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Posted 23 February 2024

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties - PS4 & PS5 (Story DLC)

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Bloody Ties is the first official story DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human - a thrilling first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world.
Who doesn’t want hundreds of fans chanting their name in perfect unison? Or feel like they are loved and admired while obtaining unimaginable riches at the same time? But what if to have it all, one must first pay the highest of prices?
As Aiden, you are encouraged by a promise of wealth, fame, and access to the best gear to enter a tournament where people sacrifice everything just for status. Hone your skills to defeat your enemies and make allies to obtain glory.
You will quickly realize that the quest for fame is just the beginning and you will find yourself involved in a plot for power and revenge.

Embark on a new adventure. Secure yourself a spot in the Pantheon of the best fighters, help your new friend Ciro in his quest to avenge his brother’s death and discover the true nature of the tournament.
Enter Carnage Hall - a place filled with wealth and splendor, where every fight is a narrative spectacle and the strongest seek fortune and fame.
Discover a new way to play with the Shield Glove, and make creative combat even more creative.
Obtain new gear in the tournament where strength matters the most and weapons are a symbol of status.
Play the role of your life in Spectacles - multi-objective arena shows with unique stories narrated by Astrid herself, each resembling traditional tales and fables with a wicked twist.
Test your skill in arena challenges - special trials where you’ll that fight new mutated enemies, face murderous hordes and get to perform daredevil action.
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  1. Blueboy1878's avatar
    Does this still play at 30fps on ps5 ? It was frustratingly slow when i bought it on release day
    jjsdds's avatar
    Nope 60 now
  2. chrisyeamo's avatar
    Now all I need is Dying Light 2

    Mr_peanut's avatar
    I'm the same !
  3. thr0tt's avatar
    Meh, got bored of this one. DL1 was so much better.
  4. AlexanderCarlJakubowski's avatar
    also free on xbox
    M3NDEREZ's avatar
    Nice, I'll go back in on that game this weekend!
  5. Loyalty_'s avatar
    Would it play without owning the game ?
    Mazza811's avatar
    Nah, need the actual game as this is an expansion.
  6. tr0r's avatar
    This is going to annoy people who bought the expansion pass thing.
    The 2nd DLC isn't even out yet and the first one has now been made free.
  7. guy_good's avatar
  8. AndyKazama's avatar
    Even more reason for me to crack open my copy now!
  9. deejaychaos's avatar
    Nice one thanks
  10. liam080195's avatar
    Free on all platforms isn't it? I was playing it on Steam last night
  11. xIDarkSideIx's avatar
  12. misiokicio's avatar
    thanks op, time to get back into dying light again
  13. James's avatar
    Thanks very much!
  14. Ratanyal's avatar
    What’s the best deal for the actual game?
    julhad's avatar
    Cex have just dropped it to £18 for the PS4 version, (free upgrade to digital PS5 version) (edited)
  15. dean026's avatar
    Techland are brilliant, they give so much away for free. It's a pity other developers ain't the same.

    Thanks op (edited)
  16. vhero's avatar
    This dlc also enables you to get the "god weapons" you cant get them without this.
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