Unfortunately, this deal has expired 17 June 2023.
Posted 5 June 2023

6 month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Xbox One/360) £14.99 digital code @ CD Keys

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6 months Xbox live gold membership via digital code

The top 3 reasons be an Xbox Live Gold Membership
Lightning fast online multiplayer gaming thanks to hundreds of thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating.
Get free games, twice a month - including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release!
Exclusive access to weekly sales offering up to 75% off games.
About Xbox Live Gold Membership
You'll get lightning fast online service with Xbox Live Gold thanks to thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating.
Get free games twice a month with Xbox Live Gold - including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release.
Exclusive access to weekly sales offering up to 75% off games.
With an Xbox Live Vision Camera, you can video chat with friends and family.
Be the first to view exclusive game demos as an Xbox Live Gold member
Download new content straight from the Xbox Live marketplace to keep all your favourite games updated.
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  1. darren_hooker's avatar
    How do you upgrade to X box ultimate? And how much is that? Many thanks
    TomEames's avatar
    If you get some of these codes and get yourself Xbox live gold for a year
    And don’t currently have a gamepass ultimate sub it should say on the Xbox dashboard join gamepass. Click that then it should charge you £10.99 and also state somewhere that your remaining sub will be converted to game pass ultimate.
  2. loop's avatar
    Bought one of the six month codes which actually turns out to be 2x 3 month codes, but then went to apply one code and the Xbox freezes at moment you click confirm. It was offering me one month bonus for turning on recurring billing also. But it won’t accept code. Code is WW and Xbox set to UK region don’t know if that’s a problem? 
    Horizon304's avatar
    Go to Xbox website and do there. I had the exact same issue, it’s much quicker that way anyway so it was a helpful issue to have. You will have the one month option come up also and you can turn off recurring billing straight after (edited)
  3. paulkerrigan1804's avatar
    You might actually get 2 three month codes. I bought a 12 month code from them last week, and got sent 4 three month codes. (edited)
  4. TomEames's avatar
    Yes it’s £2 more than yesterday. But this is still a good deal. £30 for a year of gold without using a vpn is a decent price any day of the week. I just done it £30 then 10.99 to convert to gpu
    Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Adds up though if you're trying to buy enough for 3 years conversion.
  5. rich.gollins's avatar
    My game pass is due to expire in 2 months. Am I correct that if I get 6 of these codes I can stack them so I have 36 months of gold once my current game pass subscription has ended, then buy 1 month of game pass ultimate and it will convert gold into ultimate?
    Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Yeah. I asked the same question. They told me that's the case.
  6. lanc_red's avatar
    just done x2 years at £49.98 then added GPU one month at £6.99
    Effectively £2.37 pm for 24 months
  7. britalian's avatar
    I bought the earlier deal and selected 'worldwide' for the region. I am trying to redeem but getting the message that I need to change my Store region.

    I have tried UK and US but neither works. What can I try now?
    Horizon304's avatar
    Are you trying on the website?
  8. Lil6ix's avatar
  9. loop's avatar
    Is this the best price currently available? Just missed the £12.99 deal this morning, didn't realise it was expiring today.
  10. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Not your fault OP, but I'd expire this deal before it gets slammed. The recent offer price was quite a bit lower and people will downvote this into oblivion.
  11. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Starfield is apparently getting a September 6th Day One release. Tempted to wait until then to renew. Or maybe later still if it's buggy.
  12. CyzeDoesMatter's avatar
    Glad I stacked up 3 years ultimate the other day
  13. dan.theman's avatar
    Bought 24 months yesterday and only ended up getting 15 months worth ... Bad company :/
  14. multirex1994's avatar
    Anyone know how to get the 1 month free recurring billing to work? doesn’t show up for me
    LeeTheRed96's avatar
    Redeemed via browser and it offered it to me.
  15. Corla's avatar
    Last time I bought this, wouldn't let me convert to Ultimate as kept saying my code was from a different region.
    Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    Maybe it was.
  16. FTOdude170's avatar
    Sorry folks can I ask a silly question... My 3 years of gpu is ending soon and there's plenty of comments on here about buying say 3 years of live and then converting to GPU, but how do you convert to GPU,. What do you buy, or what option do you select to convert to GPU? I'm pretty sure when I did this originally the first time it was introduced I loaded up 3 years and then there was an option to pay £1 to convert it to GPU on the Xbox screen, so it was all there on the box to follow as it were. Appreciate your comments. :-)
    Horizon304's avatar
    You buy one month of ultimate to convert your entire gold subscription. You can purchase this from Cdkeys also, make sure it’s a stackable one though. 
  17. CraigLowe's avatar
    Its back at £14.99
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