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Games with gold June/Adiós and The Vale Shadow of the Crown

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Explore the worlds of two unique, narrative-driven games this June with Games with Gold! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, sticking to one critical moral decision is harder than you think in the poignant Adios, and then starting on June 16 listen closely as you try the outside-of-the box audio driven adventure The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.


One choice can change everything. You are a pig farmer in Kansas who has finally had enough of your role helping the mob dispose of bodies on your farm. Your hitman friend tries to convince you to change your mind as the two of you go about the errands of the day. He knows what saying no means. This is a meditative thoughtful game that reflects on morality and spirituality with compelling writing and phenomenal voice acting. Will this be goodbye?

The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

You can close your eyes and listen. This is one of the most unique adventures you’ll experience that leverages sound and haptic controller feedback in an audio-based adventure. Break down the barriers between you as the player and your character as you feel your enemy’s breath, listen to the crunching of footsteps or the clang of weapons. Combat is intense and very different than other combat and fantasy games.

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  1. avidmuffin's avatar
    Adios is already available to download too! (edited)
  2. jasmith85's avatar
    I was looking up Adios earlier seems an interesting concept and an easy 1000g, the last two GwG presented an easy 1000g for each game.
    Doyl's avatar
    Yeah it's an easy one took me a couple of hours this morning. There's a scene select as well so you can easily replay sections to get the achievements.
  3. Lil6ix's avatar
    and people have the cheek to complain about ps+ lol, this offering is insulting.
    Illusionary's avatar
    If you're insulted every single month, just stop subscribing.
  4. silvercondor's avatar
    Adios sounds interesting and lasts “a couple of hours” from what I’ve read. That’s music to my ears! Love those short “experience” style games. Not everything needs to be a 100-hour open-world collect-a-thon.
  5. Dingle2007's avatar
    The vale A game made for the blind , I’m not even goin to comment on the graphics for that one , another month
  6. ChristopherDias's avatar
    Another terrible month. The way i see it essential is better than gold, and ultimate is better than premium.
  7. lukemack's avatar
    Actually pretty interesting, random ganes I've never come across befire so will give then a go at some point
  8. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    At least it’s not Redfall
  9. scottydogg81's avatar
    Probably better than this months game pass offerings (edited)
  10. boysie91_'s avatar
    Never heard of them...
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    They never heard of you either
  11. deanoh11's avatar
    I stopped subscribing from gold 6 months. Fantastic decision with the money saved
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    How do you play online?
  12. Deals184's avatar
    Still waiting for that comment from the person saying how great The Vale looks in 4k on their 75" UHD HDR TV
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    You just left that comment
    Thanks, I’ll check it out
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