Unfortunately, this deal has expired 28 December 2023.
Posted 15 December 2023

Celebrations/Quality Street 600g Tubs - Iceland / The Food Warehouse Stores (Delivery Fees Apply)

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4262902_1.jpg4262902_1.jpgCelebrations/Quality Street 600g Tubs £3.62 @ Iceland/The Food Warehouse Stores via Just Eat! 🌞
Just Eat More details at

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  1. Daaker33's avatar
    813g quality street tin available in b and m now too for £5. I did post as a deal but apparently it's a discussion...... (edited)
  2. pow26's avatar
    Link goes nowhere.
    umar1980's avatar
    Link goes to Just Eat as above comment said! You just have to search for your local Iceland/The Food Warehouse Stores! 🌞
  3. Gav_H's avatar
    I ordered… says it’s delivered but I’ve got nothing 😔 guess there’s a just eat driver out there munching my stuff!
    MashupDeal's avatar
    they will refund if your report
  4. COUPONKEV's avatar
    Just a warning that the Just Eat website appears to have been hacked. Clicking the HUKD link plays a rather sinister message. I’ve tried to explain in more detail but my post was auto deleted. Be careful. (edited)
  5. COUPONKEV's avatar
    Thanks Umar, arrived within a few minutes of placing the order! All stock was long dated too!
    umar1980's avatar
    My Pleasure! Good value imho! 🌞
  6. robosullivan18's avatar
    Purchased 2 of these with a Quidco £15 pound off order (only for selected accounts) then 18% cashback on the purchase
  7. JodieWhitehead's avatar
    You can go on to the just eat app and order that way you don’t need to use the link
  8. kenny009uk's avatar

    Had a fiver off on one of my just eat accounts. Nice deal (edited)
    umar1980's avatar
    Great stuff! 🌞
  9. BanditHeeler's avatar
    None of these appear on my local Iceland just eat page.

  10. Funsam's avatar
    Thanks for heads up, was a load of other decent offers under the 50% off banner.
  11. pet2000's avatar
    link leads to Just Eat (edited)
    umar1980's avatar
    Yep it's a Just Eat Deal for Iceland/The Food Warehouse Stores on Just Eat! 🌞 (edited)
  12. ovozoee's avatar
    Does anyone know when this end? Only just seen it and they don’t deliver until next Thursday
    umar1980's avatar
    Just Eat deliver immediately on the day you order. Never heard of having to wait a week for delivery from supermarkets via Just Eat! 🌞
  13. c-h-r-1-s's avatar
    Guy on a just eat bike is gonna have a heavy bag!
    umar1980's avatar
    Luckily they all have cars around where I live! Lol 🌞
  14. alcopop's avatar
    anyone actually received this?
    umar1980's avatar
    Just read comments above you'll get your answer! Lol 🌞 (edited)
  15. carefreeblue's avatar
    Never heard of Just Eat, i live in a remote area with very few companies delivering.
    Can I just walk into an Iceland shop and buy it at this price ?
    MashupDeal's avatar
    never heard of just eat
  16. Wren10's avatar
    Neither Just Eat or Iceland deliver to my address in the sticks. All of Iceland's best deals are on line.
  17. Brando1's avatar
    Got 5 tubs of celebrations for £15 as i had a £5 off voucher
    umar1980's avatar
    Smashed it! 🌞
  18. Andrew_Western's avatar
    Store specific, not in Leeds
  19. robosullivan18's avatar
    I think they sold out or it was an error as I ordered some on the 14th but they weren't showing yesterday for me
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