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Amazon Prime is one of the largest movie, TV and music streaming services on earth, a discount retailer of tech goods, a massive e-book library and a great place to shop anything from groceries to furniture online. Looking to get Amazon Prime? Find the cheapest possible way to subscribe to Amazon Prime with HotUKDeals. Read more
Samsung Galaxy S8 only £319.60 @ (using fee-free card)
Found 10 h, 32 m agoFound 10 h, 32 m ago
Bargain price if you don't want the SD card from the other deal! Credit to @pablosergio1983 for spotting this!

Yes the pound has gone down (yet again) against the Euro.


Showing as £331.51 now.


Root it. Not even the S9 or Note 9 has it yet.


How to up the version from Android 8 please?


Price has gone up now , maybe as new daily euro rate has been set.

Braun Age Precision Stick Digital Thermometer amazon prime - £6.89 / £11.38 non-Prime
Found 12 h, 1 m agoFound 12 h, 1 m ago
you can never spend enough on your little ones.just stumbled across this.looks a good price Product DescriptionA handy digital thermometer featuring enhanced patented age precision… Read more
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Good price as I paid £17 for this in Asda whilst in a rush last week. Was refunded when it turned out to be faulty and either turned itself off during measurements or didn't come on at all during power up and just let out a non stop fast clicking sound instead.


Thanks ordered.




Me too!


thanks purple :)

Shortbread House of Edinburgh Sporting Range Choc and Orange Bites in Box, 150 g, Pack of 4 £6.25 amazon prime
Found 13 h, 7 m agoFound 13 h, 7 m ago
Traditional shortbread biscuits with chocolate and orange flav Delectable bite-sized biscuits with a crisp and buttery texture Made using only the good ingredients and methods S… Read more
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all gone ;( ;(




no just prime free delivery on just this item


Perfect for the gym


Heat added is this s&s need 4 more

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Aberfeldy 12 yr single malt - Amazon prime exclusive - £25
Found 13 h, 25 m agoFound 13 h, 25 m ago
The Aberfeldy Single Malt Whisky lies at the heart of the Dewar’s blends. At 12 years old this is a golden whisky with an incense-like, heathery honey nose and a syrupy palate that… Read more

Please don't put ice in your single malt whisky (not whiskey). A little bit of (Scottish) water to release the flavour is fine, but never ice. It kills it.


This is one of those whiskies that is often discounted and has an artificial higher price. It's not a bad whisky in my opinion, but does not stand up very well against Highland Park 12 or Old Pultney 12 which are often around this price. It's rather nondescript and forgettable.


Not as good as Aberlour 12yr imo. At £25 it's inoffensive enough but I was very disappointed by it, pretty bland.


Whats this like in comparison to Arberlour 12yr ?


I bought this in Tesco the other day as well for £25. Will be having a taste tomorrow and will report back. Let's hope its a good one!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (Nintendo Switch) - £23 @ Amazon
Found 21 h, 43 m agoFound 21 h, 43 m ago
WOAH! This game is a must buy for any crash fan. My all time favourite. Really good price for this now on the Switch. I would also reccomend checking Amazon Prime now as it may … Read more
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No problem! Hope you manage to get one :)




Yesss. For my little fella for Christmas I was gutted then. Thanks beautiful!


Asda has it in store for £23 as well


Just went to buy it and as I got to checkout they bumped the price up to £27.75 :/

Decent Rugs 5 x 7 ft, 8 x 10 ft, 8ft round @ Amazon Prime - Delivered / Free Del over £20
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Some decent large and extra large rugs Sold and Dispatched by Amazon. Step 1: Search for "Universal Rugs", Step 2: Sort by price Low to High Step 3: Select "Free Amazon Delive… Read more

Except these rugs (most of them) are huge? Where will you get a 5ft x 7ft rug for £17 (which is what I paid)? There's some 8ft diameter rugs for £25+ as well. At least there was at 3am. Btw, I typed in Universal Rugs in search, then selected Area Rugs as my Category, then Low-High,n:376320011,n:3028553031,n:3028556031,k:universal+rugs&qid=1537538668&sort=price-asc-rank


I dont agree with your price comment. Try to find ANY rug of these sizes for c.£20-30 delivered. Ikea charges £35 only for delivery let alone £100 for the product which is likely to be not wool/silk anyway.


Yawn. Don't portray you bias against man-made-fibre rugs as fact. "Crappy". What are you, a wool and silk rug importer?


Yawn. I’m perfectly entitled to point out that these are crappy plastic mats for those not aware. The price is about standard for polypropylene too. Certainly, when I see some good rug deals I’ll post them, just to keep you happy.


I'm looking for a nice rug but don't see any that world go with my colour scheme here. My fault I chose a big crazy pattern on my new sofa. These look like nice thick rugs though and good quality. Thanks for posting :)

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NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Decaf Vending Bag, 10 x 300 g amazon prime £10.49
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
only decaf and probably subjective in terms of the post.shipped from amazon so any discrepancies should be straightforward.also available to order but will be shipped when availabl… Read more
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back in stock


I wonder if it's this?


Silly question but can anyone explain me please how different is coffee for vending machine?




Amazon Refunds left right and centre come november.

The Who - the bbc sessions  , 2 x vinyl LP AMAZON PRIME £9.99 NON PRIME £12.98
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
a decent price , i couldn't resist this one includes auto rip if that's your kind of thing a slight delay in delivery for prime members ,mine's coming wednesday
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for some reason mine's coming from amazon france ,this does happen occasionally




Hmm, 15 songs under 3mins long & a few others not much more. Is it really worth it?


TY op


Ordered, thanks OP

Marillion - SMOKE CD £3.99 (Prime) / £6.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
A bit niche I admit - but if you like Marillion this 2005 live 12 track CD seems to be about 8 quid cheaper than normal ( and in fact is 6 quid cheaper than buying the mp3 version … Read more

Lifelong fan, so cheers for the heads up. Ordered


Personally both have their merits in my opinion. Fish had theatrics, H more soul, I am thankful that at least musically Marillion have not gone the way of Fish, seeing their musical differences split the band, not a fan at all of Fish's post-Marillion output. Cannot say I have liked all the Marillion albums post-Fish including the much lauded 'Brave' album, personally finding I could pick a handful of likeable songs from each album but not really enjoying one complete other than 'Afraid Of Sunlight' but the recently released F.E.A.R to my ears is a complete masterpiece most definitely the best album since 'Clutching At Straws' and the Royal Albert Hall gig recently released a must watch.


big fan of the fish years but to be fair S.H can also carry the old stuff well , heat


Worked with a guy who was in a Marillion tribute act, check 'em out



Fury 4k UHD £5.99 to buy on Amazon Prime video
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
I know a physical copy would be better quality - but doesn't seem a bad price for decent enough film.

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who get their slide rule and fact book out when watching a film!! It`s a film it`s entertainment like our newspapers. If you want historical fact watch documentaries like The World at War or Victory in Europe (Max Hastings) Love that one by the way. Rant over i`m going to watch a movie that`s real and accurate ....Mmmm Avengers: Infinity War I think.


is there a full list of the ones on sale? thanks.


A tank that is stationery at that... Shall we ignore the fact that the Germans 88 would go straight through the front of that tank from those woods...? I reckon it's a "6/10, watchable junk".


Accuracy aside it's a good flick though


Agree thought it was dreadful, typical America won the war on its own propaganda. Can someone explain why the Germans only attacked a lone tank from the front where is guns were pointing and not the rear of sides ?

Digital Download Solo: A Star Wars Story in 4K UHD + HDR - £17.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
First it was Avengers to launch in digital 4K HDR and now the Star Wars franchise gets its first digital 4K HDR release in Solo: a Star Wars story. Missed this at the cinema and ha… Read more

To be fair itunes don't offer much of marvel and Disney in 4k hdr. So let's hope apple start offering and heck Amazon start bringing their price down as competition is good


Film is good, deal is bad!


I never said solo is in 4k. What i was getting at is Amazon are selling this for 17.99. Whereas new 4k films on iTunes are 9.99 to 13.99.


Just did - couldn't find it on iTunes anywhere. Can you share the 4K link for us?


Just search it on the iTunes store on your device :s

Royal Blood Vinyl - £8.99 @ Amazon Prime / £11.98 non-Prime
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Their debut album. Seems pretty cheap for a vinyl. This is prime'll have to add postage if you're not or get something else to take over 20.
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This is the filtered list for the vinyl. There’s a bargain to be hard. Always check back with it because it does change at times. Hope you find something.


I can only see the 2 for 25. If you could link me up that would be grand!


There’s like 30 pages. Some not worth it really but there are a few bargains. The Doors Strange Days £8.99 and a few others. You could probably pick out one or two things.


HMV Website is down. Damn..would like to check out what else is available.


Great album, and if I remember correctly it comes with a digital download. Great find OP (party)

Amazon Prime video - Incredible Hulk - Series 1 Pilot - 10p
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
A selection of first episodes are selling for 10p. I thought the incredible hulk pilot was a bargain. Also got the pilot of Miami Vice. Both are 1hr 30 each, so a good bit of enter… Read more

I used to hide behind the couch. Really scared me!


OP's link seems to take me to Season 3 episode 1 with no option to choose Season 1. (BTW all first episodes are 10p) The pilot episode is here :


no I can get that, just dont understand how they fired so many bullets and no-one died


I think you're over thinking it (lol) Next you'll be saying daft things like how did the A Team manage to do up their vans in that time frame.


Exactly! If it was a film, fair enough utter bargain no question, but with most series the story carries through the whole series and if you only watch episode one you are missing out on most of it, there are a few exceptions where each episode is self contained but most aren't and I'll bet these are the same. The first episode is free, or cheap in this case, in the hope they hook you and for convenience sake you just buy the rest on Amazon too. It's much like how in gaming Telltale give away first episodes of their episodic games like Life is Strange, Game of Thrones etc as they know the first episode is pretty pointless on it's own and they hope to hook you into buying the whole lot. Nothing wrong with it, probably at least fairly effective marketing tactic or they wouldn't keep doing it but not like they are giving away really valuable content either (that would be the whole series)....

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 95 W 8 Core/16 Threads 3.8 GHz 4 MB CPU - Brand New on Back Order for Amazon Prime Members
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Lower price than the 1700 on amazon. On back order but good deal if you can wait. AMD Ryzen 7Extreme Performance for Gamers and Creators. AMD has created a processor product and… Read more

Have the 1700 (paid £300 on release), absolutely best PC experience I've ever had. Slick, can stream, edit and game without breaking a sweat. AMD are killing the CPU game IMO -- wouldn't go back to Intel at this price unless you paid me to.


you have no idea what you're talking about.


That's true, I think they start throttling around the 85c mark (even Intel), but I wouldn't say that the Ryzens overheat compared to Intels. They're on par with Intel on that regard. Intel's IPC is obviously better clock for clock, but it all depends on the usage.


Does any one know of a decent motherboard to couple this up with? Thanks in advance. :)


The ryzen chips are installed with a torx screw rather than the traditional lever/latch mechanism. It comes with a special torx screwdriver that clicks when it's tight enough (Basically a mini torque wrench).

The Mummy 3D+2D Blu Ray £4.99 Amazon Prime + £2.99p+p without prime
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
The Mummy 3D+2D Blu Ray £4.99 Amazon Prime + £2.99p+p without prime not the best of films I know but canny price for 3D+2D plus digital copy
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Bought just before OOS..Thanks for posting.


Not showing that price for me must be oos.


Quite enjoyed it. Definitely a lot worse out there. Good find OP.


The acting bad or anything, just the story had no depth to me. Seem to be just a set up for sequel. Even though the original Mummys are cheesy, I think they put more effect into the story.


Me and my friends went to see it and liked it. Its a good popcorn movie we thought. Thanks op will buy

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