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Posted 21 June 2023

Brand New Oppo Find X5 256GB 8GB 5G Smartphone £390 | New Oppo Find X5 Pro 256GB 12GB 5G - £490 Delivered With Code @ Mozillion

£390£4003% off
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Two brand new prices at all time lows here, use the code FIND10 for £10 off, x5 pro at £490, X5 at £390

Oppo Find X5 Pro

  • 6.7-inch AMOLED display
  • 50MP wide angle rear camera
  • 32MP front-facing camera
  • Enjoy a 5000mAh battery life
  • Fingerprint unlock
  • Fast charge

Oppo Find X5

4K Ultra Night Video
Nurture the night’s beauty
Record subjects at night in all their natural glory with clear and realistic image processing – and without overexposing the entire scene. Meanwhile, capture clearer voices, less background noise and more realistic soundscapes with Binaural Recording³.

Shine light on the darkest scene
See the details of shadows without turning up the lights. Light up the room like a candle, to illuminate and capture timeless moments in extreme low light.

No fading into the background
Remember that dreamy sunset as vividly as it happened. Backgrounds and foregrounds show up clear and detailed without over exposure, even in backlit setups.

Mozillion More details at
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  1. morris7's avatar
    Does anyone know much regarding the x5 Vs x5 pro cameras? The dxomark reviews makes little sense to me. Apparently they have the same lenses, the same sensors and the same MariSilicon X image processing, yet the x5 gets a very mediocre 114 and the pro gets a very strong 130. It's doesn't add up :/
    Envx's avatar
    The x5 pro has 5 axis OIS compared to 3 in the x5, and it also has a RGBCW sensor which is better for replicating skin tones. The ratings are a bit stupid however as I have the x5 and I've used the pro, pixel 7 and other high end camera phones as I'm into photography and the standard X5 photos are incredible. They are in my opinion even better than the camera on the S22, P30 Pro and Mate 20 pro ( first hand experience taking 20,000+ photos on those devices ) so I'd take DXomark scores with a pinch of salt.
  2. morris7's avatar
    Amazing, thanks so much for adding your experiences. That makes me feel much happier in regards to the standard X5. Similarly to what you say, the photos I've seen with the X5 online seem similar to the pro, much more so than the score had suggested. Thanks again, much appreciated!!
    Envx's avatar
    Once again as I mentioned in an earlier comment if you're looking to buy one, you can pick up X5's for around £240-£270 open box every few weeks on eBay. So if you're not in a rush to pick one up you can save around £50.
  3. Walkerscrisp's avatar
    Trustpilot looks to be positive reviews from this seller, maybe I've been living under a rock, but are these a trusted source to buy from? I'm tempted by an oppo x5 pro and quite tempted by this price.
    ohsomeonenew's avatar
    I had a good experience with them as well. Great customer service!
  4. morris7's avatar
    Hmm, I just received my 'brand new' X5 and it's clearly not new. The plug is dirty, the wrapping is definitely re-wrapped. Also, their phone number doesn't work in order to contact them...
    freddy871's avatar
    Not trying to highjack Mr Switch, and not quite as good deal, but oppo UK direct £449 for X5 includes wireless 50W charger and second case , plus £10 total cash back £439 total, at least will be genuine new.
  5. BabaORiley's avatar
    Recently bought an excellent condition oppo find x5 pro on ebay for £330,liking it alot
    vassy4u's avatar
    Crazy price. Was it a private seller ?
  6. Cavs's avatar
    I almost thought this was a 2 pack (edited)
  7. blonk's avatar
    I used mozillion recently, very pleased and would recommend..
    Quick despatch and very good at answering emails.
  8. morris7's avatar
    This is surely an amazing deal. I just ordered. Flagship level. 256gb. Telephoto lens. Top main camera. Can't get many like that for sub 400.

    Thanks OP!

    P.s. £4 QUIDCO too to make it 386 (edited)
    morris7's avatar
    P.s. thank you OP!
  9. Envx's avatar
    Oppo Find X5's drop fairly often for around £250 open box so if you're not in a rush it's worth holding off. I picked one up last month for £270 and they're incredible phones. I also don't think the pro is worth the extra £100 unless you like really big phones.
    Mattyblob's avatar
    If they drop fairly often to around £250 then why, knowing this, did you buy one at £270?
  10. Joshfount's avatar
    Find X5 Pro is still a very good phone and this is a great price ♨️
  11. fishmaster's avatar
    This will update to ColorOS 13.1 (Android 13), and is on the upgrade path for ColorOS 14 (Android 14). I have an OPPO Find X2 Pro and ColorOS is probably the best Chinese mobile OS I still don't like it though. My phone is on ColorOS 13.1 so I'm using the latest version. I don't like Eye Comfort mode. I don't like the phone disabling accessibility options that have been set for all apps and you have to go back and turn them on. There's other niggling things about the OS but I use Niagara Launcher which thrashes any other launcher I've ever used.

    What I do like is the hardware, even on my 2020 Find X2 Pro the hardware is excellent. It has 65W charging, never buying a phone again with less than 65W charging, looking at you Pixel 8 and Samsung S23 Ultra, nope.

    I'll never buy another OPPO and to be honest I can't as the Find X6 Pro will never be released in the UK and I don't want bendy flip nonsense of the N2 Flip etc.

    Great hardware, slightly janky software but as good as you'll get from China. Phones are incredibly boring now and new Android versions don't offer any wow factor. Not sure I want the Apple vision which is permanent visual 'enhancement' via VR/AR I'm sure that is absolutely brilliant but not all the time, a dystopian future is knocking on the door.

    Anyway from 3 years of OPPO ownership, I would say a solid 90% satisfaction rating. OPPO do updates when they feel like it, but in the last month mine was updated to ColorOS 13.1 from ColorOS 13, both Android 13 versions and I started out on Android 10 when it was launched, which was absolutely horrendous (ColorOS 7).

    Anyway sod China, and OPPO next phone is er well you got me there because only Chinese phones do 65W+ charging. Samsung, Sony, Google just don't do it so I guess it is this phone until someone does, ooh Asus (Taiwan) do but I completely and utterly and totally despise that company so that's a no too. Ugh there is no upgrade path for me yet
    realdeals's avatar
    The best Chinese OS is easily EMUI Android 13, 14 and beyond are/will be built on its files system.
  12. GlennQuagmire's avatar
    Had my find X5 for about 3 months now.. happy enough, couple of people who have iPhone pros have been really wowed by the quality of the videos you can take.. great stability.. I'd go for the pro if budget allows I think it's a 512gb instead of the 256 and the extra storage will come in handy.
    GlennQuagmire's avatar
    Plus the 80w super charge fully charged in under 40mins !!! Insane speed. From someone who has always had flag ship Samsung's then swapped to p30pro on month of release (also cracker) for the price, I don't have 2 many complaints..
  13. freddy871's avatar
    New X5 ordered , thx Mr Switch. Very old and long in the tooth but my OnePlus 5T will be sorely missed (edited)
  14. ADIDASADDICT's avatar
    Is the x6 pro coming to the UK switchy? Or the latest oppo fold not the flip?? Tia (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    None of the above sadly 😔

    Oneplus fold is though
  15. MattSellers's avatar
    Anyone know if it has wireless charging cheers
    ADIDASADDICT's avatar
    The pro def does don't think the standard does???
  16. freddy871's avatar
    Can anyone confirm being new if this comes with charger, cable and free case as per reviews out there ??
  17. mfactor's avatar
    This or the OnePlus 10 Pro used as new from Amazon warehouse ?
    MrSwitch's avatar
  18. Ayub123's avatar
    Anything similar to this phone around the £250-300 mark?
    MrSwitch's avatar
    The X5 can be had in used condition for around £250
  19. Darren_S's avatar
    Question oppo find x5 pro or honor magic 4 pro? Thanks (edited)
  20. bells0's avatar
    Anyone here end up ordering? Can't decide between normal and Pro

    Coming from a 3.5 year old Samsung S10 5G, which tbh, is still totally solid for me [i'm not a mobile gamer at all, just social media, video watching and do like decent pic quality]

    Edit - looks like the Pro isn't available to buy now without offers (edited)
  21. bells0's avatar
    Heads up - the X5 has now dropped to £380.00

    Gutted the Pro's aren't available to buy new now. The lack of water proofing on the standard is just something i don't think i could live without [not that i've ever really got a phone wetter than it being rain whilst using]
  22. JBondo's avatar
    This or the Samsung S23 Ultra? Looking to upgrade from S20+.

    Want a decent camera and contactless payments which I don't think this has?
    bells0's avatar
    Have NFC, so not sure why contactless wouldn't work? The camera is the main draw for me on this to upgrade from an S10 5G. £500 is my limit as can get £150 for my S10 from CEX. Just a little lost on phones that aren't from Samsung....
  23. darrenshelly1's avatar
    i find the camera very disappointing compared to the p20 pro , for example trying to take a snap of the tv ,its all blurry unless you pause it, p20 pro didnt have this problem, shame it went for a swim in the washig machine
    sumpter's avatar
    I'm not sure you can use a photo of a TV for comparison
's avatar