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Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones - £286.92 @ Amazon

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Was £290.91 now £286.92 15/01

Good price.


  • The new Integrated Processor V1 unlocks the full potential of our HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 to deliver our biggest step forward in our (already!) industry-leading noise cancellation technology.
  • Precision-engineered to deliver exceptional High-Resolution Audio quality. Our Precise Voice Pickup Technology with newly developed wind noise reduction will also ensure you can hear and be heard clearly when taking calls on these noise cancelling headphones.
  • Smart, intuitive, and intelligent. Adaptive Sound Control automatically adjusts the sound settings based on your environment and activity, and Speak-to-Chat automatically pauses the music when you want to have a conversation, without you having to remove the over ear headphones!
  • For total convenience, these Bluetooth headphones can be paired with two devices at the same time. Fast Pair will help you locate the WH-1000XM5 if you can't find them and Swift Pair makes pairing with your PC or tablet simple.
  • With up to a huge 30 hours of battery life, you’ll have enough power, even for long trips! A collapsible case is included with these Sony headphones for easy storage and travel.

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  1. Avatar
    Anyone have any headphone recommendations for under £200, I like the look of these but too expensive. I've seen the Bose qc45 SE, Anker Soundcore q45 and Sony XM4's (if they drop below £200) thanks.
    If you are okay with home use only and wired you have few options :
    AKG K371
    Philips Fidelio X2HR
    Sennheiser HD560s
    Hifiman 400SE
    If you absolutely want wireless :
    AKG K371 BT
    AKG N700M2
    Final audio UX3000 ( hidden gem)
  2. Avatar
    Before you waste your money on these there are few cheap alternatives:
    If you are okay with home use only and wired you have few options :
    AKG K371
    Philips Fidelio X2HR
    Sennheiser HD560s
    Hifiman 400SE
    ATH R70x
    Hifiman Sundara
    Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm

    If you absolutely want wireless :
    AKG K371 BT (no ANC)
    AKG N700M2
    Final audio UX3000 ( hidden gem)
    And yet the Sonys are actually still better. The xm3 I had were absolutely unreal. The Bose 700 were horrific compared. And the xm5 are just next level. They offer everything and even more than these fella
  3. Avatar
    They're very good,.but you can't use them at the same time as charging them... Which sucks.

    I found audio quality very similar to my beats studio... Which can change and be used but have micro usb and not as good call quality.
    Reviews for these say a quick 10 minute charge basically gives you a full battery charge so it's pretty much a non issue
  4. Avatar
    Great price for a great set, I'm still on the mk3 but have sampled these, not a monumental upgrade from the mk3 or mk4, but still an upgrade. More functionality, multi device, better charge and battery times...


    The non folding design is a step backwards,, especially if you travel regularly... The case takes up about 40% more space in your bag....
  5. Avatar
    I find Dre Dre to be better quality
    Objectively speaking these are not that far off Beats by Dre, very bass heavy but at least these have smooth vocals and tiny bit of soundstage and detail compared to those dumpster fires
  6. Avatar
    My XM3 are still going strong 💪
    My Gen 1 Sony MDR 1000X still going strong. I almost want them to break so I have an excuse to get a new toy
  7. Avatar
    Why did they have to take away the folding the function, the headphones in the case take up too much space now
    Yeah their desire to be more like the apple headphones got rid of one of their best features. Can't see myself upgrading from the xm3 anytime soon.
  8. Avatar
    I'm going to be honest I got some of these when they came out. They are decent but people raving they are great they just not they are OK and all but don't be prepared to be mind blown. I use my airpod pros more.
    don't agree with you
  9. Avatar
    Best thing about these is the zero pressure ANC. Comfort wide they feel remarkably similar to.old school QC35s, that is easy to wear for an extended period. ANC is a priority for me, if you dont need this I think you can get similar sound a lot cheaper.
  10. Avatar
    Must be the lowest (or close to) they’ve ever been? Cracking price for a brilliant sounding and spec’d headphone.
    It’s just bass bro. That’s it.
  11. Avatar
    In the space of a few hours these have gone up and down in price a lot on Amazon…. keeps fluctuating.
    Youre not wrong showing as £286 for me
  12. Avatar
    Why so hot? These have been a fair bit cheaper several times recently. This seems quite expensive to me.
    Think OP is amending live price possibly - it has been £270ish at amazon previously
  13. Avatar
    I love high quality headphones but 280 is a little rich for me. I set my limit at 200. I'll wait and hope

    They look amazing though and heat for the relative price
    Anker Soundcore Q45 will be a great choice then.
  14. Avatar
    Anyone got a pair of these? If you connect to 2 devices can you get audio from both at the same time? or does it have to switch like the XM4's?
    You know you can change this in the app for the XM4's. If you download the Sony Headphones Connect app and in the system settings there is an option - "Connect to 2 devices simultaneously " which you can toggle on/off. It is off by default. I have no idea why it defaults to off.
  15. Avatar
    showing as £286 for me. .
  16. Avatar
    How is new sennheiser momentum 4 compare to Sony wh-1000xm5
    better, compared both, bought the M4
  17. Avatar
    Sadly found these uncomfortable for larger ears. The drivers just don't have enough space for long wearing
  18. Avatar
    If you're after absolutely sound quality, you can get much better for less. If it's noise cancellation then these are right up there.
  19. Avatar
    Apparently these have issues with Microsoft teams, meaning they are a poor choice for myself. Looking for headphones I can listen to music on (from my phone) between meetings.
    Apparently...suggests you do not have this product.

    Kindly provide comments based on experience
  20. Avatar
    How are these comfort wise compared to the XM4’s? I don’t find them that comfortable
  21. Avatar
    Got mine from Currys. Worked out £210 with cashback and gift cards from Complete Savings.
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