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Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets 83 pack £3.13 instore @ Tesco, Beckton

£3.13£12.5075% off
In store: London · Tesco Deals
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Was trying the find the cheapest and most in a pack dishwasher tablets and after picking up multiple brands and then finding a cheaper option I came across this one for £9.50 reduced from £12.50.
Went to the self checkout scanned it and it came up as £3.13.

It was in the bulk section of my Tesco extra.. they must’ve had at least 200 more packs on the pallet in boxes of 4..

No clue if it’s nation wide - Tesco I went to was Gallions Reach beckton

I would love to buy more but no space in the house to stock up so enjoy if you’re able to get it

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  1. cazsilver's avatar
    None in Elmers End store if anyones local… have these been found at any other store other than the op’s?
  2. TescoBoss's avatar
    Halfaudio's avatar
    This is what hukd was all about years a go..
  3. bluezero's avatar
    None left, I bought the remaining 35
  4. Virtual_Anomaly's avatar
    Another wild goose chase
  5. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    Got to love this - from TescoBoss too haha brilliant
    TescoBoss's avatar
    I worked at Tesco about 6 years ago and that’s the time I made an account on hukd wish I could change my username now but heyho
  6. jdbigguy's avatar
    Went there this morning thanks to your post and there were about 40 bags left after I took mine. Purchased immediately and left. About 7:30am.
    ariecol's avatar
    So many left ?

    I was near the checkout until I saw my work colleague.

    I asked him to buy.

    I guess he didn't buy any or much then (edited)
  7. jai247's avatar
    Good price
  8. eclogite's avatar
  9. ariecol's avatar
    I am going to try my luck. Hope it is still in stock.
  10. ariecol's avatar
    Little stock left
    TescoBoss's avatar
    There was loads of stock in my store
  11. Paul_Crabb's avatar
    Hmmm, boxes of 4 you say? Someone has pressed the wrong button on the pricing gun.
    4 x 3.13 = £12.50. (.125 rounds up to .13) Good find!
    jdbigguy's avatar
    You misunderstood the deal. They were in boxes of four, but the price was per bag (£12.50 > £9.50) on the display and then £3.13 at the till.
  12. amy.reviewer's avatar
    Did anyone find it in any other store
  13. Autographz's avatar
    Anyone found them in any other store?
  14. saadiya's avatar
    Is it an express or extra store?
    TescoBoss's avatar
    Extra store in the bulk aisle (edited)
  15. OperaCreep's avatar
    All the Amazon resellers will fill their boots
    royals's avatar
    Shows how little you know about business. They’d have to pay costs for delivery, selling, storage, wages, tax. So they would make a loss.
  16. jack_12's avatar
    Any left?
  17. norbert7455's avatar
    They were reduced only to £7.75 at my Tesco
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