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Posted 3 September 2022

The Last of Us: Part 1 (PS5) Digital edition £61.98 via 2 x £35 PSN Gift Cards from CDKeys

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Not the absolute cheapest but if you want the digital edition of the game the best deal I can find at launch.

PSN £35 code 🎮 (cdkeys.com)
Buy 2 £35 PSN top up codes from CDkeys.com at an 11% discount, for £61.98 total. Then redeem in the PlayStation store version of the game (£69.99).

The Last of Us™ Part I (playstation.com)

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  1. Avatar
    PlayStation have lost their heads.

    The last time I purchased a remake at full wack it was released to ps+ anyway (FF7)

    My biting point is ps+
    As much as I didn’t care for FF7 remake, at least it actually was a full remake. This is a remaster of a remaster at best, sold as a remake.
  2. Avatar
    That’s why I went over to Xbox after over a decade with Sony.
    He probably played it first time round with sony....and the second time .....I'm sure he isn't too concerned about a third time.

    But if you wish to pay £60 for this games 3rd release you do you mate.
  3. Avatar
    I don’t get how they give the remaster away as a bonus to all PS5 owners and think that people should pay 70 to upgrade that - literally every single person buying this has the 1st remaster - no multiplayer as well this will drop like a lead balloon physically
    And again. This is NOT a remaster, it is a ground-up remake. Just because both words start with re, doesn't mean they are the same thing.
  4. Avatar
    Great looking version, but needs to be half the price. Should be that or less by time I actually get a PS5!
    Nah they will be remaking it for the PS6 then.
  5. Avatar
    What I find funny is how all the playstation fan boys are blaming xbox for the price rise in these games and in the console itself, rather then just the company wanting to make more money at the expense of the customer.
    Weird take. Haven't seen anyone blaming MS. The reasons for the PS5 price rise are inflation and demand. The reason for game RRPs increasing is inflation. Sony's games prices seem higher because they produce more high quality and critically-acclaimed games and to include them day one in a subscription wouldn't be sustainable. MS can do this as they have much fewer such games as well as bottomless pockets.

    I stand by the fact that the concept of digital 'ownership' and pricing (for console gaming at least) is crazy - that's why this deal is cold. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    Digital pricing is crazy. For anyone who wants to play it now pick up the physical for sub £60 and sell it on for a tenner less when you've completed it.
    Yeah theres a lawsuit going on right now about that.
  7. Avatar
    I hope this flops. Fails. Not because i hate the game, I loved it, one of the best games I've ever played. I hope it flops and fails for the price alone. The fact Sony have put a price tag on this for so much is a disgrace. Then the physical copies which were sold out for 99.99? You've got people questioning how can they get away with it? It's because idiots buy it, that's why. I played the PS4 copy of TLOU on the PS5 and it was perfect. If anyone thinks this game was made entirely from the ground up then I've got some magic beans to sell you.
  8. Avatar
    Guess I'll be playing this in 2025.
  9. Avatar
    oh boy lets buy an upgraded version of an old game lets see this is the ...... third release of this game and at a mear cost of ..... both of your kidneys and one leg
    Upgraded, remade remake of a remaster
  10. Avatar
    Do people really pay these prices? Absolutely astonishing.
    Yes, of course they do. What you need to understand is that there are vast numbers of people whose hobby is gaming. Dropping £70 on their hobby is quite acceptable, the chance to play the game on release etc.
    Your mistake is thinking HUKD is a great representation of real gamers habits.
    Not sure if this company release sales figures, but if they do, they will be massive.
  11. Avatar
    I want it but i'm happy to wait for a price reduction.
  12. Avatar
    Way too expensive, voting cold. the biting point will be around £20 for me.

    I can wait.

    I dunno what Sony is smoking this gen but it definitely isn't the yoweed Bois.

    I have no sympathy with them regarding their concerns over the ABK deal with Microsoft, when they are behaving like this. (edited)
    This exactly! My gosh, the opinion they have of their fans is so negative. They announce nothing, launch services half-baked, charge more than their competition and still expect unwavering loyalty.

    Unfortunately, there are a good proportion of PS5 owners who they are absolutely right to treat this way.. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Absolutely freezing. Also shocking IMHO that there is no discounted upgrade from the PS4 version, especially when they have done this for other games like Uncharted.

    Don't get me wrong, I would like to play this over the PS4 one for the graphics upgrade but that is not worth anything like £60 IMHO...
    Uncharted is a remaster, this is a remake
  14. Avatar
    If people buy this Sony will just continue releasing minor improvements to previous games and charge £70 for them, even though the development costs are a fraction of the development costs of a brand new game. The price of the game should be proportional to the development costs. So £70 for a brand new game and £40 for a modern clean up of an existing game. You can also get a physical copy of this game for £61.
    Minor improvements - Free patch to unlock frame rate or increase resolution on PS5 e.g. God of War

    Remaster - further improvements such as haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support, 3D audio support, dynamic 4K resolution and improved loading times. e.g. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut - £10 upgrade

    This is a ground-up remake and neither of the above. No-one should be paying £70 RRP, especially digital. But £50 for the physical as I was able pre-order for plus high resale value is fairer. (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Folk absolutely abusing the notion of this deal yet lap up full price switch “deals” 6 years after launch. Show me where it’s cheaper. It’s not hotukisthisgoodvalue
    Ok Supanova 👌
  16. Avatar
    Quite annoying they didn't include the rather amazing Factions mode
    Imagine the factions remade... wow
  17. Avatar
    How much
  18. Avatar
    Christ on a bike.
  19. Avatar
    Anonymous User
    No thanks
  20. Avatar
    Ninty fans have been paying crazy money for old ports for years. Sony must have thought why not
    Because an old port is comparable to a ground-up remake
  21. Avatar
    Ordered this for £57.99 from Amazon using the £7 promo for collecting from a Amazon pickup locker. Might be worth checking if you’re also eligible for that also.
  22. Avatar
    Crazy price. Probably the 4th time I will play this on as many different platforms. PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro and now PS5
  23. Avatar
    Same. Physical ftw. Taking resale value into account this deal amounts to paying £60 more for the convenience of not having to put a disc in a slot
  24. Avatar
    £40 on Turkish PSN store… no VPN required
    What cards do they accept? What's the procedure?
  25. Avatar
    Buy the physical on Amazon, complete it and send it back for a refund within 30 days
    Can't tell if joking
  26. Avatar
    I'll just get it with the the PS5 remaster of Part II, or the PC version next year lol
    May as well mate, it will be the defenitive versions
  27. Avatar
    May buy it whenever the PC version gets to around £25
  28. Avatar
    It's indeed a great reworking, but £70 standard pricing needs to fail.
  29. Avatar
    so...not only is Sony raising the price for the PS5, apart from the US that is, because they know they would be completely trounced by Microsoft but they're trying to do the the whole GTA thing, I honestly won't be surprised if they released this for the PS6. (edited)
    Chances are you aren't wrong, which is a real shame.
  30. Avatar
    One used on shpock website UK
  31. Avatar
    Does it still work using the CryptoPay payment method? £38 buying with TRY, which I’m tempted to pay
  32. Avatar
    The remake looks great, and I haven’t played TLOU for a few years so I’m really looking forward to picking this up when the price comes down.

    I would never pay even £40 for a digital download though, never mind this much. I’m old fashioned and I like to have a game I can sell on once I’m done with it. Having said all that, I do like the convenience of having a game library on hand and not having to swap discs….but that convenience is solely reserved for the sale items I pick up on the PS Store.

    People obviously pay this though, and if I had to drop £70 on a game I’d choose this over an EA Sports game. (edited)
  33. Avatar
    They should have made other characters playable like Tommy
  34. Avatar
    Yeah I'm giving it cold on principle. I found the ps3 edition boring so seeing it rereleased yet again blows my mind. Plus the fact ND continues to put resources into it over Uncharted 5 which would make them far more.
  35. Avatar
    Dam all the mugs paying for remakes, no wonder there's barely any decent games released these days when they can hash out old games at insane prices and people lap it up
    Bloody mugs choosing to spend their own money to buy a great remake of a classic but dated game that hasn't been touched in 8 years. How dare they! (edited)
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