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Iceland Pizza Deal - Three Pizzas, Pack of two Garlic Bread and 1.5ltr Pepsi for £5 - From 17th October
17/10/2018Starts at 17/10/2018Refreshed 10th OctRefreshed 10th Oct23/10/2018Expires on 23/10/2018
Iceland are doing a deal from October 17 to 23 where shoppers can pick up three pizzas, a pack of two garlic bread baguettes and 1.5litre of Pepsi for £5. To claim the deal, shopp… Read more

Jeez, I always miss out on this sort of thing!


Yes, you're right, because that's exactly what happened, isn't it? Cool. Well I guess that sorts that out. Phewey. At least one of us knows what happened here! Cheers! (y)


Dear Sir / Madam, Based on your post above I recognise your undoubted editorial talent. I would therefore like to offer you the post of Editor in Chief here at the London Evening Standard. A generous renumeration and benefits package is available, so please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss. Yours faithfully, A. Joker


Guess that’s the difference between us-I don’t need to bring other people into a discussion to get praise


It is pretty stupid to be really sensitive to the word "stupid". Call me stupid if you like that's just my opinion. Wonder what everyone else makes of this back and forth, probably think it is pretty stupid. I know I think it's stupid. I think everything about this is stupid. Most of all your stupid comments! Not very witty, and yes, you're a hypocrite. At least I'm aware of the fact that this is all stupid and smart, or perhaps, stupid enough to admit it.

All No Sugar Pepsi varieties - 8 pack cans (330ml) £2.50 Asda
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Diet Pepsi Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free Pepsi Max Pepsi Max Cherry Pepsi Max Ginger Nationwide Other places that have it on offer for £3.00 Diet Pepsi is my go to Diet drink.. Love … Read more

Cheaper in Sainsbury’s for Diet Pepsi£7.00 for 24 - 29p per can


Attitude much :(


Haha.. My Pepsi deal is for the mainland England/Scotland/Wales and aLV426 expired local deal was in N.I!!! (it get's better)


it's all well and good to say now that the coke deal was posted on the Tesco website, when it's clearly not now, and if it was nationwide I (and all the other hotukdealers) would know. I call BS


looks like you're working overtime to defame my deal (that will help other people). Are you like the fizzy pop king who has an opinion on all canned drinks deals? so you posted a "counter" Pepsi Max deal... what about all the other varieties I mentioned? Some extra homework for you!!

Cherry Pepsi Max 8 Pack £1.75 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Also diet coke mango 8 packs for £1.75 both reduced to clear

Not a chance of these being available in Harrow. It's like £3.50 for 4 lol


I have found since the new tax on sugar drinks came in most corner shops seem to have stopped or lowered non sugar drinks and increased sugar drinks for some reason. They obviously charger more for them... Co op being one of the stores in mind.


Currently £2.50 in ASDA if helps anyone. Not great but deals on cherry max seem rare.


These were in the newtownabbey store


Not in mine. I was looking for some Cherry Pepsi Max but was £3+

Pepsi Original 1.5L Reduced to 90p Tesco Central London
LocalLocalFound 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Don't know if this is store-specific or not, but it's a good deal, for those that want the Original Pepsi which has been hit by sugar tax recently. Found in Tesco Central London
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£1 all the time in my local Nisa store,same price as Max....sugar tax doesn't seem to have affected prices here in N.Ireland (not that I've noticed anyway)

2L Diet Pepsi 83p in Tesco metros
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Staff member advised they’re clearing them in metros for new labels

None at my local


Just me who would fill a trolley (lol)


Nice find, thanks for sharing OP, have some heat! Must check my local Metro - would prefer Pepsi Max at this price though! Although I'm almost convinced that Tesco Xero cola is a good substitute!


It’s now gone back up to £1.90


Lovely thank you, not quite up the the king of beverages Pepsi Max but at that price I’ll take it.

12 x Pepsi max 1.5ltr @ Iceland for £10
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Saw this on their website, doesn't state how long the offer is on for. Works out just over 83p per 1.5ltr bottle. Slightly better value than the offer they have on the 3ltr bottle … Read more
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Does the offer work in store


Only tastes ok when it’s flat either way.


2 days!!!'s flat after 2 hours lol


Down side to such a big bottle is the last litre is flat, unless of course you drink 3ltr in 2 days.


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Iceland 7 Day Deals - Pepsi Max  /  Tango Orange 24 x 330ml £6.50 per pack / £8 Indian Meal Deal & more
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
New offers have started at Iceland including: Pepsi Max / Tango 24 pack cans £6.50 2 for £5 on selected slimming world £8 Indian Meal Deal - Online Exclusive … Read more
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Just. A heads up for those that have a Farm Foods Store local to them... Their 3 x 24 packs of 330ml Pepsi / Pepsi max / diet Pepsi / fanta orange zero/light or whatever, orange tango / fanta Lemon / sprite........... Oh ffs.I didn't see McHotpoons post till half way through.....what he said lol......


Tesco matched this price on their Coke Zero and Diet Coke if you prefer that. 24 cans for £6.50, not much saving, just down from £8 apparently.


Farm foods you can mix and match lots of 24 cases on 3 for £18 (6.50 each). Lilt, tango, fanta, fanta twist, fanta lemon, diet pepsi, pespsi max, vimto, vimto remix, vimto zero, seven up and sprite. Cokes are 3 for £20 but full fat is 18 pack not 24 because of sugar tax.


Think farm foods do deals on cases of cans of pop. Not sure what pop or the price as I've just not long woke up 😴


Beat me to it! Also note the £2.50 off £25 (or £5 off £50) vouchers easy to achieve from this launch spend so further savings to be had if you need a few other bits. Please also note £6.50 for 24 Pepsi max is the standard price if you only buy one case so the Iceland offer is barely an offer. Farmfoods also does 48 x 500ml Pepsi max bottles for £20 which is also very good (again even better if you can use a voucher). The vouchers I refer to are regularly posted through doors of households in the area. They go through phases of also being posted online though. Currently some are available till the end of October if you Google "£5 off £50 farm foods".

Pepsi Max 2L bottle £1.25 at Tesco
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Not a bad price now they're over £1 pretty much anywhere now after sugar tax (for a sugar free drink, I know!) Not online only as I bought one for £1.25 in a Tesco Express store.
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Please be careful you might not be allowed to leave with more than alitre!


H8 Tesco ! ......


I know right! I don'tlike how it's over £1 after sugar tax - especially when there is no sugar in PepsiMax! Cold... 24 tins for £6.50 in Iceland as well (saves going flat!)


The 3ltr bottles go really flat about 3/4 down


That Iceland offer has ended, it is now 2 x 3l bottles for £3.50

3L Pepsi Max / 3L Diet Pepsi for £1.25 @ Iceland
LocalLocalFound 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Great low price offer Pepsi Max 3L or Diet Pepsi 3L bottles Was £1.90 (y)
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The offer must have ended again, it was shown online yesterday.


Picked 2 up, good bargain!


In store only? Showing 2 for 3.50 online.


Was looking for cheaper pepsi, thanks!


I'm the last one to say that, as I said previously, I do smoke, I like a sugary pop from time to time, I do loads of things that doctors says to don't, but you know what? I hate when someone doesn't care about the amount of something, of anything. Edit, because I forgot the main, eating vegetables may be healthy but it's not if someone is eating like a cow, being human.

Pepsi max 24 cans - £6.50 @ Tesco
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Pepsi max 24 cans for £6.50
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It’s back up to £8 now


yeah, or maybe Pepsi HQ doesn't wanna see a dip because of currency exchange.


Fair point but I would have thought most of the ingredients, of which there aren't many, are sourced from the UK.


Over the course of this year I have noticed that a lot of Tesco offers have gone up by 50p.


weak pound

Pepsi max and diet 3 litres £1.25  0.4p 100ml     @ Iceland  7 day deal 4 per customer
Refreshed 19th SepRefreshed 19th Sep
Woooooooooow what a great deal given the price of pepsi bottles lately. The deal will be in store on Wednesday. You can order today (tuesday) for delivery Wednesday at this price… Read more
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Woohoo. Shopping I go then, cheers


yeah its in store at this price now last day


Rats... Was planning to get this today (last day, changes tomorrow) - site mentions new deals. Anyone know if it's still cheaper in store for today?


Guess its up to the cashier or store specific but when I did mine it looked like she counted them.


I just picked up 15. No sign to say 4

Pepsi Max 2L down to £1.35 AT Co-op (Central London)
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Pepsi Max 2L down to £1.35 AT Co-op today. Not a mega deal and Iceland do them 8 for £9 but still cheaper than most I've seen recently.
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Sam 99p store had them recently. Home bargains had 1.5+33% free for £1 too. I haven't been in a week or so though so this might be the best widely available at the moment, that's why I didn't vote.


Can you give details of this £1 price when you source it?


Spar garages NI doing Pepsi Max 2ltr for £1.10.Know this won't help many but worth a look if spar near you.


Poor value, can source it for £1 in small pound stores. Sad to see these prices going up in normal stores, like so many other things. Not inflation linked either


I'm going to give heat for the deal - it's about the best price going atm. I don't understand the changes in prices...

Pepsi max and Diet Pepsi 6 litres for £3.50 at Iceland instore
LocalLocalFound 24th AugFound 24th Aug
This is nationwide in Iceland stores not sure about online. Either Pepsi max or Diet Pepsi £1.90 for 3 litres or 6 litres for £3.50. I bought 6 bottles (18 litres) for £10.50
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I'm in N.Ireland, probably different...I think we come under Lidl Ireland and not UK although many of the weekly offers would be the same.


Not at my local Lidl, there either full price or have no stock.


I've been buying cherry Pepsi Max in Lidl...£1 for 2 litres,been getting them the past month....even the 2 litres are flat the next day. My local Nisa store seems to have a permanent offer on Pepsi Max and original sugar Pepsi,£1 for the new stubby 1.5 litre bottles.


it will be the co2 shortage


I'd be all over this if they were 2L bottles. 3L is too big for my fridge!

Pepsi Max 2lt. pack of 8. £8.75 inc vat works out at just under £1.10 per 2lt at Costco Glasgow
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Pepsi Max 2lt. pack of 8. £8.75 inc vat. works out at just under £1.10 per 2lt. Bought this in Costco Glasgow. I would assume it's national. Everywhere else seems to be around £1.5… Read more

I buy this from Costco all the time now. They've used C02 shortage as an excuse to whack the price up and try and keep it there.


Really!!! Thanks for the heads-up


Went up to £1.90 in Iceland just a few weeks ago, it is cheaper in farmfoods now, well it was last week anyway.


Sorry Iceland


pepsi max is like crack

24 pack Pepsi max at Costco - £5.26
LocalLocalFound 19th AugFound 19th Aug
£5.26 including vat, best price I’ve seen so far Costco instore
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Croydon had 23 cases at this price today. Now they only have 3. I just could not fit them in my car.


Why, don't you have one now???


Unfortunately the result of the new sugar tax from this year


Why wait? :p


They seem to have stop selling Pepsi Max at Lakeside Costco (mad)

Pepsi max and tango 24 x 330ml cans £5.69 @ The Food Warehouse
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
24 cans of pepsi max or tango for £5.69. Cheapest ive seen it for a while
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Pepsi Max is sugar free...


With an NHS or other Blue Light type staff badge, you still get an extra 10% off at Iceland + Food - until close of day, Sunday the 2nd of September :) They'll give you a special Blue Bonus Card.


In Scotland, only stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow just now.

Pepsi Max 3 x 3 Litres for £5 @ Farmfoods.
LocalLocalFound 14th AugFound 14th Aug
56p a Litre (equivalent to £1.11 for a 2L bottle). Cheapest I've seen it lately. Most places are charging £1.50 for a 2 Litre bottle.

Was in farmfoods today, this offer is still on although they're currently out of stock of the max bottles in mine, but have plenty of the diet.


This is supreme to anything Coca Cola make IMHO


Any deals on Mentos?


stop feeding my addiction


Good deal, just a shame its pepsi

Pepsi Max 24 x 330ml Cans - £6 @ Iceland
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Pepsi Max 24 x 330mlPepsi Max 24pk Max Pepsi Maximum taste, no sugar Pepsi Dietary InformationNo Sugar UsageBest served chilled. Manufacturers AddressBritvic Soft Drinks Ltd.… Read more

great deal!


same oin leicester


£6.50 in my local Iceland but fantastic deal 27p a can.


Tbh he looks like your typical HUKDr when they are late to that bargain party.


Purchased mine this afternoon in Bradley Stoke Iceland.

Pizza Meal deal for £5 - 3 pizzas, bag of chips/ fries & 3L of Pepsi Max or diet for £5 plus £5 off £40 code for first time shop @ Iceland
Refreshed 17th AugRefreshed 17th Aug
Pizza meal deal at Iceland for £5. Great if you have kids like mine that don't like the same flavour pizza! On until 28th August but you can book for deliveries up until 3rd Septem… Read more

Although Pepsi Max is one of the better sugar-free colas out there, it still has a slight aftertaste that puts me off buying it. Hence, I'd just buy the pizzas and side for 4 quid and be done with it. In fact, I actually got 3 Dr. Oetker's for 1.50 each from Iceland instead, which is a good deal for me because I really like them.


Oh won’t be making a trip for cheap pizza then. Thanks


Normal range of pizzas (£1) are horrid


Diet soda :{


I agree. Only reason I shop at Iceland now instead of Lidl & Aldi is that it’s closer (no car) otherwise I would definitely shop at the latter two as they offer better value for money.

Pepsi Max 24 X 330ML - £6  - now live @ Tesco online & instore
Refreshed 13th AugRefreshed 13th Aug
Aval from the 8th August until 21st August 2018. I know LIDL may have them instore for £5.99 but 1p more and aval to a much wider audience and online for delivery
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Same deal at Iceland


Changed my mind when there are cheaper deal in other stores.


Available in shop.


Good price


Maybe that's due to the CO2 shortage ? They've still got notices up in my local Makro warning of a limit on the number of crates per customer...

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