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Dell Latitude 5480, Intel core i5; 8 RAM & 256 SSD £250.04 using code @ Dell Refurbished

£250.04£32924% off
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15943690261679131888.jpgIf you are on a budget and not bothered about the generation this could be good laptop with 6 months warranty.

Refurbished Grade A
  • Possible 6.3% topcashback makes total price £235
  • 6 months warranty
  • 1x Intel Core i5- (2-Core, 2.60 GHz)
  • 8 GB (1x 8GB)
  • 256 GB (1x 256 GB SSD)
  • 64-bit Windows 10 Pro (free upgrade to Windows 11)
  • 14" FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • Cosmetic Grade A
Dell Refurbished More details at Dell Refurbished
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  1. FdjC's avatar
    It is overpriced but it is a latitude.
    Better build quality than consumer models, just not as flashy.

    If has Intel vPro its supposed to have "the best" versions of the CPU's in range, more standardised hardware etc.
    More info:

    Have Latitude 5490 myself, bought in 2018, still going grand. 8th gen i5, not vpro.
    Only issue is fingerprint sensor never really worked, known problem, just a bad model of sensor.
    sj_mith's avatar
    Good to know... thanks
  2. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Hark at all the naysayers that say you can buy better on ebay but cannot be bothered to post links.

    Yes, you probably can but not from Dell & not with a warranty & not with an 8th gen (not a 7th gen) i5.

    Take your chances or buy this one. (maybe add a ram stick) it will do you fine for years. (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    8th gen is the minimum requirement to run Windows 11. Doing fine for years isn't guaranteed. Yes you can bypass but that introduces issues such as Microsoft bringing out major updates to Windows 11 that check the hardware and won't allow the update, as has already happened, so a fresh install is required as usually any bypass of this has the option to save files and settings greyed out when performing the update. (edited)
  3. bargain_daddy's avatar
    Is this the best value for money laptop at this price range? I need a cheap laptop for basic home usage
    Major_Trips's avatar
    Not even close. On eBay you could get a 4790 with i7 8th gen and 16gb ram for the same or less than this.
  4. thecheekymonkey's avatar
    Can definitely be had for cheaper. I think itzoo have these regularly.

    What I will say is these are great laptops. It's my everday driver. (With an SSD upgrade in it) (edited)
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    As much as I love ITZOOs deal. Most of them are 7th & below.

    However they have similar for sale today at £330 (edited)
  5. pwel's avatar
    You can find 7th gen i5/8gb ram, Dell/ThinkPad on ebay, well under £200, anyday of the week.
  6. v5535's avatar
    Been using one of these tortoise at work and it's insufferable!!!

    Mind the genius that was meant to have done the install might have something to do with it (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    Multiple factors involved. Did the machine have an SSD? Did the machine have at least 8GB RAM?
  7. Major_Trips's avatar
    You could easily get a 4790 with i7 8th gen and more ram for this price. Cold from me.
    chocl801's avatar
    Good any links?
  8. Bevnmart's avatar
    Great price i purchased a Dell tower PC last year and worth every penny, even upgraded from win 10 to 11 for free, it even came with keyboard and mouse, heat added
  9. sufy123's avatar
    Is this a IPS display?
  10. s4i's avatar
    Seems very pricey for a 7th gen chip. I have looked at a lot of stuff foe sale on Dell's refurb site and they all seemed over priced.
  11. Bargainhunter_13's avatar
    ITZOO is worth a look too but a lot are US qwerty keyboards.
  12. wipeout's avatar
    At this price, you have to be looking at 8th gen minimum (to get a quad core CPU) these days. 7th Gen is the last of the dual core processors.
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    It is 8th gen
  13. petermartin99's avatar
    I bought one of these from cash converters last week. I love it and it is in perfect condition, really good.

    Backlit keyboard, 16GB ram. Can't go wrong and it was a bargain at the price.

    hcc27's avatar
    That's definitely a cheap price, though the CPU is a 6th gen i5. I have a ThinkPad X270 with the same CPU, it's noticeably slower than the 8th gen but runs office fine. You'd probably be looking at 160 or thereabouts for your configuration on eBay, that's a proper deal.
  14. Kaivy's avatar
    Discount code expired!!
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