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Hiwatch by Hikvision Cctv Kit 6 X Mini Bullet Cameras & 8 Channel Nvr & 2tb (Wd Purple 2tb) £329.99 @ Box
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
This was posted about a month ago at £399.99 and got heat of 207°. Then in that thread, someone mentioned it had dropped even more to £349.99 and, in reading that thread (I am on … Read more

Correct, cameras should be just above ground window level, high enough so you can't reach them and low enough so you can get faces. Totally pointless putting them at roof level. I have one above my garage door, someone tried to open it 2 weeks ago and he looked straight at the camera, local PC recognised him and warrant issued for arrest as he was on parole.


If you want decent CCTV then buy proper HikVision, not HiWatch (which is now discontinued). I would recommend turrets/dome cams too unless you really want everyone to know your have CCTV, in which case buy bullets. HikVision do cams in black too so can blend in to black downpipes, i'm not a believer that CCTV is a deterrent, more that if you have CCTV then you have something worth stealing, so i'd rather them be discrete. POE is easy to fit yourself, the only difficulty is routing the ethernet cables.


I'm sorry, but you cannot use that picture of my husband without his express prior consent..............


Can you mix and match with these? I have the hikvision 3mp bullets. Wonder if these are compatible in the 7600 series NVR??



Yale YLV/200/DB1 Laptop Value Safe now £53.99 delivered at Amazon
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
23 Litre value home safe designed to secure laptops with screens up to 14.5 Inch and other important belongings External measurements 20 x 43 x 35 cm (H x W x D); internal measure… Read more

Walls can be lock picked.


Value Safe required Value Tools to open (lol) (lol) (lol)


For a minute I thought you bricked the firmware! (horror) :D


I've got the smaller one and bricked it into a wall.


Maybe not but you could pick it up and take it with you. :)

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera £244 @ Toolstation
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
I know it's expensive but great piece of kit. If you are looking for one this is a great price. • 4K sensor with HDR • 1080p HD video • 12 X Digital zoom • Person alerts • Close u… Read more

Couldn't agree more. (y)


Fundamental problem with HUKD is that it doesn’t stipulate how people should vote. Therefore deal like this are flooded with opinion based voting as to whether they like/hate the product/brand/company selling it etc etc. Personally I want to come on here and know if it’s the best deal. I’ll go elsewhere for opinion / reviews on whether it’s the best. Instead these days on here, more than ever, I have to figure out whether cold voted products are actually a decent price for the product I am happy to spend my money on.


Going with your analogy, think of this as buying the phone upfront with cash and using a PAYG sim for the calls, texts and internet.


Nonsense. The car manufacturers are not the ones benefiting from the additional service requirements. Think of it more like a mobile phone. Buy it on contract, you expect the handset and line rental to be cheaper than both bought separately. The line rental subsidises the handset. That isn’t the case here.


Which is why I didn’t vote. I see it’s a cheap for those who want it but don’t rate the value, negating the saving in my opinion.

Ring Floodlight Cam Motion Activated Security Camera, Wired, Black £184.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
£179.99 each if you buy 4. I have been looking to get one of these and what a great price

This should actually be hot, best price around.


Yeah I've got one of these too, they're brilliant


There seems to be a anti Ring following on here,similar to the anti Apple lot,voting on the product not the price saving. We have a This and a doorbell cam fantastic things (y) 🏻


I really don't understand the mentality of people who vote things like this down, currently this is the best price you can get it for, doesn't matter if it's been cheaper somewhere else 6 months ago, in this moment it should be a hot deal


I need to get three of these so if anyone has seen them cheaper please let me know! :)

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Swann SODVK-445804V-UK 4-Channel CCTV Kit & 4 Cameras - £199.99 @ Screwfix
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
SWANN SODVK-445804V-UK 4-CHANNEL CCTV KIT & 4 CAMERAS (757GY) View review (1) 4 out of 5 View all Q&A Weatherproof 1080p full HD cameras with night vision and true detect… Read more

I like contacting businesses over Facebook Messenger. Easiest method for me. Check if they're on there?


Has anyone tried Swann aftersales? I have a problem with one camera and simply can't contact anyone.


Yeah it was deal of the day. Gutting! Such a good purchase for the money!


Same here. Maybe it was a Deal of The Day yesterday


£379.99??? On the link

Swann SWDVK-844804V-UK 8-CHANNEL 1080P CCTV DVR Kit & 4 Cameras - £179.99 @ Screwfix
26/06/2019Expires on 26/06/2019Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Seems a decent price for those looking for a basic CCTV system, next best price 249.99 so decent saving to be had. IMO would need a hard drive adding to utilise its full potential.… Read more
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Has anyone tried Swann aftersales? I have a problem with one camera and simply can't contact anyone.


15fps and BNC :/


I can only assume its the lack of HD included (you get a 32gb SD card instead)


Any reason this model is not available on Amazon and is suspiciously cheaper to compare to even similar 4ch versions they sell?


These Swann ones have the heat sensors. Unlike a lot of the others, which is surprising.

10 year smoke alarm £4.99 in Lidl
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th JunLocalLocal
10 year smoke alarm 4.99 Lidl in store.
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No it become antic/rare piece after 10 years.


Does it go in the bin after 10 years?


They catch fire


Do you have to be a certain age to get a smoke alarm from the fire brigade for free


Yeah I want to know that too. Lol

Alfawise L10 WiFi Mobile Smart Video Doorbell 720P Home Security Camera - Black - £25.79 @ Gearbest
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Got asked to get a Ring Pro for an elderly friend, thought no way am I wasting £200 on a wireless doorbell, just so she can talk to the Avon lady while she is 20ft away, let the ca… Read more

Best of the thread by far!!! Brilliant Kelvin (lol)


Im pretty sure you mean a chime reference number


Update, police are not taking any further action and agreed with me that my camera wasn't pointing at their property. The neighbour is a total b****. Never even spoke to us about the cameras - just went straight to the police saying it was breach of their privacy. Had 3 police visits and several phone calls to them because of my little Yi Home camera. It didn't do any harm and was only trying to do good. It can barely see anything at the best of times. NB. If the camera had been recording their property, it would have been a different story. I would avoid all doorbells that have cameras/mics if you are facing someone's property especially as you can't even tilt them away. You will be breaking various laws and it's out of your hands if you get prosecuted or not. Just read someone got fined £17,000 for recording their neighbour's entrance / garden with their CCTV.


Not sure, but no way I am going anywhere near our front garden to test the theory!! (lol)


Stupid law of true. What's the difference between CCTV and recording yourself doing your front garden on a smart phone? Other than the duration? (confused)

1080P 4 HD Camera Home CCTV Kit 2019 instore at Aldi for £99.99
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunLocalLocal
I bought this cctv system today in Aldi Stockport for £99.99 reduced from £179.99. Very good reviews. Staff told me this was a nationwide offer.

That’s because the IR bouncing off the wall is saturating the ccd, can you not angle it away from the wall a touch more?


Yes, also put a little sheild on...


How have you masked it the IR? Hik is Chinese btw (nerd)


I have no personal experience with those brands but the more commercial ones like hikvision give you more options and variety to mix and match and suit your needs. It does require a lot of personal reading and understanding but that's the cost of having control, sort of like building your own computer vs getting a prebuilt one from currys. I do know that camera options in the commercial brands are much bigger and have far more complex algorithm like line detection(ie only alert if motion is detected pass a certain point), face detection, license plate readers ect. Ones with mics can give alerts if there's a noise spike, some have thermal sensors. Nothing is perfect though, rain, animals can still trigger alerts, it'd be down to good planning and picking the right features. Cost vs expectation could also be a problem, in general you will get much better value with hikvision and dahua but that's only because of how low quality some of these mainstream cameras are.


5 chinese cams all swithed to bw in low light... hikvision still holding on to colour and not that good... dunt know what to say... i've masked the ir on the hik... we shall see... but its going to get replaced with a chinese.... sorry!

Arlo Security Cameras and Accessories up to 30% off for Fathers Day at Amazon
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Perfect for Father’s Day and can use coupon bolt on for an additional 20% off the accessories!

Expired?! (shock) ALREADY!? (horror) (I guess the clue was in the title - "Deal Of The Day" - (lol) )


...and mine. Had frustrating issues months ago when I first got he kit but been working fine ever since (y)


What is cleverdog? (nerd)


yeah I want the doorbell!!!! (:I


Very strange but mine is working fine...

Clever dog ip camera twin pack £40 @ 7dayshop
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Seems a great deal. Will set one up to monitor my cat and other for living room to capture motion. Just ordered as free delivery too. 8)
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I concur, I have had 4 of the clever dog cameras but I found that if the network went down, if they were unplugged for any reason or if the router was restarted I would have to manually reconnect the clever dog cameras and they were a bit temperamental at times, For £28 the Yi 1080p Dome cameras on amazon are better as they reconnect every time they are unplugged or router rebotted etc. Still only for the hobbyist do not expect full security quality pictures, but ideal as pet cams.


Nope, thought it was too good a deal, no ONVIF support, locked into their app. Still a good price but not for me. Most of these cheap cams are locked into vendor apps and services I think. For keeping an eye on pets I am sure these are great. The YI cameras can have custom firmware installed with SSH, FTP, webserver etc but still with no ONVIF (yet) - but they can stream RTSP. The YI cameras are not much more and probably a better bet for tinkerers like me. Take a look at https://github.com/TheCrypt0/yi-hack-v4 The above is not for the technophobe but might make a fun project for an evening.


Lots of cheap smartcams around, may be simple to setup and use however the apps for these (not tried this one) is the make or break, for me YI cams have a superior app for a budget cam, Neos cheap cams are small but the app if rubbish even if there is 'free' online storage (rolling 14 days, 7 seconds, AWS) and a plus for Neos is the Alexa but if I can view it on my FireTV then errr im in the house so great but gimmic. If you really want some security then look at what you are buying, the cam is one thing but unless the software/app is there to back it up then pointless. Research before wasting your cash.


Had a quick Google but can't find the answer. Anybody know if these are ONVIF compatible? Anybody tried with Synology Surveillance Station?


So how much does the cloud service cost?

2x Ring Spotlight Cameras (£135 each with code) - £270 @ Very
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Usually £169 each, Very have a deal to get 2x Ring Spotlight Cameras for £299.99. If you add "Any" item to the basket with these to take it over £300, use code JUNE30 to take £30 … Read more

Forever if you buy the wired version (y) But if you get the battery-version, Ring claims 6+ months, but depends on usage. They're rechargeable though. If you get enough sun on your house, for £50 you can get the Ring Solar Charger. No you can pay around £3 a month (I think that's the price) and you get historic recordings on Ring Cloud for around 1 week.


Also can't put in sdcard to record???


How long does battery last?


I have Ring devices, wireless ones. They're great. The picture quality is excellent, the app is slick, you can customise, schedule and cancel alerts, you can switch the lights or movement sensors on and off from the app, which means if you're having drinks with friends late at night in the garden you don't have floodlights going on every time you twitch. The Ring doorbell can be networked too so you can have a chime in the garden shed if you like (and if your wifi reaches that far.) I wouldn't touch Very with a bargepole though after they stiffed me on a Sonos deal years ago. I prefer sellers who don't make me jump through hoops to get a bargain.


I personally love the Ring cameras and doorbell. The "wired" options are supposed to be better quality from what I've heard.

10 Year Thermally Enhanced Optical Smoke Alarm 2 Pack @ Screwfix Free C&C £17.16
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Smoke alarm which has become a popular choice with the UK Fire and Rescue Service. Groundbreaking Thermoptek technology provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm. Will… Read more
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Should be given out free by the gas supplier. Fortunately they've gone down in price, so now they are easily affordable. The British Gas guy who installed my Nest kindly repositioned my carbon monoxide alarm next to the flu in the bedroom. I had it next to the boiler, he said the flu is where the gas is likely to leak from. He also said it should be placed at a high point in the flat as the gas rises (obviously I guess.) He also said that most leaks are not from the flats he checks, but from the flat downstairs. So even if you use electric or have your flu and boiler checked regularly, buy a carbon monoxide alarm to detect rising gas from the flat below. He also said it was a good idea to take one on holiday, especially if staying in a private villa or Airbnb.


Good point, but actually my local fire station drive their fire engine to the park and sit in the sun all day. I don't get the impression they have better things to do.


No need as me and Welephant go way back! Plus, anyone with the username madmick666 aint getting a foot over my threshold. ;)


I had two faulty ones from the bad batch few years back. FireAngel replaced them no questions asked after I supplied the serial numbers. I found it good customer service. Hopefully this batch lasts longer than the previous 2 years.


If you live in the Mid and West Wales area ring 0370 60 60 699 and receive a free home fire safety check from you local fire station

YI Dome Camera 1080p - £29.99 - Sold by YI Official Store UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Apparently this is a 'Limited time deal' I've got the 720p version and it's pretty good (managed to get footage of some scrote breaking into my neighbour's car, using the 'auto tr… Read more
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They do 1080p in white. But to be honest I have both and there is hardly any difference, except the price ;)


I've got the 720p and it works great. Wish they would do the 1080p in white.


Haven't got round to drilling through the wall yet. The cable (which is pretty thin) goes through the fan light window which is next to the camera.


They do an outdoor one it fixed but is ip rated. I have one and it work well. Only down side is its like the original nest outdoor cam where the power cable doesn't come through the back of the camera but out the bottom. Agree notifications on the app aren't the best bit I bet if you pay for cloud storage this will improve. Better buying these than ones from Chinese sites as the app is in English, speaking from experience with the xiaomi ptz cameras.


I'm tempted to have a go at this. How have you run the power cable into your home? Drilled through?

TP-Link Kasa Smart Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera  £80 Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Cheapest this has ever been and UK stock. The indoor version has also took a price drop.
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2 days for free at 1080 qualify


Good find. Thanks


Is anything stored on the cloud and is it free?


Love the Kasa plugs anbd if I wasn't loaded with YiCams I'd seiously consider these. Doesn't seem to have sd card recording though :(


Are these much better thank the Blink XT cameras? I purchased the set of 5 the other day for £320 and are arriving today, I've read mixed reviews about them but want to test them myself.

Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit £217.97 @ Appliances Direct
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Best deal i found at the moment...Usually £250+

Hot for the price, BUT I would be spending my money on a pyronix enforcer v10, there is plenty on ebay, around £280. Gets 2 PIR, 1 door contact, 2 remotes. the v10 is the wifi version which allows you to control it via your phone too. External siren also have the flashing LED, and overall its a premium system for not much more cash


i have bought everything that has ever been put on this site more cheaply... if people want to buy everything for the price then it's up to them. if they want to look at my comment and hold out for a better and more appropriate comment then i don't blame them as i'm an idiot. i trust my point is well made... if not then people can hold out for a bigger idiot.


oh yeah I forgot to mention that - even better.


Thanks. This is the latest version.


Currently £219.99 on an Amazon lightning deal - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07FR78X16 - ending today.

Kidde 7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm - £8.38 @ Costco (Instore from 10/06 +10 Year Sensor & Warranty)
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayLocalLocal
Save £3 on this life saving carbon monoxide alarm at Costco Offer available from 10/06 - 23/06 in Costco Warehouses Power supply of 3 x AA batteries; Continual monitoring … Read more
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Appologies it's my fire alarm, which is kiddeFirex, which is very good. My carbon monoxide detector is the Honey well h450en.


I. Give. Up.


No you'll only get false positives if it's badly positioned. Refer to M.I.


So false positives that you'll eventually ignore are better than nothing? That makes zero sense. Anyway, sorry for this going off topic OP. Back to my original query... Would you mind letting me know which model you use please Ron?


Recently Kidde products have let me down, I bought the better version of this which had a built-in battery and it died within 2 weeks. YMMV

Life Saver Carbon Monoxide Alarm - £9.95 (Prime) (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Price @ Argos £20 The Lifesaver Carbon Monoxide Alarm continuously monitors for the presence of deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the home, providing a constant protection against… Read more

Bought a caravan with one of these (or at least looks the same) the other week. Was told by the dealer it would be best to move it from just above head height at the entrance to the window sill a few feet from the floor level as "if you leave it above head height and there's CO it'll be too late when it's detected" so it now sits behind the TV on the window sill.


Price is £9.95 (highfive)


£10.60 each now


I incorrectly called it a CO2 detector not CO. It won't let me edit my post.


:D (embarrassed) whoops. In a rush. (y) It doesn't let me edit it either for some reason.

Hive Outdoor Security Camera  £133 @ Amazon
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Now you can set the specific areas you want your camera to monitor, so it’s not triggered by things that don’t matter. For extra security you can play pre-recorded sounds through y… Read more

Too late, it was yesterday only. code was PLUGIN15


What’s the code to get the discount please?


Why are all these BIG Name branded cams so dam expensive, compared to no-name ones? I've seen some examples of video quality and it's nothing special. It feels like you are paying 3x, 4x the price for the same type of device just because it's Hive, or Nest, or Ring, or someone similar. I'd love to know what makes them worth the massive price difference.


Any good?



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