Unfortunately, this deal has expired 10 October 2023.
Posted 23 September 2023

Branston Baked Beans 4 x 410g

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Make every meal tasty with our Baked Beans in a rich, thick, tomatoey sauce. It's a taste we know you'll love!

In a rich, thick, tomatoey sauce, 1 of your 5 a-day, Love Canned Food, High fibre, High protein, Low in fat, Gluten free, Free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians

Store in a cool, dry place.

Once opened, empty, cover and refrigerate.

Use within 2 days.

Best before end: See can end
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Can - Recycle; Sleeve - Recycle

Other Information
Branston® is a registered trademark of Mizkan Euro Ltd and used under licence. All rights reserved.

Hob - From Ambient. Empty contents into a saucepan and heat gently whilst stirring.
Do not boil.; Microwave - From Ambient. Empty contents into a suitable non-metallic container, cover and vent.

4205739-CtF66.jpgMicrowave on full power for 3 minutes, stirring half way through.

After heating, allow to stand for 1 minute and stir before serving. (Instructions based on a 750W oven).

All microwave heating instructions should be carried out strictly in accordance with oven manufacturer's operating instructions.

Morrisons More details at

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  1. shirley999's avatar
    £2.50 in Asda with 25p reward, which works out a little cheaper.
  2. knocka's avatar
    For years always bought Branston even got the 3 small tins from Pound ( yes a while back )
    Then the price rise , starred shopping round best I found so far Lidi beans , very nice
    AezM's avatar
    Yes I remember the pre brexit price of 3 x 330ml tins for £1 too. It's amazing how all the changes for the better in the UK has got us to a better place and price of 4x 330ml for £2.45 in a G7 country. Come back here in 5 more years to find out the new price of a 4pack of Branston will be. £5 if we are lucky🤞
  3. Sonofclara's avatar
    Very nice beans that were soooo much easier to swallow when they were 4 for a pound and finding ones with ring pulls were also a bonus too
    Sainsbury's own brand are my choice at the moment but heat for price
    boostii's avatar
    Every time the ring pull comes away in my fingers without opening the can, I can't believe it.
  4. 3LeggedDog's avatar
    These aren't the nicest beans but at least the tin is filled with actual beans, not rip off Heinz where half the tin is sauce lately!
    Fk-FirstBus's avatar
    Which beans are nicer than branston? I'm curious
  5. powerbrick's avatar
    Remember the bean wars of the 90s, it was like 6p a tin
    boostii's avatar
    It was a time to be alive back then.
  6. egonspengler's avatar
    I like these beans, but not at the price they have risen to lately. Someone on here suggested M&S home brand beans at 50p a tin and I haven't bought Branston beans since.

    Having said that, this is about the best price for these beans anywhere, so have some heat for that. (edited)
    sparky_'s avatar
    Cheers I usually make em homemade as I do find them better..

    But sometimes I do have to cheat cause its a bit off a pain soaking these over night then cooking them for 45 mins
  7. timmyramjam's avatar
    I am a HP beaner if i can find the bleeders
    phunny12000's avatar
    Best beans by far when you can find them
  8. amoulden's avatar
    I do like these but Lidl beans are the best for me and cheaper
  9. tso75's avatar
    6 pack in farmfoods for £2.99 which is way better value if you have one nearby.
  10. Oystercatcher's avatar
    The King of Beans.
  11. welder77's avatar
    Morrisons 4 for £1.75
  12. Petwal41's avatar
    Aldi beans and sausage 57p
    Petwal41's avatar
    HP Beans the best tho
  13. thatsnotmyname_lol's avatar
    Absolutely gassed at this price, bean waiting for a deal like this!
  14. fishmaster's avatar
    59p each in Stans Superstore, St Martins. So that's £2.36 for 4 Local deal for local people hehe. (edited)
    rp1974's avatar
    Hello,hello,what's going on?,what's all this shouting?,we'll have no trouble here. .
  15. greenalien1's avatar
    Used to buy Branston beans till the shocking price increases, good to see them very slowing coming down, in the mean time we've gone to Asda cheap range, 28p a tin and not sweet or watery like some cheap own brands.
    Ferris's avatar
    The cheap Asda beans (27p) are great. Just had some on toast. Maybe a tiny bit sweet but not unbearably so.
  16. billybob59's avatar
    The Company Shop currently have 12 tins of Heinz beans,,415g for £3. Also Heinz soups, 400g for 50p.
  17. fukd's avatar
    Aldi Bramwell taste the same and about £1.50 for 4 The best!
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