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Posted 25 June 2023

5 bedroom Log Cabin House DARLA (44+44 mm + Insulation), 180 m² £70,240.00 Delivered @ Quick Garden

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For those struggling to get on the property ladder, but have a decent deposit. Maybe this could be an option.

Model Highlights
• 5 bedrooms, which will help you and your friends feel comfortable and provide you with common and separate living spaces.
• A storage for keeping your appliances and other items in order.
• An open plan living room and kitchen area, which creates more space for interesting interior design ideas.
• A covered entrance for your safety and convenience.
• A terrace that extends your living space by 30 m².

DARLA is a spacious wooden house that can easily welcome your family and friends for temporary or permanent stays. There's plenty of space for everyone to share their meals and bond in the living room area, and then have a good night's sleep in separate bedrooms. You will want to admire the beautiful design of this classic building in the terrace, which adds even more ways to enjoy your peaceful retreat. If you'd like a residence that can help you relax and feel comfortable hosting dinner parties, DARLA is our recommendation.

Thermal Insulation
Basic wooden house insulation ensures optimal thermal comfort for longer stays, whether you decide to visit your house in summer or winter months. This insulation version features 25 mm thickness insulation material, used for the roof and floors, and in between the double walls, providing warmth and cosiness during any month of the year
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  1. IgnesFatuus's avatar
    For the limited few who might be interested, I actually bought a cabin from this company recently, and the experience was mixed - compared to their competitors, the base price is pretty good for what you get, but the additions they offer are expensive (you're better off sourcing PVC/Al windows + doors, roofing, guttering, insulation, flooring etc yourself). I can't comment on their installation offering, but I did use their favourable quote to negotiate my own builders down, so that was a plus.
    Instructions are pretty limited, and there's a reasonable amount of carpentry required on site (lots of the wood comes uncut, so there's quite a lot of scope to alter the building to your taste, if desired)

    The main problems we had were that they didn't actually supply enough cladding for the building, and so we had to wait an extra 2 weeks for another shipment of wood to come out in order to finish it off and get the roof on... Having said that, the aftercare team were great and sent out the required information and extra wood promptly without question.

    All in all, it was pretty good, but I'm not sure i'd want to spend £70k with them... too many areas where things could go wrong! (mine was a small 2.5x4m insulated garden office)
    smokedsausage's avatar
    Hopefully you treated the timber cut ends with wood treatment when installing.
  2. Proveright's avatar
    You need the land to put it on.
    If you have the land to put on then for £70 grand you could build a traditional house on it!
    Early1800's avatar
    We built a 4 bed detached on our own land 6 years ago. Ended up about £170,000 inc bathrooms, kitchen, floorings and carpets, decorated, garden fences etc etc I did decorating and most of the gardening side which prob saved a few £1000s.

    With materials increased in price + labour would be over £200,000 now? (edited)
  3. gerardgimbert's avatar
    This price also doesn't include any roofing, gutters, windows and doors, or paint. You're looking at spending at least another 50% on top for those.
    LadyLuck's avatar
    "The price includes Double glazing doors and windows"
  4. Capt.Kirk's avatar
    It rains 6 months of the year in UK,anything with an exposed timber structure no matter how well coated will become uninhabitable within a couple of years.
    blackcoffee's avatar
    There are 500 years old wooden houses in UK still standing and habitable.
  5. dobo's avatar
    Nigh on impossible to get planning permission for this practically anywhere
    Gazfaz's avatar
    Just turn up in a caravan anywhere you like seems to work fine.
  6. Halfaudio's avatar
    This is no log cabin it's wooden shed. Large Log cabins are extremely expensive and time consuming to build. We used to build them in Europe now timber is way too expensive and only the wealthy can afford them.
  7. Proveright's avatar
    As a side note, brand new shipping container homes
    "Great price. A 20' x 8' fully fitted container home suitable for temporary accommodation can be bought for £17,050 (includes VAT). A 40' x 12' permanent dwelling fully compliant with building regulations comes in at an amazing £49,950 (includes VAT). Prices and Sizes"

    Or you could buy second hand containers around £3 grand each and convert them yourself and join together modular fashion for above accommodation or to the side .
  8. DuWolfy's avatar
    + £30k installation
  9. Joeymx's avatar
    Nobody is getting a mortgage for this, so if you've £70k for this and another £100k for land hanging around I doubt you're "struggling to get on the property ladder".

    This is a nice to have for someone with a big enough estate to have it as a guest house.
  10. Rajbir_Athwal's avatar
    Found in most gardens in Southall👀
    orlovekat's avatar
    Just need some cattle in
  11. MPD1's avatar
    It's this line that makes me laugh... "For those struggling to get on the property ladder, but have a decent deposit. Maybe this could be an option."

    If you just happen to have £70k, a plot of land, planning permission, £x thousand for all the other necessary work, the valuable skillset to build it (or £x thousand more for that), then I think you probably won't be 'struggling' to get on the property ladder the normal way!
  12. e5at's avatar
    Bought it. Hoping to bang it on eBay for £80k when the £1 listing pops round again.
  13. mickmartin16's avatar
    Does anyone have a student discount code for this?
  14. JDK90's avatar
    Thanks ordered 10
  15. stebliss's avatar
    Price shown doesn't include Windows, Doors, Roofing, electrics, plumbing, and is a bare shell. will probably cost £150-200k to complete it and that's assuming you don't have to purchase land to put it on. By the time you complete this you could probably buy a nice 4-5 bedroom bricks and mortar house that will appreciate in value over time rather than depreciate as this would. (edited)
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    I think it's been established already above that windows are included (allbeit not pvc) but you're not wrong!

    I would love to hear if anyone actually buys one of these as a result of this listing
  16. AD77VK's avatar
    I'm wondering if we are allowed legally install Log Cabin on a floating platform for the river or sea.
    doesitmatter's avatar
    You can! On international waters
  17. coops153's avatar
    The price of land even if you could get planning permission would still be really expensive, and if you had that money you could just buy a traditional house. Nice idea but we don't think outside the box in this country and land is expensive
  18. Newbold's avatar
    Nice summer house, but certainly not suitable as permanent living accommodation, obviously. Planning is one thing, but getting building regs approval would be impossible.

    Good value as a garden building though, if you can get planning consent.
  19. A2019's avatar
    For some this is more expensive than buying a small terrace house in the north
  20. Robdataff's avatar
    So you need the land, and the slab, and associated drainage, electrical services and planning permission. Wonder what it costs to have it assembled?

    And for any dreamers out there saying you can do a traditional house for less, have you seen the price of materials and labour nowadays?
    kremix's avatar
    Salaries have improved massively, that's true. The situation is almost 180° of what was 10-15 years ago. The standard of living is in many places surprisingly much better.
  21. Captain_Birdseye's avatar
    I'm pretty handy with IKEA flat pack so presumably putting this together would be pretty much the same right? Probably comes with a bigger Allen key than usual I guess
    UKDEALWATCHER's avatar
  22. gabesdad's avatar
    What if you find there’s bits missing or you put something in wrong most of the way into the build? 😳
  23. aGoodEightInches's avatar
    is the little allen key included to screw it all together?
    JDK90's avatar
    Really bloody big ones instead
  24. SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    Generated a lot of heat but has anyone ordered one?
    Newbold's avatar
    Ordered one, delivered, erected, didn’t like it, dismantled it, reboxed it, being collected by DPD today for a refund.
  25. viliu's avatar
    idk what to say... 70k doesnt look cheap. Add the land on top and depending on the area it can get 100k-150k , then gutters , utilities , paperwork , approvals etc....that can easy add up to god knows how much, it can really shoot your "on low budget" ideea ... on the other hand depending on the area you can buy a proper house for this kind of money.
    I see this more like what it is , a Log Cabin as a 2nd house for letting or holiday house or temp house or someone who has some land ( or money for land )and wants to build a site with similar properties as an investment ......not for those with tight budgets.
    The most who will benefit out of this are the ppl who own land in expensive areas , if the land is on lower side, like i said , you can buy a already proper build house
    Also the labor is a major problem , on their site seems to be something like 25k. For those willing to do it themselves , what is the amount of hours of work you have to put in... you have to fit the labor in your life routine.....most likely interfering with your job. And for those who dont have a job and have at 100k at disposal , this looks like a hobby.
  26. orlovekat's avatar
    Perfect for a bando up north heat
    SJ01's avatar
    Could put it on Airbnb no doubt.
  27. jsd74's avatar
    At least the water companies are setting the example for going off grid. Just run the waste pipe down into the local river and pay yourself a huge bonus
  28. thegrifter1's avatar
    Even if you got planning permission for something like this, I don't see any way it would get through current building regs with just 25mm insulation.
    Robdataff's avatar
    Probably be worth asking the manufacturer directly, see what kind of criteria it might fall under. There's no toilet that I can see, so maybe it won't count as a residential build, just a summer house. I'm just guessing though.
  29. Newbold's avatar
    Just imagine complying with this schedule every year to comply with the warranty and stop it from rotting:


    That's a very major expense every year!!!
    Roygroyg's avatar
    Never mind the warranty specifically says humidity not rising above 50% in structure. My house has not been below that this recent spell despite a lot of airing as been humid outside. Immediate get out clause for any claim there.
  30. vickysx's avatar
    It’s a nice dream, sadly I don’t have 70p let alone 70 grand
  31. A2019's avatar
    Can someone give me some land for free so I can build this monstrosity on your farmland.
  32. borgdrone79's avatar
    It needs to be made of bricks... Did we not learn anything from the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf
  33. Toneluck's avatar
    Lovely bit of kit and great reduction in price
  34. Toneluck's avatar
    Wait til the kids see their new Wendy house...
  35. Rich069's avatar
    Lol...all these comments (that make sense) yet still people vote hot🤷🏻
    PsychoSonny's avatar
    Happens every time. Nobody likes it or will ever buy it. Instant 2000 degrees
  36. Montyfox's avatar
    If you are planning on actually living in this, the building regs compliant version is £117000.
    Its a brave company that offers a 10 year warranty on a building that apart from the bearers, is untreated spruce, a wood that has poor rot resistance.
    PsychoSonny's avatar
    As long as it's well ventilated it will be fine and will last a lifetime without treatment. Again it has to be well ventilated with an appropriate base.
  37. sir_duke's avatar
    He huft and he puft…
  38. roryharvey1's avatar
    I ordered two
  39. Bunnster's avatar
    Are instructions included, similar to those in IKEA flat packs? :/
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    Yes, otherwise how would you know what to do with the big pile of timber you've just had delivered.
  40. DDP_DDP's avatar
    Buy some land abroad
    Problem solved
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