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Massive Star Wars Digital Comic Sale - Omnibus from 79p via Comixology
369° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Huge selection of Marvel Comics' Star Wars digital comic collections starting at just 79p at Comixology. This includes some 500ish page omnibus editions, usually £16+ Also for Kin… Read more

Mate! Thank you once again for spending the time! Did a bit of searching and found one example of the amazon account working on Ipad after the merger so hopefully all good. Worst case I guess there is a web reader off the website? Edit - don't have the ipad yet so gonna buy before deal runs out tmrw. A day late but - May The 4th Be With You .... Always! (y)


I originally had an Comixology account that I migrated to Amazon and haven't used a Comixology account since. I don't have an iPad, so to perform a test safely (so you don't purchase comics you can't view on your iPad), what I would probably suggest to test it is: 1. sign in with your Amazon account via your PC 2. Select some of the free comics you can get and have them added to your account. When you click to download a free comic, the transaction is still seen as a purchase, just a free one with no charge. 3. Once this is done, download Comixology on your iPad 4. Sign in to the comixology app with your Amazon account and see if the free comics are in your library. If they are, then there should be no issue with you buying comics on PC and reading them on your iPad. Just beware that digital comic books and Comixology books are different and require different readers, although to confuse things further, some purchases on have crossbuy with Comixology. Please bear in mind that a lot of this is untested and I can by no means guarantee anything mentioned above will work.


Hey dude/Guys, Me again. I was just about to make some of these purchases via Comixology website and am a bit confused over which account to use. 1. Create new Comixology account 2. Use my Amazon account My Amazon account has a few 'Kindle for PC' books so would be cool if I can gain access to these too via the app or reader. My situation is: - PC user - Android phone (app on Googe Play has terrible reviews - e.g hrs to download books) - Ipad (ordered) - this is how I wish to read the books Using Amazon accnt to login would be the most ideal. I just wanna make sure I can use that same Amazon account to log into the IOS app once I get my Ipad? Cheers!


One of these days I will learn to read the comments before I go and buy things. Thank you for info! EDIT - If anyone else needs to refund a comic on Amazon, go to Accounts & Lists on top right, Manage Your Content And Devices, find the item to refund, select the three dots (...), and then Return For Refund.


Thanks fella for the info not sure why I didn't think of looking there (fierce) . Purchased a load through comixology as their guided reader looks decent on small devices.

Beano Subscription - 20 issues for £25 delivered (code required for subscribing by phone) @ Beano Shop
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Beano Subscription - 20 issues for £25 delivered (code required for subscribing by phone) at Beano Shop Get 20 issues for £25 - just £1.25 an issue, saving on the cover price o… Read more

Worth it, our 7 yo loves his Beano and great to get him away from a screen.


I've recently moved house and found a box full of these, I have no.1 as well and also checked eBay.


When I was a kid, in the early 80's, a friends dad had a copy of Beano No 1 that was probably worth a couple of hundred quid back then. He let me read it once (wouldn't let me touch it - he turned the pages) and I wonder if he kept it or sold it on. Apparently they're worth around £20,000 these days! I sold my copy of Beano Comic Library No 1 on eBay last year (King Dennis the Menace). Took forever to sell and got a fiver for it (lol)




yes, you can cancel after the first 7.95 payment is taken.

Free Demon Slayer vol 1 (192 page) e-manga at Comixology
23/05/2021Expires on 23/05/2021Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
The first volume of the Demon Slayer manga is available for free at Comixology. Unusual to see freebies from Viz, so grab it while you can. Amazon link: Amazon (thanks to avera… Read more

Am I the only one hoping that this will end with a score of 666? :D


I personally don’t need the English subtitles but it’s been confirmed that the DVD and Blu-ray will come with English subtitles so will be import friendly. Don’t get the bluray as the region code is different in Japan to UK unlike for DVD. delivery is a little expensive but if you don’t fancy the illegal stream which I’m sure will crop up;


Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info! :)


Order the DVD from Japan. It has same region code as UK.


It's sad how the UK is literally the last country in the world where it's going it be released. North America and Australia are getting it a month earlier!

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Marvel Unlimited one year digital comics subscription for $60 / £43.59 with code (then $69 / £50.16 annually) @ Marvel digital comics
15/05/2021Expires on 15/05/2021Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Marvel Unlimited is a member subscription service that gives members unlimited access to over 28,000 issues of Marvel's classic and newer titles, delivered digitally through your d… Read more