top of this subscription. I don't know who is currently butchering Prime but I hope they get a verucca between every toe.
    ChildofChaos's avatar
    Not only that the service has gotten much worse and they have increased the prices.

    A lot of prime stuff now ends up not being next day, it's in three days our longer. Which is ridiculous considering the main offering of prime is next day delivery, not all the crap they attach to it.
  2. LeeWorrall's avatar
    They keep trying to catch me out with this. I swear originally my student status made me eligible for 4 years on prime but now they're getting me to re confirm im still a student every 6 or 12 months
    ChildofChaos's avatar
    That's odd, I have this and i'm not even a student and i've had it for over a year now.

    They didn't even ask me for any ID when i signed up, they kept annoying me about signing up to student prime, so one day i just pressed the button and now I have student prime, no id and not a student.
  3. Velete's avatar
    On my 9th year as a student , annoyingly after 4 years you need to make a new account but they still accept your previous details (name,address,method of proof)

    NUS card can be renewed every 3 years and then used as proof if you no longer have access to an .ac address or original student matric card (via email method) - NUS don't care as long as you pay them lol, they will renew a card forever

    I was a student for 4/5 years tbh, but refuse to go back to normal account!

    My family use my prime more than I do, so they can pay if they ever change the student account system!

    Just renewed student proof like 2 days ago, so above info is all still correct (edited)
    speedfire66's avatar
    How are you renewing it? I used Shaw Academy before but that's no longer accepted...
  4. Scalesofjustice's avatar
    I'm no longer prime and happier for it. No more boxes to get rid of, no more packages left on there step or having the door bell going late at night. With the advent of prime video getting ads and often higher prices than other online retailer's. Amazon isn't the utopia of deals we were once sold on. They got consumers in a buying from them habit and if I have woken up to this others will too. I'm not saying don't buy from Amazon, just think that prime is for Amazon's benefit to keep you loyal not yours.
    this_is_fun's avatar
    Depends how you use it. I probably save at least 10x the cost of prime in next-day delivery fees alone. Not to mention all the other services I make use of.
    Not going to be for everyone, but clearly great value for some
  5. yorkie12's avatar
    It's been that price about a year now , with first 6 months free. Was even cheaper before that. I'm not a Student , just got a pop up one day with the offer. All they asked was when my course finished.
    TECHSPEC's avatar
    Same. I'm gutted I put course ended after trial. I should have gone for longest option, which was about 3 years. Then could have paid the lower fee.
  6. BodenWRX's avatar
    I’ve had student prime for a couple of years and one word of warning is they don’t seem to deliver to your billing address which is most likely also your delivery address on weekends. It either has to go to a locker or a relatives. Literally the house opposite on our dead end road gets delivery on the weekend, and the neighbours, I’ve entered their address for delivery and it’s delivery on the weekend.
    young_boss's avatar
    Not true, they deliver to any address of your choice 7 days a week, as long as you don't live in the Highlands or anywhere which is a remote location.
  7. ChildofChaos's avatar
    I have this. I'm not a student and I didn't really pretend to be one.

    Amazon wouldn't stop spamming me to have this, every time I tried to order, making me click no several times, eventually I just clicked yes to see what happened and I ended up with Amazon student, they never asked for any form of ID and i'm about 18 months into it. Guess it was some form of glitch. (edited)
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  8. G3n3ralWast3's avatar
    i once walked past a corner shop and it had ''WE HAVE PRIME'' written on a piece of paper stuck to the window. so i walked in to ask why, since prime is only 8 pounds and it sells on amazon. not corner shops.

    true story
  9. g2v1n's avatar
    Anyone know a way around to keep your student account after 4 years, without a new account being setup??

    51057316-CA0lI.jpg (edited)
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  10. MishMash's avatar
    I'm sure I had Prime Student but it reverted to normal a while ago when I finished my OU module and took a break. I'm now starting OU again, can I update my normal Amazon Prime account to student?
    zone_player's avatar
    Yes but only if you use a different Amazon account/email address.
  11. andiron87's avatar
    Some things I used Prime for:
    Music - it's like radio now, which I can get FREE
    TV - rubbish, prefer Pakistani Youtube - almost FREE
    Free delivery - I do spend a lot, and £25+ offers free delivery
    Prime, Black Friday, Warehouse Sales - no longer good

    Now, is it worth £95? I may not extend it next year.
    Rob_Samsung's avatar
    My sentiments with it now. Mine expires next July. Doubtful I will continue.
  12. akexuk's avatar
    Can you do households and share student prime in the same address? (edited)
    young_boss's avatar
    Customer services said no to me when i tried to add my wife and share student prime benefits. They said it's not like a normal prime account where you can create households and share the prime benefits.
  13. RandolphSwandwic's avatar
    Anyone with access to CWU. Communication workers union one of the benefits is Totum card. This can be used as student proof.
    supersue's avatar
    Not if it's a TotumPro card (which it will be if for non-full-time students). Amazon only accepts the full-time student Totum card now
  14. essence77's avatar
    I managed twice this offer in two accounts
    I’m even students or any card holder
    1616french's avatar
    Yeah, it shows (edited)
  15. mrman007's avatar
    This was very popular with the hukd crowd when they accepted NUS totum cards but alas no more!!
    MrKrabs's avatar
    Mine expires next week. 10 years of student prime...
  16. jonnyclewlow's avatar
    I have found the best way to get this is to have children every 4 years so when they go to Uni, use their account. On my 6th kid... #moneysavingexpert
    Dlu's avatar
    Kids cost a fortune so not very money saving
  17. ukpokemonmaster's avatar
    free trail to where?
    SJ_16's avatar
    The Amazon, of course
  18. klaus.basingher's avatar
    I did the 30 days free trial on Prime, like their TV and same day delivery but never seem to have any offers for adults on the yearly membership and have not had any student pop-ups, alas. Stopped paying the Beeb licence fee and there is enough free stuff on the Firestick to keep me going for the moment.
  19. Giraffe76's avatar
    I'm not a student but I know of an old hack whereby If i sign up to a cheap online course I could get access to student discounts.. is this still the case?
  20. cactusjack's avatar
    My 86 year old great grandfather is a mature student. If he was to apply for a student card, what would be the best option to obtain this? He may, or may not be able to provide evidence of his advanced dominoes for experts uni course. Thanks. (edited)
  21. BurmanP's avatar
    In case some people don't know, if you work for an organisation such as a college or university where you have an *.ac.uk email, you can get prime student, potentially for the entirety of your tenure.
    sanmoh's avatar
    Do you inform Amazon that you work there or just pretend to be a student?
  22. Sam_Hogs123's avatar
    anyone know how to get this with a cheap online course?
    Abdul_Rahim's avatar
    Yes, There is always a way
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  24. razortth's avatar
    Unfortunately doesn't let me use my student email account based in ROI.

    Edit: It went through. (edited)
  25. Gollywood's avatar
    My Totum Pro expires in Feb. So will my Student Prime after 4+ years. I don't know how I'll cope! (edited)
    Brutes's avatar
    I am not sure, I had some issues with my student prime previously. Then I had to open another account, Amazon offered me a student prime on the second account as well with 6 months free.
    I think it's the name that matched. I didn't have to submit Totum on the second account. I lost one year on the previous account which eventually recovered. Both were working parallelly.
    So, technically I am in my 6th or 7th year now. (edited)
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  27. liltman's avatar
    It's a pain in the butt this thing. We keep trying to sign up to prime (we are not students) but it won't let us. It only gives us the option for students. Contacted their support and they always make a huge issue out of it. We have been waiting 1 week to hear back from them as apparently it's a big issue and no one knows how to fix it lol
  28. DealsIUsed's avatar
    I’m just thinking but would it be immoral to use my student certification document (and edit it at uni) to essentially give myself Amazon Student Prime for life?

    Just keep editing the dates on it until I hit the year 2080 whatever (I’ve gone back to uni to do my MSc this year).

    Yes it’s my original uni, meaning I can’t use the academic email address anymore as it’s the same thing… (used it for 4 years before). (edited)
    Wasim49's avatar
    But you need student email address to verify it right? Then comes the document part and sometimes they won't even ask for document.
  29. phillis78's avatar
    How does Amazon photos work if I switch our account to my partners for her student prime discount and free 6 months? Will I lose all my photos and have to reload them all onto her new prime account or can they be transferred in any way? Obviously we want to keep them all as we screen them on our firesticks and shows but as all are linked to my account I’m guessing if I stop my prime we won’t get them anymore?
    ukpokemonmaster's avatar
    download and reupload!
  30. montblanc's avatar
    51058040-UjvpQ.jpgHere's how it looks for me. Only 1 week trial, for 49p. It also is strict about having a .ac.uk email address which is different from other people saying they weren't even asked to prove. (edited)
    loueylemon's avatar
    When I last did this, you could just send them a photo of your NUS TOTUM card for them to verify and therefore no ac.uk email address was required. Hopefully still the same process these days
  31. sterobbo99's avatar
    My wife is at uni so could get this. Haven’t signed up as we share the prime account benefits with our own email addresses currently and I read that you can’t share the account with anyone else. Is this correct?
  32. Lincoln559's avatar
    I’m a student, but have an Amazon account already. Do I need to sign up with my student email please?
    Nanoo_Nanoo's avatar
  33. Jadeybabs's avatar
    Not working for me 😩 only giving me the 1 week option
  34. dudtwo's avatar
    How to get this without being a student anybody? Like is there a way to get a Student Totum card for instance if not a student perhaps?

    I got it years ago via a cheap online course, but not sure that works anymore? (edited)
    Wiggywoo9's avatar
    Send in your *ahem* altered student form as evidence
  35. Smfn53's avatar
    Any way can get Lenovo discount with letter ??
  36. Luke_Rothan's avatar
    Anyway to do this without being a student. Just keeps telling me to put a student email in
    andiron87's avatar
    Know a student - son, wife..
  37. HKSP5's avatar
    How do you "get" an .ac.uk address?
    Optimus2050's avatar
    Use your university email address
  38. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    Can anyone help with an open uni letter? Please DM me
    Optimus2050's avatar
    Please contact your uni admin for the letter
  39. Sophia1993's avatar
    Can you use student prime on the same account twice?
    Optimus2050's avatar
    Huh what do you mean?
  40. ZigoRich's avatar
    Is there an expiry on this deal?
    Optimus2050's avatar
    Not that I know off….
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