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Posted 15 February 2023

FAIRY PLATINUM PLUS - 51 washes - £3 @ Sainsbury's Dunstable

In store: Bedfordshire · Sainsbury's Deals
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Fairy Platinum Plus deep clean 51 washes

Sainsburys Dunstable

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  1. chrishamblin's avatar
    67 pack in Chesham is £3.25

    There are now 7 less.
  2. ovverbruv's avatar
    Other reductions in Longbridge

    Plat+ x 37 for £2.50 (edited)
  3. lanale20's avatar

    41 washes for £2.50 and 67 washes for £3.25 seen in 2 local stores (edited)
  4. playnice40's avatar
    Yeah I just picked up some 37 tablet bags £2.50 and 51 tablet bags for £3 cheers heat from me
  5. CatsWithThumbs's avatar
    Thank you - just got the last 67 p pack on display Ipswich Town centre but they still had the smaller packs out
  6. Nayno's avatar
    Nice. Picked up 6 bags from Loughton
  7. Canary0500's avatar
    Good deal, was tempted to buy some even though I don't have a dishwasher.
  8. chrishamblin's avatar
    *pops off to Sainsburys.*.
    I know I'll come away empty handed though.
  9. bargainbill1's avatar
    Just went to sainsbury leicester. £6 there!
    Weronika_Czajkowska's avatar
    Still good price
  10. Funkii.Famm's avatar
    £8 at Charlton, just scanned
  11. welshdiscodiva's avatar
    In stock in Swansea too
  12. andreasandreoulive's avatar
    In stock in Camden Town too!
  13. roulade_123's avatar
    Were there many left in the Dunstable store? Around the corner for me
  14. shazali's avatar
    Self scan prices at ashton moss are clearance prices. But guess what the management cleared the shelves. Saying they were an error. I Grabbed what i could but think thats disgusting behaviour.
    XXXIshaqus's avatar
    They did this at the one I went to today, shelves were full before but cleared today. Checked the top boxes and plenty there luckily.
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