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Aldi Super 6 from 23rd May £0.59
23/05/2019Starts at 23/05/201905/06/2019Expires on 05/06/2019LocalLocal
the new Super 6 from 23rd May will be: Green beans (220g) Sharon fruit (3 pk) Jersey Royal potatoes (500g) - all at 59p Rhubarb (400g) Cocktail vine tomatoes (250g) Nectari… Read more

Super 1 for me. Tomatoes.


Jersey Royals...... I'll be aving them.




Not great then...for me (annoyed)

1KG Tesco Jersey Royal potatoes better than half price- £1
28/05/2019Expires on 28/05/2019Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Big 1KG bags of Tesco Jersey Royal potatoes are only £1!
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£1.50 for a 450g bag in my local Tesco :o


A lot depends on the soil they've been grown in but also look out for Anya or Nicola.


I agree with your comment, tried them previously and have been very disappointed having a bland taste. We now stick to the 'Charlotte' variety unless you have found another you could recommend?


And all lovingly wrapped in plastic


I bought these today and cooked some for lunch, your absolutely right, they are nothing like the Jersey royals we used to get, it's a tasteless ordinary potato, disappointed!

Waitrose Duchy organic carrots (1KG) 25% off only £1.12
28/05/2019Expires on 28/05/2019Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Waitrose organic carrots are 25% off off and are currently only £1.12 for a 1KG bag. The carrots are also on offer at the same price on Ocado
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Duchy of Cornwall is just a brand, they are not grown by Charlie and picked by Camilla.


They are better for the environment and wildlife. Sure they might not taste much different but the pesticide used on regular veg has proven health risks


No better than carrots from other supermarkets at a 3rd of the price just some people with more Money than sense think they are superior

Lidl Deals 16-22nd May Pineapple 75p, Mushroom 59p, Satsumas 79p, Red Pepper 39p |||| 23-29th May- Cucumber 39p, Rocket 39p, Blueberries 89p
29/05/2019Expires on 29/05/2019Found 16th MayFound 16th May
LIDL DEALS 16th May Thursday - 22nd May Wednesday Fruit And Veg Pineapple 75p Each Large Flat Mushroom 250g 59p Satsumas 600g 79p Red Pepper 39p Meat 4 Chimichurri Pork Loin S… Read more
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Spotted at Lidl Bletchley Milton Keynes


If anyone has a lidl receipt that is over a £25 spend please could you pm me?


I'm heading down tonight in that case, I hope they have them in my local!


They have the soup just bought 2 cartons!


Thanks for posting.

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LIDL DEALS 9-15th May Spring Onions 35p, Melon 99p, Asparagus 95p |||| 16-22nd May Pineapple 75p, Mushroom 59p, Satsumas 79p, Red Pepper 39p
Refreshed 11th MayRefreshed 11th May22/05/2019Expires on 22/05/2019
LIDL DEALS 09th May Thursday - 15th May Wednesday Fruit And Veg Spring Onions 100g 35p Galia Melon 99p Each British Asparagus Tips 100g 95p British Piccola Tomatoes 250g 99p Me… Read more
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Thanks for posting.


Not so much for us non-drinkers, but I take your point

But never any wine deals so guess it all evens out.


Never posted a deal in almost 14 years and only ever left negative comments! What a valuable member of HotUKDeals you are!


I got a Lidl booklet through the door with £5 off £30 spend on it, check you junk mail before dumping it

National Vegetarian Week 13th - 19th May - Celebrate with Offers & Recipes
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
National Vegetarian Week starts on Monday 13th - running to Sunday 19th May - thought it might be useful to pop up a thread to celebrate the week with some of the best offers aroun… Read more
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Refreshing to see a deal for good food on the front page of the site, rather than the endless McDonald's/Burger King/KFC deals. You'd think this site was sponsored by fast food chains.


Thanks for sharing! If people can use these recipes to cut their meat consumption down even by half it will help their health tremendously, and the planet too! 😄


Great post. We try to have at least two meat free meals a week. :) My favourite recipes at the moment: Buddha bowl with sweet potato & chickpeas Butternut squash dhal - I use one can of coconut milk for this and don't always put the lime in, still tastes great and even better when you reheat it! Makes 4 portions so I freeze 2.


Does anyone remember when people would say they're vegetarian but still eat fish? What was all that about?


Vegetables is what food eats

(From 8th May) Tesco Jacket Potatoes 700G £0.39 / Salad Tomatoes 6 Pack £0.39 / Apple 5 Pack £0.49 / Large Asparagus Bundle £1.50 @ Tesco
28/05/2019Expires on 28/05/2019Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Finally some decent offers on some fruit and veg at Tesco :D Tomatoes: Apples:… Read more
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Me too it’s just a way for them not to reduce out of date produce


Lot's of Tesco veg not dated now. I have had to throw out quite a few things as were off when opened them. Emailed Tesco CS and still waiting on a reply. I have since discovered that the BB date is on side of crate they are displayed in.


Just got a tesco delivery and you are right as many items no longer have best before dates on them. I will have to take my custom elsewhere when my delivery saver plan ends :(


Are you sure? A quick Google shows countless articles saying Tesco scraps dates Oct 2018.


Offers don't look too bad for a change (highfive)

Aldi Super 6 - Thur 9th - Chantenay Carrots 500g 39p Cucumber 39p Little Gem Lettuce 39p Radish 39p Salad Tomatoes 6pk 55p Beetroot 500g 55p
Found 3rd MayFound 3rd MayLocalLocal
Chantenay Carrots 500g 39p Cucumber 39p Little Gem Lettuce 39p Radish 39p Salad Tomatoes 6 pack 55p Beetroot 500g 55p
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They've definitely been upping the prices on the super 6


Thanks op


Whats so special about buying 6 tomatos for 55p ?


wasn't that long ago that the beetroot was 29p during the super 6 offers (shock)


LIDL DEALS 2-8th May- Mushrooms 59p, Apples 79p, Courgette 99p Per kg |||| 9-15th May- Spring Onions 35p, Melon 99p, Asparagus Tips 95p.
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
LIDL DEALS 02nd May Thursday - 08th May Wednesday Fruit And Veg Chesnut Mushrooms 250g 59p British Apples 79p Courgette 99p Per kg British Baking Potatoes 49p Meat 4 British M… Read more
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We probably get the cod promotion as they can't put special promotions on alcohol here. I can understand why you say that though. I'll get some to stick in the freezer. I'd rather eat than drink cheap booze. Kx


I doubt if he's a positive contribution to anything in his life, the sooner mindless trolls move onto another site the better..


Do you wait until @andreocean posts these after midnight every week and then go through them and then slag him off? Personally I don't think anyone needs to post a deal to be a contributor. However, you're the exception....


Also found white/green grapes are reduced to 89p this week. I don't know whether or not that's available at all stores.


I always check here for any deals in LIDL. Save me checking on LIDL own site (y)

KTC Chilli Beans in a Spicy Tomato Sauce 45p each or 4 for £1 @ Asda ( more tinned veg in offer inc Kala Chana, Rosecoco,Toms, Chickpeas)
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Great offer from Asda - tinned veg & beans priced at 39 - 45p each or 4 for £1 Mix & Match - offer is instore & online & includes their very highly rated KTC Chilli… Read more
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They are baked beans without the sauce. Can add to anything H x


What are rosecoco beans used for? Never heard of them


The chilli beans have a good kick, if you do not like heat best not bother.


Which beans are they look like red kidney beans


Baby Jersey Royal Potatoes 450g for 69p @ Tesco (from 01/05)
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
Better than half price offer available from 01/05 :) Jersey Royal potatoes - baby ones Delicate and nutty Freshly harvested from the fertile soils of Jersey 450g
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Peel is healthy


These are so yummy 😋 but a pain to peel, don’t like the peels on potatoes ! Thanks OP


& a bit of rock salt & some freshly chopped chives on top 😋


Delicious with a spot of Lurpak!



Morrisons Sweet Potatoes 1kg now £1
04/08/2019Expires on 04/08/2019Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
An 80g serving counts as 1 portion of your 5 a day fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat at least 5 portions of different fruit and vegetables each day. Remember that fresh, frozen, dri… Read more

95p @ Tesco and £1 @ Asda


Are they in plastic?







LIDL DEALS 25 Apr-02 May- Corn 99p, Aubergine 39p, Spinach 59p, Melon 99p |||| 2-8th May- Mushrooms 59p, Apples 79p, Courgette 99p Per kg
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
LIDL DEALS 25th April Thursday - 01 May Wednesday Fruit And Veg Corn On The Cob 2 Pack 99p Aubergine 39p Babyleaf Spinach 250g 59p Cantaloupe Melon 99p Meat Meat Deals Bacon, … Read more
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Thanks, good price for melon & like their spinach


See they have taken the cheese weekend deal off


Every time I buy vegetables from Lidl, half of them rot before I get to use them. Prepacked fruit are the worst, strawberries or grapes always have few squished or mouldy on the bottom of the box. Waste of money.




Thanks for posting.

Naturli Falafel Minced, Organic 350g from Heron Foods - 50p
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd AprLocalLocal
Mince Based on Chick Peas Perfect for falafels, patties and burgers 100% vegan
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Online price is £3.50, what gets me is that its only 39% chickpea, main ingredient is water


Or how about we let people eat whatever they want instead of feeling the need to comment on someone else's choices which don't affect you in any way whatsoever? Crazy idea, I know.


No, I'm pretty sure being a meat eater is a stage before realizing the truth and following a healthy lifestyle.


Have you asked vegans, such as the seventh day Adventist, and most rural indigenous societies, they are usually vegan and occasionally vegetarian. They seem to get on ok..... Actually better than ok. Everyone's free to eat what they want and they should. I'm sure the intent of the post isn't to convince anyone to be a vegan, rather it's iust a deal. I haven't seen any such comments for foods like baked beans, which are also vegan. Pssst. I've heard vicious rumours that many Britons hare trying out a new craze, Baked beans on toast or a jacket potato, that's a vegan meal.


How long can usually vegan lasts before he/she come back to the natural environment of meat eating habits? I mean being a vegan, it's just a stage, isn't it?

Free vegetables - Asda (Instore)
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd AprLocalLocal
Crates of free veg in Asda Cheltenham as you walk through the doors. Carrots, parsnips, spring greens, sweeds Likely many other stored with excess stock.
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We had parsnip in abeRdeen


Or maybe don't, just take what you can sensibly use, as families in need also use HUKD and will be visiting Asda too.




Does it take ages to capitalise the first letter of every word?


Just saw the link and thought of others that need.

Cauliflower only 29p in store at  Aldi
Found 18th AprFound 18th AprLocalLocal
Was 59p
Avatardeleted1620404Get dealGet deal

Carrots and parsnips 19p in my local, no cauliflower


Potatoes are 29 pence too add the heat (party)


better sell them quick before they go mouldy!


Well size doesn't matter luckily...


heat added, love cauliflower (lol)

LIDL DEALS 18-24th Apr- Carrots 1kg 19p, Potatoes 500g 19p |||| 25 Apr-02 May- Corn On The Cob 99p, Aubergine 39p, Spinach 59p, Melon 99p
Found 18th AprFound 18th AprLocalLocal
LIDL DEALS 18th April Thursday - 24th April Wednesday Fruit And Veg Carrots 1kg 19p Was 29p Parsnips 500g 19p Was 29p Special Thanks To Vmalone Vegetables 29p (Potatoes, Echali… Read more
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Thanks for posting as always.


Thanks ocean great post


Thank you for posting :)


Thanks for posting, hopefully someone will do a post showing where we can buy all the cheap veg....not that I am lazy but some were posted a while ago and I am not clever enough to do the post myself


Updated Thank You

Vegetables 3 for £1 (From 17th April) @ Tesco - Included: Carrots, Onions, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Cabbage
Refreshed 23rd AprRefreshed 23rd Apr
Offer starts tomorrow Included: Carrots, Onions, Parsnips, Cauliflower, Cabbage Offer runs until the 7th May
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onions are pack of 3 and they are 385 grms not 1kg.. :D 👆


Each net weighs ~750g, so 3 for £1 comes to roughly £0.44/kg. These are 3 big onions.


Thanks for reply, was getting all excited thinking can get cheap onions but never mind off to the Asian supermarkets to get the 4kg for £3+


It's not the 1kg bag of onions - it's the 3 onion net pack.


Anyone know the weigh of the onions?

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