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Posted 19 February 2024

Assassin's Creed Black Flag Gold Edition PC/Ubisoft Connect

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Why waste your money on Skull and Bones when you can buy an objectively better pirate game for almost 10 times less.
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  1. juelz_coolz's avatar
    Great game & It’s better than skull & bones ️ 🏴‍☠️
    gary1968's avatar
    Minesweeper is better than Skull and Bones
  2. jungleboy123's avatar
    Imagine if they just spent a good few weeks on a remaster it would probably sell more and be less effort than skull and bones. Terrible company ubisoft.
    UKScottDeals's avatar
    Sure. Just a few weeks. Clueless.
  3. Icedream's avatar
    Such a great game!
  4. gabesdad's avatar
    You'd think after 10 years in development, and all the hurdles they overcame to get the game out there, Ubisoft would, by now know what it takes to produce a great game!

    Then again, like several of their other titles, hopefully Skull & Bones will evolve and improve over time once it's heading for the bargains list.
    jasmith85's avatar
    It's funny, they had the PERFECT set of building blocks with Black Flag, just remove the assassin stuff, more sea shanties and more Warship warfare and possibly upgrade the graphics a little. That was it.

    Ubiscam being Ubiscam can't help themselves messing up everything they touch, recently. New Rocksmith experience it's awful, bad UI and over priced £130+ for the year, they killed off Immortals Fenix's rising which was a promising concept and I really did enjoy. Assassin's Creed/Fry Cry, shells of their former selves and just lifeless repeated games, NFT's, blaming dev's and the public for their fall from grace when all the issues are with management and a corrupt CEO.

    I just hope the poor ground floor developers are able to find somewhere safe to work and can thrive.
  5. scottrhind's avatar
    Thanks - bit clueless - will this code work on steam for steam deck? Ta.
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