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Blast Of Tempest Collection DVD £4.99 @ Anime-On-Line (MVM Group)
21/05/2021Expires on 21/05/2021Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
MVM deal of the week blast of tempest collection dvd containing 24 episodes 7.97 MAL score
(preowned) Clint Eastwood The Director's Collection Dvd Set (5 Films) £3.23 with code @ worldofbooks
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
This collection features five of Eastwood's strongest directorial performances. Gran Torino : Eastwood portrays Walt Kowaski, an iron-willed and inflexible Korean War veteran liv… Read more

All good films 🎥


Gran Torino is absolute quality... although to be honest so are most of Clints directed films.

Blackadder Remastered - The Ultimate Deluxe Edition [DVD] 6 Disc Set £9.99 (Prime) + £2.99 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
This deluxe edition includes fantastic digitally remastered episodes plus a whole host of special features, many of which are completely exclusive to DVD. This remastered Blackadde… Read more

No, that's you failing to understand what I'm saying. YOU said that taking a subscription and watching one thing makes that the price for the one thing. At no time did I even hint that that was my position. Even in the comment you quoted I clearly say that's not the case. You really need to read what's there and not what you think it says. (lol)


Some very Baldrick comments here of late.


So by your definition paying £159 a year on a TV licence to only watch Blackadder makes it almost free. Wow. I've read some nonsense on this site over the years but you've excelled yourself with this 'logic' (lol) (lol) (lol)


If you buy a service and only watch a bit of it then you have paid that price for one thing. People don't buy the licence to watch one thing. Still waiting for you to prove how you work out the share percentage of watching this as being anything other than as near to free as can't effectively be differentiated.


If you pay for a service and only watch a bit of it that doesn't make that bit you watch 'free'.

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Depeche Mode - Spirits in the Forest (Live Spirits Soundtrack) (2 CD & 2 DVD Box Set) - £12.59 delivered at Base
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Disc: 1 1. Chapter One 2. Chapter Two 3. Chapter Three 4. Chapter Four 5. Chapter Five 6. Chapter Six … Read more

They are still much bigger in Europe than the UK but still sell out major arenas here.


Their early stuff was ground breaking, once they decided to be all synths. That was back in the days when synths were still kinda new and you had to switch them on well in advance for the electronics to stabilise and even then the things did what they wanted. The first moog i had was a mare. The shaft encoder went faulty and it kept changing parameters it`s self :) Vince Clark was the man behind a lot of the early synth stuff and DM changed direction when he left. But look at all the great bands and colabs that spawned just around Vince himself. The fact DM are still doing massive gigs tells us they got something going for them, although a lot of their newer stuff doesn`t work for me. This is good deal if you want to start a DM collection.


Thanks DealDroid. This deal is certainly an exciter.


And I wanted to be your personal Jesus.


Which is all a "question of time" :)