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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 3.5GHz 12 Core 24 thread CPU £199.97 @ CCL Online
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Good cpu for applications that need a large amount of threads, it's from the first gen threadripper series but still holds up well today. Base: 3.5GHz, Turbo: 4.0GHz 12 Cores, 2… Read more
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Again you'd use it for hedt cpu application purposes,


way better single core though


And 8 threads less, you'd use this for hedt cpu purposes. Plus a decent upgrade for people who use a 1900x, seen a fair people use a 1900x for plex servers.


way better to just get a 3700x for a bit more


How many times ? You don’t buy these for gaming. They have certain uses in high end workstations. If you don’t know exactly why you need one of these types of CPU, you don’t need it !!

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, 64c/128t, 2.9GHz - 4.3GHz - £3,000 @ Amazon
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, 64 cores / 128 threads, 2.9GHz - 4.3GHz - £3,000 Yes its runs Cryis no GPU required Yes it opens more than 2 Chrome tabs Yes you can buy ten for Eb… Read more
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Only 64 cores :/ will my GPU be bottlenecked with this? (annoyed) ;)


I thought Newegg are a US based retailer. Do they deliver to the UK? And would you not end up paying customs duty/tax on top of the £490?


I still fail to believe this will run Crysis..


Save yourself £1 with No Rush too! ;)


64 cores, is that all? https://wccftech.com/amd-powers-uks-latest-supercomputer-with-over-748000-zen-2-cores/

HUAWEI MateBook D 15 2020 + Free Watch GT or FreeBuds 3i, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1080P 15.6", Vega8 GFX £549.99 @ Huawei
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
This laptop is currently on offer with a saving of £50 + the choice of a free TWS earbuds or smart watch. RRP of the Huawei FreeBuds 3i on their website is £89.99 RRP of the Huawe… Read more

That spec is also currently available in Macbooks, for £2,500


I didn’t declare they were readily available, I pointed out that in the past about 6 months there have been 20+ deals with the combination stated that were a lot cheaper. Use the search and use an alert and look around would be my advice, if you’re not willing to pay the huge extra amount for the small number of additional features. Hope that helps! :)


It would seem reasonable asking you as you are so confident in declaring the ready availability of such products?


Probably only if you wait for an offer from Curry's or similar "currently £599 with no free items".


Is there any way to get extended warranty of 2-3 years on this? I'm a bit skeptical of their 1 year only warranty.

Gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER - £1499.99 delivered @ Scan
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Decent spec PC for the price. 3XS Gamer Elite Designed, built and tested to the highest standards by our multi award winning team, the 3XS Gamer Elite features a high performanc… Read more
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This https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/mjeccs/saved/


Currently building: 3700X 570X mATX Corsair Ballistix 3600MHz 16GB C16 1TB WD NVMe + 500GB WD NVMe Corsair 650W 80+ Gold Thermaltake V21 Spent approx £840...budgeting another £300-£400 for 5700XT or 2060 Super.


Here you go, X570 motherboard, 3800X CPU, 2070 Super, 3600Mhz memory, 1TB Gen 4 SSD, Win 10 Pro, many parts will likely have more than 3 years warranty all for £1506 and building it yourself. Overall a much better and faster spec. Find Windows cheaper and a cheaper case, and you could shave £75 - £100 off. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Ron-ski/saved/dDqZZL Personally after having bought an overclocked CPU and motherboard bundle many years ago from Scan and finding the voltage way over the top I'd never buy a built PC from them, used them many time for parts though.


I got exactly the same last year for £1240 even that was to much but i couldn’t be bothered to build one.


Freezing cold. Spec is weak

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Ryzen 3 3300X / Asus B450M-A Motherboard Bundle £184.99 @ AWDIT
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Free delivery, comes with platinum warranty. Can also be had with the Gigabyte B450M DS3H for the same price.
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The B550 boards are out in 3 weeks which have limited PCIe 4.0, the prices are rumoured to start at £100 but we'll see... Coupled with the 3300X then it should be a winner


I think this is the best price to performance system for your use case. An argument could be made for investing more in a MB with PCIE 4 support though this costs too much currently and I think it will be a long time before this actually makes much of a difference. AMD have said they will continue to add B450 support to their next gen CPUs though I don't see why people care about this especially from our "r/patientgamer" standpoint where we aren't upgrading every year or so.


Yes. Not sure for how long though. The B450 chipset should run the new ryzen 5 out of the box , but there are a few chipsets out just now that are compatible with this , which one stays the course ? dont know , but the B450 has been around for a couple of years now...the X370 and 470 chipsets are newer I think , but are aimed more at the overclocking market ? ( unsure).


Haha oh so am I, I only just upgraded my i5-2500k last year to a Ryzen 3600. I’d highly recommend the 3300x for you then! Such rave reviews and perfect for gaming. Great value and a no brainer imo. Some people have discussed mixed feelings with ‘AWDIT’ so it’s up to you whether you want to go with them or someone else. This is the ram I’d recommend you pick it up with: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/crucial-ballistix-3200mhz-cl16-ddr4-16gb-black-at-amazon-6802-free-prime-delivery-3472201 Though if you prefer you can get Corsair vengeance 16gb 3000mhz for £4 less. I do recommend high speed dual channel ram for ryzen. Then later on if you like I’d recommend an m.2 pcie nvme sdd; actually even a sata ssd would be huge for you. Next clear upgrade would be the GPU though it all depends on what you are using it for. Hope this helps.


I'm such a cheapskate and "r/patientgamer" type of player that bang for buck is always my chief consideration. If I got another 3-5 years out of my old tower I'd see £250 for a prebuilt mobo/cpu combo plus a pair of 8GB DD4s as being money well spent. Just gaming and web/media browsing. No video editing or anything like that. I'm really not the fussiest; but 60fps @1080p is really my main requirement. I'm thinking I might just take my chances and pull the trigger on this deal. I can't find anything better or as good value. Big thanks for the helpful replies guys. EDIT: Just thought on: would the combo in this deal at least provide some sort of modest upgrade path later on, should I go for it? I don't want to box myself in, even if it is cheap now.

AMD WRAITH PRISM RGB LED CPU Heatsink Cooler OEM £19.99 @ Scan
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Beautiful cooler with good performance for the god of CPU’s AMD

I changed setting in the fan speeds software (ryzen software can't remember the name) didn't do anything. I am guessing this is not what you mean though. Where would I find the settings for this. I have changed over to a water cooler but I am sure my boy would appreciate it if I can sort it out :D


Did you set the CPU step-up and step-down delay? If you didn't then the fan bounces up and down. If you did then it should spin up smoothly and pretty much quiet until you stress the CPU with Cinebench or streaming while gaming, etc. It's one of the best air coolers out there and great value when bundled with the latest Ryzen CPUs. Easily beats many £40+ coolers on the market.


I have the asus software. Will uninstall and see if this helps Thanks.


I had the same thing happen with my H115, and it turned out to be the MSI software I was running to control the lights on it.


Its very nice to look at, and it actually performs quite well. I didn't get one with my Ryzen 3600, so I purchased one from Scan for £19.99 with free delivery due to being an av forums member. My plan was to use it for a little while, and then purchase a EK-AIO 360 D-RGB, but I'm not sure now as I'm very happy with this cooler so far.

HP Envy 13" x360 2 in 1 2020 Model - Ryzen 7 4700U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD £899.99 (via STUDENT DISCOUNT) @ HP Shop
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
£899.99 with access to student discount/benefit store. In my opinion, good price for specs in a premium chassis with 2 in 1 functionality. Can also get the ryzen 5 4500U variant wi… Read more
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I have the 2019 model of this and it’s great fast boot up face recognition sign in it’s quick it’s not plasticy as some comments say but the best part is it’s weight 1.1kg best laptop I have ever owned!


I got the 15inch version of this a couple of years ago. I wish I got the smaller one.




Trackpad is awful on the envy! mostly due to its plastic body. :S


Its OOS now https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ideapad-5-ryzen-7-4800u-156-ips-100-srgb-16gb-3200-512gb-ssd-kb-backlit-95w-type-c-70-wh-batt-at-lenovo-education-w-code-55079-3447340

Ryzen 5 3600 / MSI X470 Gaming Pro Max + Free CM Hyper 212 RGB Cooler £299 / £369.98 With 16GB 3200Mhz RAM / Swap For 3600x +£20 @ AWD-IT
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Maybe a tad confusing on the title, so will try and make it a bit easier below. I know we've seen the R5 3600 down at £139.98 a week or so ago, which is now gone. But basing this c… Read more

What is the differance from the memory upgrade and corsair vengence memory upgrade


This was the logic I applied in buying the 3600 & a 212 instead of the 3600X.


Litterally didnt read what i said. I said its fine and i would not of changed it. (y) All your comments are very negative with hardly any context, cheer up pal.


The pro vdh max is a better board


Thank you so much for your help! I was personally looking at this MB, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07W838JXD/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_X9K0EbB47E8XS I have that SSD already (y) . I thought maybe a cheaper PSU? PSU supply is very limited at the moment. Nice case! I was thinking of building into an ITX case but they are much more for the small size factor

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X AM4 CPU/ Processor with Wraith Prism RGB Cooler - £266.95 delivered With Code @ Currys PC World /ebay
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Specifications MPN: B961241 Cooling included: Yes - RGB Wraith Prism Cooler Thermal design power: 65 W Number of cores: Octa-core Number of threads: 16 Socket: AM4 Process… Read more

Now is time to play during the lockdown. When prices go down there will be no time to play...


3800X is a speed boost, 3900X gives you a few more cores. If your a streamer, i would def go for 3900X


Tell that to my old 1300X (my buddy still runs it with a ATI (excited) 590 gr8 underestimated GPU BTW).) Just over 4GHz all cores (it never got the chance to use the 'Boost' setting) Gaming it kicks a 1600 in most games @1080P


Well I did it - 3900x coming tomorrow. Anything I should know before hand? I’m on the latest bios already. My g skill flare b-die ram always hit a ceiling at 3200mhz with my 1600x on the fast preset using the dram calculator but now that I’m stepping up I’m hoping to get 3466mhz (the max x370 prime pro can support). If anyone has any experience with this I’d love to hear.


Can't remember if the x370 is the board that will support the 3000 series graphics cards. If so, probably worth a keep for now. The Amazon prices for the 3900x have been randomly going up and down recently. Highest I've seen is £430. Lowest (that looked legit) £370. But I think it'll even drop lower then £370 when the new processors come out in July so I might wait until then. Keep an eye out for the price drops as they are random! Also be careful of weird sellers as one today was selling the 3900x for £290 which doesn't sound legit at all lmao. Good luck lmao. A friend of mine was saying if it drops below £370 then that's probably the best you'll get. But £370 isn't too bad either :D

Students Only: IDEAPAD 3 14 RYZEN 4300U 8gb 128gb 1TB via UNIDAYS + Lenovo newsletter signup £340.19 @ Lenovo
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Lenovo have released a whole range of Ideapad 3s coming in 14 inches 15.6inch and 17 inches with varying configurations - I will not post the other sizes but feel free to choose wh… Read more
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Go Go to Unidays website search for Lenovo and click activate up to 20% student discount this will take you to Lenovo education store where the discount is applied.


I have a Unidays account, but I can't create an account for the Lenovo website with the same email. Any idea how or what I am doing wrong?


gotcha, yeah userbench has recently become quite a bias and hostile site, quite a shame as it once was a great starting point for getting a general idea of what performance you should expect. Zen and its successors have been the greatest development computing this decade. the 4000 series mobile chips are something else.


No it was to you, sorry I didn’t understand your comment though, I thought you were agreeing that the specs were poor rather than that benchmarking site


Ah gotcha, thanks for clarifying

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Processor (12C/24T, 70 MB Cache, 4.6 GHz Max Boost) - £406 at Amazon
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. 12 cores, 24 threads, 4.6 GHZ boost clock, 105W TDP Compatible with 500 & 400 chipset Series AM4 motherboards Wraith Prism Cooler inclu… Read more

£432.43 now






Just found this, read all https://community.amd.com/thread/236257


Think you're looking for APU's, it's what AMD call's a CPU with gfx, https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-3-2200g https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-5-3400g

BeQuiet! Pure Rock Slim CPU Cooler - £19.99 (+£2.98 Postage) from CCLonline
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
BeQuiet! Pure Rock Slim CPU Cooler £19.99 +£2.98PP *Free PP for orders over £50.00 high 120W TDP cooling efficiency Brushed aluminum finish 3-year manufacturer's warranty Q… Read more

Had a bequiet pure rock from about 8 yes ago on a 2500k running 4.3Ghz, ran till last year when I dismantled the system, and sold it on eBay for for just under £20


I have one, the mounting arms are counter intuitive because they partially slide through the fins instead of just clipping onto them. It's a bit like one of those executive puzzle toys, only it's a cooler. As for temps 3600 is 40*C idle with a room temp of 25*C/


I've got a be quiet Pure Rock installed at the moment, thermals are great, sound is negligible. Wasn't that hard to install though this fixing and mount looks different.


Looks like the snowman cooler from aliexpress which is half the price if you can wait.


Actually I had 2 Be Quiet PSUs that died on me. But this was quite a few years ago when they had the issue with the bad caps.

Deepcool Castle 240mm RGB AIO CPU Water Cooler with Controller - £71.99 @ Scan
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Introducing the brand new AIO liquid cooler the CASTLE 240RGB from DEEPCOOL, suitable for Intel and AMD based systems. DEEPCOOL, pride themselves on being the company that speciali… Read more

Damn it held off buying and now its gone :(


shows Deepcool's 360 & 240 Castle AiO with anti-leak technology, copper base plate and fans specifically made for a radiator. https://www.kitguru.net/components/cooling/james-dawson/deepcool-gamer-storm-castle-240ex-aio-cooler-review/ say it's the best water cooler they've tested. Get it from Scan, who have great tech and customer service.


shows Deepcool's 360 & 240 Castle AiO with anti-leak technology, copper base plate and fans specifically made for a radiator. https://www.kitguru.net/components/cooling/james-dawson/deepcool-gamer-storm-castle-240ex-aio-cooler-review/ say it's the best water cooler they've tested.


shows Deepcool's 360 & 240 Castle AiO with anti-leak technology and fans specifically made for a radiator. https://www.kitguru.net/components/cooling/james-dawson/deepcool-gamer-storm-castle-240ex-aio-cooler-review/ say it's the best water cooler they've tested.


I’m completely new to RGB controlling. So this comes with everything you need to control the lights on the cooler. So if I bought an extra RGB fan which brand would you recommend?

ASUS TUF A15 FA506IV, 15.6" FHD, vIPS, 144Hz, Ryzen 7-4800H, GeForce RTX2060 (6GB), 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) £1212.61 - @ Amazon Germany
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Showing as Temp out of stock, but you can still place your order and it will be dispatched once they are back in. It it £1171 if you have a Fee Free card.
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Was very tempted to get this, but the screen is too much of a hit and miss for me. The screen doesn't get lit up nearly half as much as I would like, fans get loud, so be prepared if using it in the bed. These few niggles along with only a 4800H, and a QWERTZ kayboard, mean I must turn this one down too. Still waiting for my perfect laptop. Voting hot as its still a good deal for those looking for a 2060 4800H 144Hz beast.


how many points you get in 3dmark firestrike? thx I am thinking about either 3700x or 4800H and rtx2060


add on 20% vat and you have your £1200 price, US prices are without sales tax which varies by state.


There are two versions of the screen on these the bad one is the Panda which has bad colour reproduction and blurring. Some have had an AU optics panel fitted which is much better but hard to get hold off. Unfortunately it’s a panel lottery if you get the better screen.


Pretty much just Y and Z swapped. There may be labels for European characters but you can ignore them. I used a qwertz keyboard on a laptop for long periods with no problems.

Palicomp "Quote Beater" Ryzen 3 3300X, 240GB SSD. 1TB HD, 16GB Ram, RX580 £590 (also Optional GPUs choice) @ Palicomp
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Quite alot of folks have been coming to me as of late about the Ryzen 3 3300x CPU, and they have noticed that new CPU is in the previously popular "stryker" package by CCL. As mo… Read more

The handy thing about ryzen chips is they come with the thermal paste already on the cooler and you're ready to go. This comment is not really directed at you just the casual reader who is on the fence about building one. Another thing you can do by the way is buy small reusable heat transfer mats which do as good a job as thermal paste pretty much and the advantage is that you can attach your cooler and take it apart as many times as you like without spreading paste around and worrying about that crap. All the best.


This conversation suddenly got a whole lot more balanced. All it took was a couple of people coming along with their own opinions to add to it. If you want a job done right etc etc The only reason to pay someone to do it is for convenience. Bare in mind they are not some expert they are just a normal person like anyone else and prone to human error.


I got a pre built system (not this company) about 5 years ago because it was working out a little cheaper. A couple of issues - they put the nasty blower style gpu in. The noise was so irritating that I had to swap to an aftermarket cooler. So check exactly what they are going to give you. Secondly and more importantly the CPU kept over heating and I didn't know why. After loads of troubleshooting I realised they hadn't seated the cpu cooler properly, it was tilted so that only a small part of the cooler was in direct contact. After all the fuss it would have been better for me just to do it myself. FYI the worst part of the build for me is adding the coolers! You not only need to use thermal paste but it's the part that requires the most forces.


You over estimate many people's abilities and intelligence. Voila, Brexit.


most folks fear the cpu into the MB, which is one of the easiest things to do, but at the same time, IF something does go wrong, it can also be one of the most expensive and thats from user feedback, so a good option of them with this fear is the combo packages, which sometimes can be a little advantage occasional to get one and at cost, most times it isnt, nothing decent in this area atm, but will need to recheck, use to be some positive ones, but then it went sour half way though lockdown. if i had to list the most hardest part in order of easy to hardest in regards to doing it for myself and ive built tons of systems, some folks would say cable management but thats a challenge i enjoy (yeah im weird..).. for me its prob the mb to case, ive gone though that many cases, and the same bleeding cases over n over ! cant they get the screw holes lined up bloody right at times!. thats prob the most bit i hate, that thought, is this specific case going to go sweet as the last one or going to be a biatch cos some baboon has knocked the machine what predrills it lol.. that person prob worked for MFI what keeps haunting me occasional lol..

ASUS ZenBook UX431FA 14 Inch Full HD IPS-Level Thin Laptop (Intel i3-10110U, 256 GB PCI-e SSD, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 £529.99 Amazon
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
I know this was posted before recently - but it's gone down another 20 quid to £529.99. Whilst previous comments suggested the Currys version with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U was the better… Read more

I remember that deal, I was actually interested in that but decided to pay £400 for an i5 Zenbook, I like it more. I'm not sure if that deal was cheap because of a student discount. Or it was a strange colour if it was the John Lewis deal. I do remember a good deal on Lenovo on the specs you suggested, but without the OS. However, I can't say this is bad just because I found once or twice a better deal a while ago. Pretty much every price here was cheaper a while ago. What's important is what is available now and for how much. This is not my favourite laptop deal by far, but it is still somewhere on top, I don't vote hot only for number 1.


There was the possibility of an i5-1035g1 with an Nvidia MX330 dGPU for £420 with the lenovo ideapad 5 a bit back so I would disagree with heat on this.


Just the way it is. Any laptop that did meet the spec doesn't exist anymore I bet. Lower demand for it for something lighter, thinner etc. So now they're all chasing impracticality and profitability.


It's non-removable according to crucial website as well


On Amazon and scan it says max 8gb supported.

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (4C/4T) with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics - £75 - Sold and Despatched by CPU-WORLD-UK LTD via Amazon
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (4C/4T) with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics from CPU-WORLD-UK LTD / Amazon £75.00 4 cores, 4 threads, 4 GHZ boost clock, 65W TDP Compatible with 500 & 400 chipse… Read more

Many thanks.


The Asrock one at about £55 is nice, only limitations are the RGB header, if u want that then go for something like DS3H. all B450 will be perfectly fine to upgrade, these are good budgets, however the MSI PRO VDH a little more with the increase in BIOs size, perhaps maybe that little bit more inclined for zen3.... that was last weeks debate, B450 not getting zen3, but it didnt add up as msi max b450 have 32mb bios, over the other b450 16mb but the announced 16mb bios on some x570 were also inc.. but amd back track, but its still worth that consideration... "peace of mind".. so the vdh would not be a wrong choice. these £55-70....


What budget motherboard with a little CPU upgradability would you recommend for this APU please? Many thanks for posting.


An i3 9100.


It's also based on 2nd generation Ryzen and not 3rd generation despite the naming scheme.

Ryzen 7 3700X Gen3 8 Core AM4 CPU/Processor with Wraith Prism RGB Cooler, £269.85 with code at Currys PC World / ebay
566° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
An additional 5% off at checkout, hope it helps. Specification MPN: B961241 Cooling included: Yes - RGB Wraith Prism Cooler Thermal design power: 65 W Number of cores: Octa… Read more

2xxx ryzen and X470 should already be compatible. At least until they do the "AF" thing with gen 2 as well.


Thinking about getting this but unsure about compatibility. At the moment I have a 2600 with a X470-F motherboard. PCPartPicker has picked up an issue saying BIOS will need to be updated, but from what I understand the BIOS version needed will also need to be compatible with the 2600 in order to be updated in the first place. I’m not really sure where I can find out if it is compatible or not


This for mainly gaming and little video editing paired with a 2080ti or the 3600 with 2080ti?


To be honest I’m not sure. It does take a while sometimes the more I have (using Visual Studio- colleges idea not mine). I have a 2060 Super so GPU is fine. Sometimes these access large amounts of data from an external source


I went for the 3600, but I wish I could have justified getting one of these instead. For me 6 cores on the 3600 is great too, it allows me to run several VMs / Docker containers at the same time without noticing any slow-down.

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Processor (4C/8T, 6 MB cache, 4.2 GHz Max Boost) with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics - £137.99 @ Amazon
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Processor (4C/8T, 6 MB cache, 4.2 GHz Max Boost) with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics for £137.99.
Get deal*Get deal*

"It's the fastest integrated GPU there is cough Cough (not virus related) Intel skull Trail VEga-m gfx , also AFAIK the mobile APUS, eg 4800HS might beat this. I like these chips tho as everything is in one package .. Waiting to see what the 4000 is like, see if the mid-range APU can outgun an GTX960. ALso would like to see the low wattage versions GE.


I’m inclined to agree that this CPU has been made a bit redundant at this price, kneecapped by the 1600 AF on the cheaper side and 3300X on the pricier side. Yes you will need a discrete GPU but as mentioned refurb RX 570s have been around the £70-80. If you absolutely must go for an APU, the 3200G is the more compelling option with a view to a GPU upgrade in the future. But as also mentioned, you’re probably better waiting to see what the new gen APUs look like. Even then, AMD are always likely to artificially limit what their APUs can offer on the graphics side; given Nvidia dominate the high end GPU market and AMD mainly competes in the low to mid range, all the AMD APUs would be doing is stealing sales from their own GPU division. In short: this is a good price, but only go down the APU route if you really have to.


It's ironic really, my dual system case is pretty huge but the ITX area is still a bit cramped. I could go non APU but then it means paying for a riser cable, a basic gfx card, and aftermarket low profile/AIO cooling as the standard Wraith cooler wouldn't fit. A good Ryzen 4000 APU would makes things much easier... ;)


Yes, that's understandable. It's a good chip in it's own right but you are essentially paying extra for those graphics - makes sense if you're trying to do an ITX build or cheap gaming system with minimal parts and clutter. Looks like you'll have the options for huge gains with 4000-series - extra cores, more efficient, etc. I've had Intel until recently but AMD has literally taken the chip world by storm - back in 2016 when they announced Zen I don't think anyone believed them after years of horrible Bulldozer rubbish, this is basically their equivalent to Intel's Core 2.


Used to be around £110 - cold From me as you can have 3600 for £139...

AMD Ryzen 3 3300X Processor (4C/8T, 18 MB Cache, 4.3 GHz Max Boost) £114.94 @ Amazon
544° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Cheapest ever. Temporary OOS, but available to order.
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Personally I think that quad cores are going to work well on low-mid end gaming for a little while yet. The new consoles being 8 Zen2 cores is definitely a good thing for PC gamers as games will utilise more cores for sure. But that shouldn't mean that someone on a budget shouldn't still buy a quad core. They're still going to play games and do it pretty well. I have a 12-core 3900x in my PC, but have ordered a 3300x for an ITX PC I'm building to use on the TV for VR also. I think the 3300x is going to deliver more than enough performance for casual gaming.


My next cpu is going to be one of the current 8 cores. Not bothered about the upcoming ones as it will be too long before they come down to my sort of prices :D . I might be wrong and totally not understanding these new cpu's but as a gamer buying a quadcore now seems a bit strange to me.


We've had 8 core CPU's on PC's for a while now. I think consoles (PS5) will give yet another kick to multithread development.


I'm not talking about consoles though. Console ports usually run like crap anyway. I'm saying 6 cores is better than 4 in pc games and very soon pc games will run better on 8 cores than 6. So I'm not sure how they are going to fare on 4. Bit of a short term buy these cpu's imo.


We could have made this very same argument when the PS4 was released.

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