Fanny and Elvis DVD £1 @ poundland

Fanny and Elvis DVD £1 @ poundland

Found 21st Dec 2010
A 1999 romantic comedy starring Ray Winstone and Kerry Fox, Fanny and Elvis concerns Kate (Fox), a novelist who is informed by her doctor that if she wishes to become pregnant she had best hurry up. Distraught, she rushes to meet her husband but ends up ploughing her rusty old VW into the Jaguar of car dealer Dave (Winstone). They row furiously before both storming into the same pub, where they discover their respective partners are having an affair. With Kate financially embarrassed and Dave with nowhere to live, he lodges with her in lieu of payment on the damages to his car. Desperate to conceive, she seeks out the ideal sperm donor, as imagined in a running series of Wuthering Heights-type scenarios, before finding herself drawn to Dave.

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