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Posted 2 May 2023

Blink Video Doorbell | Two-way audio, HD video £38.99 @ Amazon

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Blink video door bell, free delivery with prime

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  • Features & details
  • Answer your door, no matter where you are, from your smartphone with 1080p HD day and infrared night video, and two-way audio.
  • Experience long-lasting battery life, customised alerts, privacy settings and more.
  • Get alerts when motion is detected or someone presses Blink Video Doorbell. Connect to existing doorbell wiring or pair with a Sync Module (sold separately) to engage live view and two-way audio on demand.
  • Choose to save and share clips in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the Sync Module 2 and USB drive (each sold separately).
  • Designed for every home, go wire free or connect to existing doorbell wiring to also sound your current indoor bell. Without wiring, you can use your Blink Mini camera (sold separately) as an indoor plug-in chime.
  • Set it up yourself within minutes, with the two included AA lithium batteries, and then connect to Wi-Fi using the app. The newly designed internal battery seal provides IP54 weather resistance rating.
  • Works with Alexa: receive alerts and answer with two-way audio. When wired or when paired with a Sync Module, just ask Alexa to answer the front door.
  • Includes: a Blink Video Doorbell and mounting kit (including screws and fixings). Does not include a Sync Module 2, which can be found in all “Systems” above (recommended for optimal use while on battery).

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  1. Nicolas's avatar
    I don’t normally write reviews on stuff but when I read generic non specific statements from the chap below, like rubbish and disappointing without any factual evidence or reason to back that I felt compelled to put some facts in:
    Had both this and ring, both do the same exact thing, battery has been up for a good year, it links up fine to Alexa show but stopped using that feature as this only comes on when someone triggers it or rings it and tnen shows on your phone which is not far from your hands most of the time.

    The main reason why we replaced ring with this is that ring after the trial period wanted a monthly ££ to show u your recorded clips, blink also wanted the same except with blink u just hook up a usb dongle to the hub and u record locally to that for free.

    Both clear clean and work for what they r designed to. No u r not going to get 4K cinema wide screen 3D experience, thankfully, else fat Elvis next door would look even worse.
    So no it’s not disappointing or rubbish and at the least when someone makes such strong comments at least back it up witb some facts rather than the throw away pointless remarks (edited)
    HOTPOT's avatar
    Good review, but often my phone, when in the house, is in another room, and I'm not moving it to use as a door bell for anyone. There is no chime and that is the number one serious problem. Yes there are all sorts of work arounds, AT A PRICE. I don't want a camera for a chime or anything else, just a chime. I want a chime for a chime. After all it is a doorbell and I need the chime INSIDE the house, so we can hear it.
    Yes you can buy a transformer with wires, and wire it in, for a Chime, but I don't want even more electric drainage when it is not necessary, when it should not be necessary. Supply a proper wireless chime, and it will probably? be the best system around.
  2. DrSkiba's avatar
    The only thing that puts me off is that it uses batteries even when wired.
    wager2's avatar
    Had mine nearly a year and still on first batteries.

    Just have it to go off when pushed and batteries last well
  3. usman330's avatar
    Do you need to buy a hub to use this or will it work with just the device on the link without anything more being need to bought
    Nicolas's avatar
    No it works without a hub, the hun is needed if u don’t want to subscribe to cloud and u want to record
  4. Quickblood's avatar
    I've had mine a while and I kinda think it's a bit rubbish. At the very least it's very dissapointing.
    dealydoo's avatar
  5. mksst's avatar
    Have had lots of troubles connecting this to echo show… main selling point for me so quite disappointed 
    if linking to an echo show isn’t in your plans then it’s perfect!
  6. MrRee's avatar
    How does this send a video to your smartphone?
    And is it free of any subscription fees? (edited)
    dberrypro's avatar
    You use the blink app. To avoid subscription you can plug a usb stick into the hub to save footage. I've had mine for about a year and it's been very good value for money.
  7. jimbo23's avatar
    Just out of interest, has anybody had their footage requested by the people they captured?

    yacoboy's avatar
    That's not applicable to domestic CCTV installations
  8. hbiz's avatar
    We like ours but bought it with a hub as that’s how you can use it without a subscriptions. Downsides are ‘answering the call’ will interrupt recording of a video.

    That being said, we haven’t yet had any calls when we aren’t home so just use it for ‘security’ and seeing if the postman has been yet.

    No thumbnails on local storage either.
    Giraffe76's avatar
    Can you just explain what you mean by the hub and did you buy this pair of items as a package at a certain time like black Friday
  9. Chrissybh0y's avatar
    Love my Blink , does exactly what it’s supposed to
  10. mumjit's avatar
    Quick question please guys, need a new doorbell for an elderly relative who doesn't have a smartphone but does have an Echo show in their house. What's the best doorbell to get to just use as a replacement doorbell that will also display an image on the Echo Show when the doorbell is pushed? Ideally it would be wired in to save having to replace any batteries due to mobility issues and no need for monthly payments to record 24/7 footage! Appreciate any advice and big thanks in advance!
    hbiz's avatar
    Blink does connect to echo (bought ours as a deal near Xmas)

    Uses the echo as a chime and you can speak to it to show you the camera
  11. Monkey.nuts.2's avatar
    I had a set (3 outdoor cameras and a hub) from QVC a year ago. I sent it back as it struggled to pick up the Wi-Fi signal from my mesh network when mounted outside.
    Ring didn’t have this problem.
    I’m now considering eufy as I hate paying a subscription.
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