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eFootball 2022 PlayStationPlus Member FREE Bonus (December - March) PS4 / PS5 - 300 eFootball Coins, Exp. 4000 x23

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An exclusive FREE bonus for PlayStation®Plus PS4 / PS5 Subscribers (December - March).

■ Bonus Contents

① 300 eFootball™ Coins
In-game currency used to sign players in eFootball™ World, as well as to purchase in-game items.

② Exp. 4000 Training Program x23 (PS Exclusive)
An item used to gain Experience Points and level up players.

Offer ends 7/3/2023

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    There's no doubt that ISS was a fantastic football game back in the day, but maybe it's unfair to compare games from back then... they only offered local gameplay, whereas games from now are largely played online..

    Personally, growing up I was always a bigger fan of Konami football games than EA's offerings, but it's clear now that EA with Fifa have dominated the market for quite some time, which is sad really (as it has meant that EA are happy to keep repackaging virtually the same game year upon year knowing that it will still sell in large numbers with no significant competitor). Also, I myself have played the majority of the Fifa titles released in the last 15 years due to the poor Konami offerings during that period.

    However, having grown sick of Fifa's awful online experience I only played Fifa 22 for a short time (on PS Plus)... & this year I haven't bothered with Fifa 23 at all... instead I have chosen to pick up & persist with efootball. What is clear is that it is very hard to pick up efootball and enjoy it when you have played Fifa for years. efootball takes a lot of getting used to, the way that the game works in terms of its Utimate team (equivalent) mode takes even more getting used to, plus most of the efootball game is not very well explained at all to new players. Yet, if you are prepared to persist for long enough to understand the game, perhaps just playing 1 or 2 matches a day as I do, then eventually when you fully understand the menus, the tactics & the mechanics of its gameplay, matches start to become more enjoyable, certainly I would dare to say efootball is currently far more enjoyable when played online than Fifa has been for a long time.

    Thing is, efootball is free, so basically you can try it as much as you want & the only thing you have to lose is time.

    As for this deal, those items are useful, so if you have PS Plus, great!... heat added.
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    ISS, ISS Pro, ISS Pro Evo, Goal Storm, Winning Eleven, PES6 and before...

    ...Rest in Peace my cherished friends.

    We had it so good and we never really knew it.

    We miss you.

    And now a minutes silence will commence.
    PES6 was terrible. ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2 was where it was at.

    Shout out to Vorlander, the OG CB.
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    Over a year after launch and this game still looks like a PS3 era title with bullet-time gameplay.
    oh dear.... was just about to ask if this had been improved since the car crash I played last year (To be honest I am not that bothered what it looks like compared to how it plays - which was equally terrible.)
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    The guys over at SmokePatch created a whole new game for us PC gamers, SP Football Life 2023…tml

    Obviously no help to console owners lol but thought I'd mention it, it's pretty decent and getting regular updates
    These guys are amazing
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    Great game. Play it every night.
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    Thanks for posting this.

    Do Konami or PlayStation advertise this bonus?

    Otherwise I feel I wouldn't have know about it if it weren't for this site!
    They show up on the PSN store, or have done since start of the year
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