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Vampire Survivors - Free @ App Store

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IMHO The best game of the year now has a mobile port and its FREE.

Been playing this on my Steamdeck for months and still love it, also on GamePass if you didn’t already know.
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    Literally Game Of The Year IMO. Not exaggerating.
    Bought a steam deck. I mostly use it for this.
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    It's a very good game, I think it's a bit overrated personally. Once you unlock a good chunk of the weapons it becomes a bit of a grindfest, relying on the same characters and combos over and over.

    Also I tried it on mobile through Game Pass cloud gaming and I was terrible at it. Really difficult to be precise with movement without a physical joystick.

    Still, it's free so everyone should absolutely give it a try!
    yeh early game is better when the movement and skill matters, then its almost solely RPG elements.

    Still cracking little game even paid.
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    I can't stop playing it on my Xbox. Once you unlock a few upgrades it clicks.
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    There's paid dlc coming to console & pc today, though sadly not to mobile for a while. Absolutely Top 3 GOTY though, for sure
    Just saw the DLC come live on the store. £1.59.

    Currently the DLC has a 10% off at £1.43. If you purchase the bundle even though you have the base game, it takes off the £3.99 and gives you a 28% discount, total £1.14. (edited)
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    Anonymous User
    I play it a lot on the Steam Deck. It's the kind of game where I want to experiment and try new things, rather than read a guide.
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    Ooooo nice find thanks
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    Addictive game
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    Fantastic game. So simple and irritating. 😁
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    One of the most fun games I have played. So many updates. I didnt know that they had it on phones.
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    Also on Android
    That’s why there’s an Android link in the post

    I even put [iOS/Android] in the title but they removed that…
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    Should have been GOTY. Have some heat.
    Why? It’s a great game in its own genre but overall it’s nowhere near game of the year level quality.
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    Is it out on Android as well, if not is it announced when?
    Read the post, the original title had android and iOS in it, but they removed it 🤷🏻‍♂️ (edited)
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    It definitely is one of the games I've played this year!

    Got it on Game Pass then it came to Android.. Bit annoying it doesn't cross progress but, oh well!
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    Great fun
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    Grab the garlic
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    Preferred lonely survivor, similar and free on play store too
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    What?? No!! There goes Christmas.