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2000AD Character Spotlight digital comics bundle, £15.02 for all @ Humble Bundle

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About this deal

Sure the lowest tier is 83p or there about but honestly just get the whole thing.

You get:
  • the complete Nikolai Dante
  • the complete (so far) Brink
  • The Complete Caballistics Inc.
  • the complete Absalom
  • the complete Slaine
  • the complete (collected so far) Devlin Waugh

Plus a the 3 volumes of the Dredd "Chaos Day" Epic

I have a lot of these already and I'm still tempted to get it to fill the gaps. I've sorted the list below into the reading order for each set.

Don't forget to adjust the donations (if you want) as the default gives very little to the charities.

2000 AD Character Spotlight by Rebellion Comic Bundle

Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nikolai Dante, and more

The Galaxy's Greatest Comics are back! The famed British science-fiction magazine 2000 AD has been entertaining readers for years, and given the world some of comics’ most beloved and celebrated authors and artists. This thrilling bundle highlights some of 2000 AD’s most iconic characters with books like Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Endgame, Slaine: The Horned God, and Nikolai Dante: Sympathy for the Devil—among dozens of others. Explore some of Britain’s most popular comic book characters, and help support Cancer Research UK!

Pay at least £15.02 for these 45 items

  • Judge Dredd Day Of Chaos: The Fourth Faction
  • Judge Dredd Day Of Chaos: Endgame
  • Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Fallout
  • Nikolai Dante: Too Cool to Kill
  • Nikolai Dante: The Great Game
  • Nikolai Dante: Love and War
  • Nikolai Dante: Tsar Wars - Volumes #1-2
  • Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water
  • Nikolai Dante: Sword of the Tsar
  • Nikolai Dante: Beast of Rudinshtein
  • Nikolai Dante: Amerika
  • Nikolai Dante: Hero of the Revolution
  • Nikolai Dante: Sympathy for the Devil
  • Slaine: Warrior's Dawn
  • Slaine: Time Killer
  • Slaine: The King
  • Slaine: The Horned God
  • Slaine: Demon Killer
  • Slaine: Lord Of Misrule
  • Slaine: The Treasures Of Britain
  • Slaine: The Grail War
  • Slaine: Lord Of The Beasts
  • Slaine: Books Of Invasions Vols. 1-3
  • Slaine: The Wanderer
  • Slaine: The Book of Scars
  • Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles Books One to Four
  • Slaine: Dragontamer
  • Brink: Books 1-5
  • The Complete Caballistics Inc.
  • Absalom: Ghosts of London
  • Absalom: Under a False Flag
  • Absalom: Terminal Diagnosis
  • Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood
  • Devlin Waugh: Red Tide
  • Devlin Waugh: Blood Debt
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    Sorry if this sounds like an idiotic question. I have a kindle paperwhite. How would I put the bundle on it? Thanks in advance
    You can import the pdf via email or file transfer when plugged into a pc / mac. However, pdfs are generally pretty big so I would personally use a kindle file converter like calibre, and I think there is a comic one called comic gen (I did 30 seconds of research on Reddit).
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    '46 years of 2000ad comic bundle' - just to be clear this is NOT every issue of 2000AD, and it doesn't say that anywhere in the product description. I have no idea why the OP would use such a misleading title.
    Because that's how they described it in the original email I received.

    I think it's pretty clear from the description and the humble page itself is not going to be all 46 years worth of comics digitised.
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    Is there a recommended reading order?
    For Dante and Absalom your best bet is to look at the order they occurred in the 2000ad web shop.

    I'm still trying to work it out for the Slaine. (edited)
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    Didn't realise this was still going. Used to love these comics years ago. Weirdly enough, was tidying my l loft at weekend and have found all the annuals from 1978 to the late 80s then it was yearbooks in early 90s. Do these have any value or just get put into charity shop ?
    The 1984 annual has a cult following but I'm not sure about the worth of any. Could be worth a trawl of eBay just to check?
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    Eh some top stuff here glad they given us so much Slaine so awesome
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    Once you have these, how do you access them? Do them download as pdf??
    Yep, some of them are also available as cbz although they often seem to mess those up.

    They are DRM free so you can read in your favourite reader on any device.
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    It turns out the were missing one volume of Slaine which they've now added (not sure if it's listed, but it's in the downloads).

    I've also updated the list above and sorted them into reading order.
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