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Found 15th Oct 2018Found 15th Oct 2018
Smart Heating – How to save money and resources
Smart Heating – How to save money and resources Smart heating has become a growing trend over the last few years but what is it and can it save you money? We’ll look at some of … Read more
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Xiaomi Yeelight 294 LED Smart Ceiling Light - Wi-Fi / Voice or App Controlled / Colour Changing / Height Adjust £96.89 Delivered @ Tomtop
31/05/2019Expires on 31/05/2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Now under £100, this I think is decent for a smart light like this one. It changes colours, height and can be controlled via an app or voice. It's nice to have the height adjustmen… Read more

We all know HUKD team doesn`t give a s**t... about this community, they only want full pockets and that`s all.. I had posted many deal with great discounts over the years since I am a member here...but they were deteleted because don`t pay fees or not suitable, or don`t have enough feedbacks, or not located in UK ..But HUKD is US...every single person who post a deal..not them!...


Voted hot, good find op


Just don't forget multi billion companies are the ones who now how to make to save and earn... Samsung as example is even bigger company but it does not stop them to make cheap rubbish items which don't last a year... Also items manufactured for China market does not actually mean they manufactured same way as EU/UK market hence does not mean they complaint... If you did not notice a lot product you buy have ending in model reference "UK" simply and purely its for UK market to comply with all our regs and differences from other countries.... Look at this way (in general not related to Xiaomi): EU is 230v (225v average) whilst UK can peak to 253V (average 240V) - effectively a lot Chinese/EU products would fail prematurely simply because products not designed to take it... Whilst some people think its marketing but sometimes there is reason for it. A lot EU inverter drives years ago would fail more often just because they are designed and manufactured to EU spec, not UK.... If you happy to risk your house and more important family life its up to you... :{ Buying from UK official retailer and installing with reputable approved electrician not only keeps our economy happy but keeps you safe and at least you can return product or take it to court if something goes wrong... (y)


Yeah but really, Xiaomi is a multi-billion company which doesn't tend to cut corners when making their goods and they are usually top quality. They even have a high end retail outlet in London. So although your advice is good in generaly, this deal is actually not your stereotypical Chinese tat.


I must note that its not only customs you should be worried about but actual fact that you gonna hard wire Chinese light (ninja) be aware of risk another one Certainly some chinese products are great value, but sometimes you need to take care you comply with certain regulations and quality standards. Your house insurance could be void if you install equipment which is non compliant with EU certification or British standards... Whilst it looks great, there is no info about product certification or compliance.... Think again... (horror)

Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor £31.49 @ Amazon
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Light up a room simply by walking in and control the intensity by the time of day such as a gentle, warm night light to help you navigate your home at night Battery powered, wirel… Read more

People are better of getting Xiaomi Aqara motion sensors - much cheaper than these and a lot quicker to react to motion. Do the soldering to make them a super sensor and Aqara wins hands down time after time. Oh, and you can get 3 Aqara sensors for the price of 1 Hue sensor


It did indeed. 20% down on the USD




At Cool Shop for £29


Coolshop for £29 atm

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20% off Hive Products + 12 months interest free on £100+ purchases (Example 6 GU10 Cool to Warm for £79.20)
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Example.. 6 x GU10 Cool To Warm Bulbs for £79.20 + Motion Sensor £24.65 = £103.85 or 12 Payments of £8.64 lots of other products included.

You're right id got the hive GU10 dimmable not the gu10 warm to cool in my basket.


Does not include cameras


The motion sensor is slightly cheaper on Amazon prime


In fairness its still cheaper. also do you have a link as cheapest I can see on Amazon is £94.99 for 6 cool to warms, also individually at hive the bulbs are £15.20 Amazons are more than that @ £18.70 a bulb?


Only a tiny saving as 6x hive GU10 on amazon is £81 (at checkout with promotions discount applied) Order less than 6 of anything (except for the hubs) and Amazon is cheaper.

Energenie MiHome Plug Adapter - 3 Pack £17.82 Delivered @ CPC
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Feels like a good price for the adapters. Closest then would be £18.87 with code EGG10 at MyMemory Description A simple addition to your Mi|Home Gateway. This pack of three … Read more
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No, you definitely still need the hub, even with Echo+


Ok, a few things, since I have a few of these, and everyone else is just speculating... 1) You need the Energenie Mi:Home hub - nothing whatsoever to do with Xiaomi, just an unfortunately similar name. 2) The system using the hub has advantages and disadvantages. The thing I really like is that the hub is the only part of the setup sitting on your network (and it's hard wired, so no WiFi issues, and no messing about with network bandwidths like you have with the Sonoffs). It then operates your various Mi:Home devices with RF. It's not 100% reliable, but it's close... close enough that I've gone from 1 wall switch to half a dozen, with another half dozen of these plug adaptors. 3) While the plug adaptors are good, I agree that there are other equally good solutions. The real jewel in the Mi:Home setup is the wall switches. I've never fancied having the 'smart' in the bulbs - it just seems illogical for so many reasons. Smart switches makes so much more sense to me, and these do it at a very reasonable price. Also importantly they're made for the UK market, so unlike many they don't need a neutral. 4) As someone pointed out, these don't report state (same with the wall switches). Agree that's a definite disadvantage, though they do a more expensive version that reports state and power use, I haven't got one of those so can't speak to its effectiveness. 5) Mi:Home plays very nicely with Alexa... I'm sure Google Home would be fine too. I'll keep an eye on this thread, if anyone has any questions fire away.


I don't need the hub if you have echo +


+1 for Sonoff plugs


Bear in mind these are RF and do not report their state, signalling is fire and forget so it may turn on when you tell it, or may not.. Also if someone manually switches it on using the button on the unit, you have no way to tell from a "smart home" point of view, so not very smart. Better off with Sonoff or similar if you are looking for cheap smart plugs.

Logitech Pop Smart Button Starter Kit £39.99 @ Currys
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Normal price is £79.99
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Trust us, your comment was way, way, way funnier in your own head.


not another dim bulb who does not understand the context of my comment about technology.


So let me get this straight, you take this button on holiday with you and presuming that you get a decent internet connection, come night time (at home) you press this button and your lights go on at home thus scaring off any potential burglars? I guess you could set an alarm on your phone to remind you to press the button at the correct time, but I wonder if there’s not an easier way? (excited)


It is way better being automated as a smart home. The Hue app lets you download holiday mode. While you are away during the evenings it will randomly turn on and off certain room lights to give the illusion someone is in. That and having the sensor in the bathroom so at 8pm the brightness is 100% at when I stumble in there for a wee at 3am its only 1% and not blinding me. I also have two small kids so sensors give them lighting even though they cannot reach the switches.


Joke's on you, because none of those will faithfully recreate the authentic sound of someone actually being at home and asking... "Alexa, turn on the lights. Alexa. ALEXA. ALEXA. TURN. ON. THE. LIGHTS."

Philips Hue Bulbs + Hue Bridge 2.0 - £99.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
A good setup for start :)
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£10 more you get a dot as well.


Alongside the improvements listed above (gen 2 brought higher lumens output and gen 3 brought proper blue and green output) the list price per bulb has come down - in the US. The original price per bulb was $60 and is now $50 - a 17% drop before any offers. Unfortunately this coincided with the fall in the value of the pound so our price hasn’t really fallen from a list price of £50. Thankfully deals like this exist to push the cost of bulbs down. You should be able to sell the bridge for around £30 after fees (just sold one for £35) taking the price down to £70 for 3 bulbs or around £24 per bulb


I have a OpenHab/MQTT/IFTTT setup with both Yeelight and Hue. The (colour) Yeelight bulbs are very poor compared to the Hue ones in terms of range of colours and their ability to transition smoothly from dim to bright. Not good enough for living spaces in my opinion, but I didn't pay a lot for them after spotting deals on here and waiting weeks for deliveries from China.


Never any offers on E14. Will still be buying some when I eventually upgrade to an ambilight TV in the lounge, just gotta sell at least 2 TVs before doing that or I will be in bother with my lovely lady


Dont forget £2 off when you use a cashback site!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + Philips Hue Starter Kit - £109.99 @ Amazon
Refreshed 21st AprRefreshed 21st Apr
Seems like a good deal for people who wants to get started with smart home setup :)
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This is more what I meant... I understood they reset to 'standard on power off/cycle, but an update has fixed this ? so they remember state??


Heat added! Great deal, I was looking at getting the starter kit, getting an echo included is a bonus


I find Google's response and understanding so much better then Alexa.


Cheers going to have a look now.


Just download the IFTTT app or go on the website, and search for Philips hue and you can get a better understanding of all the things they can do pretty much.

Amazon Alexa Built In Anker Eufy Genie Smart Home Wireless Speaker - £16.19 delivered from mymemory with code
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Eufy Genie is fully integrated with the Alexa voice-control system. She tells you the news, weather and sports scores, along with many more. Controls all devices that are Alexa co… Read more

Won't let me get one, Al the way through to payments (tried card and PayPal) then says unable to complete request please try again


The promotion has ended so these will be very thin on the ground now. £29 for the echo dot and same for the mini form Amazon/Google or you should be able to get one from eBay for a cheaper price. Luckily I got a couple with Spotify codes and if you get them for a good price they are pretty good for round the house for radio, music, podcast, timers etc


I searched Buy it Now, low to high. Listings come and go throughout the day.


£24.99 to buy a for 100% discount, I might as well buy one


Via an ebay code?

Sonos One Voice controlled smart speaker with Alexa Gen1 at Oldrids for £135.20
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Sonos One speaker Gen1 with the ability to add Alexa for voice control Had an email to say back in stock but act quick only a few left

As you’re looking to do 5.1 you should know that you can’t use a play:1 and Sonos one as rears. They need to be matching so two play:1 or two Sonos one. As for the price, you’re pretty much on the money new. They might be throwing you in the wall mount for the playbar


I’m looking for get Sonos Playbar Sonos Playbar wall mount kit Sonos Play 1 speaker Sonos One speaker gen 2 Sonos Sub 2x Flexson floor stand adjustable I’ve got a quote £1700 is that a good deal for all that?


Thanks OP managed to grab one :)


@stemac123 yes, I posted after ordered must have got one of the last ones. Sorry


Wow was there any in stock to start with

Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo (previous generation), Black at Amazon for £49.99
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
A Certified Refurbished Amazon Device is a pre-owned Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet, or Kindle e-reader that has been refurbished, tested and internally certified by Amazon to look an… Read more

Already here and for some stupid reasons, freezing cold:

Ring Doorbell Chime £22.49 with code @ Currys [Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell]
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Ring Doorbell Chime £22.49 w/code SEC10 at Currys Free C&C or Delivery. Works out the cheapest around right now -…tml - AO at £24 is the closest price. T… Read more

Yeah true - that seems like a waste indeed, wonder if thats because all the stock is coming from one big warehouse somewhere, while there are no stocks in the shops - either ways feels daft.


Yeah have done that but just seems silly given Currys is next door for them to pay for delivery...


But delivery is free too, have it delivered ?


Annoying that you can't click and collect with the 10% off code


The doorbell itself does ring (this can be turned off). If you have an existing wired doorbell of 8v AC you can use that and it will chime. It will of course send a message to your phone, tablet or watch too. You don’t need a chime.

RING Video Doorbell V2 FOR £124.20 (With Chime pro WiFi £147.10) (See OP for other 10% Off RING Products) with code Delivered @ Currys
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
You can mix with followings as well... RING Video Doorbell 2 RING Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender & Indoor Door Chime For £147.10 Product features Check who's at your do… Read more

Didn’t work for me, choppy signal yet my iPhone has fast up/down speed in the same position. I’m thinking it was interference from multiple channels from neighbours on 2.5ghz. Just need a 5ghz version.


At first I thought this was a gimmick until I saw one in action at a relative's home. I took the plunge and so glad I did, I realised there was a group of "yoots" checking front doors in the middle of the night on my street including mine. Thanks to the doorbell alerting me of movement I was able to see that this was happening. Also, it's great for deliveries where you can give instructions as to where you need them to drop the delivery off. Ring V2 has a removable battery that lasts me around 2-3 months, I have a spare battery that I charge and then swap. You have to subscribe to see old footage - which is what I used to show the police the image of the said "yoot".


Thanks. Using Alexa with this - Reviews are lacklustre


Your Alexa devices can be used as chimes - you do not need a chime. "You can now have Alexa play a chime and make an announcement when someone rings your Ring doorbell or when motion is detected. Please download the latest Alexa App and turn on “Announcements” for your Ring camera from the Smart Home section of the Alexa App. You can also use Alexa Routines to enable custom announcements or any other Routines (including turning on other smart home devices, playing news/ music etc.) when your Ring camera detects movement or someone rings the doorbell camera."


Just not enough info on being able to connect to Alexa and if you can use with or without a chime if you have echo? There's also the wifi extender (totally different tech and use - another head****). What echo to use with(screen echo or non-screen echo)

Yale SR-330 alarm system is on clearance - £244.99 at Argos eBay
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Good bit of kit for those who wanted to get one. Sold by Argos on eBay. £311.00 is the next cheapest on Amazon. Other models are on clearance too.
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Not sure why this is cold looks a decent price to me. I’ve been looking at the SR-320 at around £200, this SR-330 comes with an extra siren and one of the pir sensors is also a camera all for an extra £45...


Check out the Pyronix wireless systems from Hikvision. You can add CCTV cameras to them easily at a later date me if you wish. Texecom are very good too. Professional alarm companies don't install Yale systems


Why is this cold I’m looking to get an alarm for my house any one recommend any good ones ?


Was looking at getting an alarm. Would I be right in thinking this the older version of the sync alarm set that goes on offer on Amazon monthy for about £220? (but this one comes with an ip camera).

Roberts Stream94i DAB+/DAB/FM Internet Radio with Spotify Connect + Bluetooth (Manufacturer Refurbished) from Official Roberts Ebay Outlet
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
With built-in FM/DAB/DAB+, Internet Radio, and Podcasts. With over 20, 000 Internet Radio stations and counting, plus thousands of Podcasts, you can listen to radio stati… Read more

If this is good as the previous model, the Stream 93i, then it's a cracking bit of kit! I bought the 93i and connected it to an Avantree bluetooth transmitter to listen with my wireless headphones.


Superb radio sound quality has to be heard


If the echo dots are what you are looking for, then you naturally would go with them. I have heard how the previous model of this radio sounds and it sounds as good as one of those Sonos speakers - brilliant. This radio could be controlled through your smartphone with the UNDOK app. I feel there's a real charm to listening to some obscure radio stations all across the world. You could also buy a battery module separately and take it with you when you go for a picnic.


I don't like talking to my devices.


Why would you get this over a smart speaker? I had looked at this model before but bought 5 Echo Dots instead placing them throughout the house

Mega deal on PHILIPS Hue White and Colour Ambiance Mini Smart Bulb B22 Starter Kit & Google Home Mini Chalk Bundle - £83.99 @ Currys
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
First time poster but was really impressed with this deal. Normally it will cost at least this for the two colour bulbs but your also getting a hub and google home thrown in. Would… Read more
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Can you check your account/inbox still waiting for code and payment has cleared.


Sod it, bought this, the 29.99 dimmer pack and another dimmer for £127. Works out about £116 after 8% gift voucher discount on top. Flog the mini for about £20 and happy days


The dimmer switch we currently have upstairs has just blown and it's about £30 for a replacement. Looking at one of these Hue kits to kill two birds with one stone, and while we rennovate the lounge. I'm not interested in the voice control stuff but can see the mileage in the app. I don't need the Google Home Mini. tl;dr - Is this deal a good route towards my currently planned destination of three B22 bulbs, two dimmer controls and a hub? Or is there a cheaper way?



send me a DM on HUKD or discord. Discord: IshGamerNess#5423

Finally listen to music on demand (ad supported) on Google home
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
You can now choose songs on Google home devices without paying a subscription, via as supported YouTube Music option in your Google Home app, options. Up until this point without… Read more

Did you read your link or am I missing something? "However, the ad-supported YouTube Music experience won't let you request specific songs, albums or playlist. Instead, you can tell it a genre or style or mood of music you're looking for and your Google Home will play a station based on that request." It's the same as free Spotify!


That article you linked to says you can't choose songs though - "However, the ad-supported YouTube Music experience won't let you request specific songs, albums or playlist. Instead, you can tell it a genre or style or mood of music you're looking for and your Google Home will play a station based on that request".

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker - Chalk for £24.98 Delivered with Code @ Mymemory
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Description Start living in the future with the voice-controlled Google Home Mini smart speaker. The virtual assistant is capable of all sorts, so you can set reminders so you don… Read more

Just found this


Not too sure mate, but i remember it being an option as i was setting it up the first time?


I've just purchased one and it won't recognise my son's voice for certain commands. How do I program his voice to it aswell? I can't find how to do it in settings in the app


It recognises anyone's voice, but yes, you can program other voices to it (y)


Can you add another family members voice? So I'd be the main user but my son would like to use it also

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