Unfortunately, this deal has expired 12 August 2023.
Posted 20 June 2023

Coop 2 Pizza’s & 4 Bud or 6 pack of Pepsi Max or Tango £5 Members Price @ Coop

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  1. chiggz's avatar
  2. Ridgehead's avatar
    Got ours today. Also included the double peperami pizza. Had a nice £1 off your shop voucher on the app as well to sweeten the deal.
  3. DealJester's avatar
    Beer its a good deal, some artificial sweetner that is the same as sugar but tastes rank no thanks

    Calories is a scam
  4. Bolkyloren's avatar
  5. DealsIUsed's avatar
    For the love of God, can someone please change the title to “Coop” from “Cooop”, it’s bothering me…
  6. boostii's avatar
    A couple of suppers sorted, nice😋
  7. redwavyline's avatar
    Bargain. Heat.
  8. dale7's avatar
    Great bargain, wish they would bring back the moretti deal
    guttediam's avatar
    Or the Stella unfiltered so maxi max it is
  9. NAILEDIT's avatar
    Good deal, pizzas are nice
  10. anthony69's avatar
    Nice find Op. Is this deal live yet? Sorry couldn't find confirmation and didn't want to waste a trip there!

    £4.50 for all you "students" out there! 😁 (edited)
    suzy18's avatar
    Yes it’s live from today
  11. Damo176's avatar
    Anyone know if these coop deals work at the co-ops that have changed to nisa recently?
  12. HotAddict's avatar
    Co-op here is different for some reason and doing it for £6 regardless of membership. Hardly go in but my god the prices are ridiculous. Don't know why people shop there. (edited)
  13. tikibeach's avatar
    Just been in my local no sign of this deal
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