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Mid-Year Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US - 600+ games on sale *Mirrors Edge £3.79, NBA Live 18 £4.55, Need for Speed £3.79, The Last of Us Left Behind £3.79, The Order £3.03, Titanfall 2 Ultimate Ed £6.07, Until Dawn £3.79, Hidden Agenda £2.27
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Game / Sale Price (USD/GBP) / PS Plus Price (USD/GBP) 10 Second Ninja X $3.99 £3.03 $2.99 £2.27 101 Ways to Die $4.99 £3.79 $3.99 £3.03 A Bastard's Tale $1.99 £1.51 $1.49 £… Read more
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No worries. Nah I scanned the list and no vital games popped out at me. I didn't even buy Baja in the end as I didn't want to waste the PS+ trial on one game :).


Just seen your post sorry, but the sale ended within the last hour. Did you manage to pick up anything decent?


Crap I totally forgot about this sale. Does anyone have any suggestions? Looking for games that are the cheapest they've ever been, preferably non-indie platformer. Baja: Edge of Control HD is all I've found so far.


For some reason Until down Rush of blood has turned from the demo into the full game with trophy's and all, i just happen to fire up the demo i had downloaded some time ago to give it a go and it's the full game, never bought it, don't have any detail's to buy anything anyway, so i wonder is this a mistake or a free weekend, the info says valied until the 15/7....very strange, but i won't look a gift horse in the mouth.


Some seriously cheap deals on Canadian Store including Unravel for $6.49 works out around £3.50. If you’ve got the ps+ trick still up your sleeve it knocks another 50p off price. Can’t buy a decent pint for that (y)

[Two for £25 on PlayStation Hits] Yakuza 0 / Bloodborne / The Last of Us / Uncharted etc Delivered @ Base
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Just spotted they are now doing a 2 for £25 on the hit titles. Works out £12.50 each. It is an awesome price for Bloodborne or Yakuza 0, IMO!

I actually bought from Amazon on the basis of it being Bloodborne GOTY, they have now amended their description and have sent me the GOTY version as a gesture of goodwill after I flagged this up with them on Twitter!


I either got these on plus or got ages ago like uncharted 4. Only ones of interest would be yakuza games.


Thats a great deal as both together cost me about £50 a few months back. I have just started Yakuza 0 and it looks like there’s a lot to the game. Kiryu is a 8) dude.


No worries. Not your fault that they're so slow at restocking. Yakuza 0 is supposed to be the better game anyway so I'll go for that. :)


Wow I'm really hitting it out the park today! Sorry about that buddy.

Pepper Festival - Generic
The Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza 0 (PlayStation Hits) £10.96 at PSN Store Canada
Found 29th JunFound 29th Jun
The following titles are $19.99 each at PlayStation PSN Store Canada: Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza 0 Project Cars Street Fighter V Battlefield 4 Metal Gear Solid - Definitive Expe… Read more
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You don’t need PS Plus to get these games at these prices.


Sorry just one last thing, is the reduced price for plus members only?


It’s still showing for me at $19.99 (£10.96)


Thanks for the confirmation. Let the grindfest commence! :(


Is The Last of Us no longer half price?

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[PlayStation Hits] The Last of Us / Bloodborne GOTY / Uncharted / Ratchet and Clank / Yakuza 0 (PS4) £13.85 ea. Delivered (Preorder) @ Base
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
(Almost) All the hit titles are currently £13.85 to be ordered from Base. :D Base takes money on dispatch.

Is it sad that i have 11 of these? Still havent played bloodborne or MGS


The NON-'Platinum/Essentials/Hits' physical versions of games, or SKUs, will be the first batch unpatched release. The Platinum/Essentials/Hits SKUs, majority of the time have been updated, bugs fixed, dialogue changed, etc. This is definitely true for PS and PS2. From PS3 onwards, as games have constant updates, it doesn't matter what version you get, in terms of the SKU, because it will always be patched to the latest update. When PS3 games went for £1 or £2, I got a bunch of them as silver platinum boxes or red essential boxes. "Ah, but you're an idiot, because they're going to turn off PSN for PS3 in 20xx, and you won't be able to play/update that game on your PS3 anymore, even if you have the disc." That's why I upgraded my PS3 40gb hard disk to a 500gb one and game by game downloaded all the updates for every game. No doubt I'll eventually have to do that for my PS4 collection. But with external 4tb drives under £90 these days, and slowly dropping, it won't be that hard. I'll probably end up buying TLOU remastered, if I can't get it on ebay for the magic price of under £10 inc. delivery.


Its one of,if not the best game on ps4 for me..i love it


Nice post Mixi :) Awesome games.... The Last Of Us <3 All of the games though, very cheap for Yakuza 0 which physically generally has a going rate of £20+


Oh bloody hell even cheaper!!

The Last of Us Remastered PRE ORDER £13.99 July 18th - Amazon Prime (£13.99 + £2 non Prime)
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
£13.99 Prime £15.99 Non Prime No this isn't a pre order for The Last of Us 2 so sorry if I got your hopes up that you may have found a crazy deal but I thought this was a fairly g… Read more
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Does anyone know if they actually come with "Playstation Hit" on the cover?


Surely everyone has this ? If you dont , shame on you and buy it now.


The remastered version has been out for years? Is this adding something new? Literally just done my 2nd play through following the LOU2 E3 gameplay lol


I don’t personally think grounded is difficult at all, despite the low completion percentage on PSN. It will be offputting for many players though. I’m sure most people would recommend newer players start on normal and just enjoy the story for their first play through. What makes grounded worth playing after is the stealth element and the fact supplies are scarce, as you’d expect them to be in that situation.


Haven't felt the need to replay it until now, just like when God of War 4 was released I went back and played through God of War 3 but the remastered version.

Mafia III Deluxe Edition [PS4] £7.15 // OnRush [PS4] £31.46 // The Elder Scroll Online Summerset £17.96 // The Last Of Us Remastered £14.35 @ TheGameCollection
Refreshed 18th JunRefreshed 18th Jun
OnRush £31.46 The Elder Scroll Online Summerset £17.96 The Last of us: Remastered £14.35 All prices are with code E3HANGOVER

Got my copy yesterday and the dlc codes still worked :)


Expired. Code no longer valid


Mafia 3 back up to £11.95 now.


Thought I should add it only works out to be £6.93 if you use the 100 points you get for signing up :)


Sounds like you are having some great luck. It hard crashed on me a good bunch of times. Maybe it has seen a couple of patches since. I had a lot of funny glitches which are often welcome. I also sadly had some mission breaking bugs and that isn't welcome.

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The Last of Us PS4 Skin Wrap - £3.99 @ Go2Games
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
The Last of Us PS4 Skin
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Out of all the skins a TLOU skin yuck


£250? POP :).


Naw, ye widnae.


There were special editions when the game originally came out on PS3 that had controller skins. They looked great but were not at all durable with the image wearing off or the whole thing unpeeling itself. Not really worth it imo. The console wraps would, presumably, last much better as they'll get handled so much less than the controllers.


Presumably this wouldn't fit a PS4 Pro? And any idea what the controller skin is like (or if there is one?) I know there's no picture but it says so in the description...

The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted: the Lost Legacy, Shadow of the Colossus £15.99 each @ Argos, physical version not a download code.
Refreshed 9th JunRefreshed 9th Jun
Been seeing deals posted for the digital download versions of these games for just £1 less, I think most people will prefer to pay the 6% or so extra for an actual physical version… Read more

Best game I have ever played. And one of the best (zombie) stories ever told.Persevere... you won't be dissapointed.


You do need to use a different email address to set up a US account regardless. Your main UK account can be used to play the games, collect achievements etc. I haven’t really ever given any thought to selling on an account later, it’s certainly technically possible though.


Can u make a different US account with different email, buy the game and use your main account to play the game collect achievements? If yes, can you sell the account with the game after some time? In case you buy a game from us, do u have any problem play them in UK or other eu countries? Probably if all these possible we could have 1 account per game like we have disc per game. If we want we can sell the accounts. Don't know if possible though


These days I'd rather have a digital version for anything decent as having to swap discs in 2018 is annoying.


It does start to pick up once it's just you and the girl and you start getting close. But what's wrong with a reskinned Uncharted? That's also one of the best games so that's a pretty good compliment :o

The Last of Us Remastered £7.17 for PS4 from PlayStation PSN Store US
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
On sale at $9.99 at PSN Store US (PS+ not required) $10 PSN credit may be purchased from PCGameSupply for £7.17… Read more
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Must own game! Very cheap for the price



Stop trying to sound overtly academic, it’s not at all convincing. Especially when you’re making references to psychoanalytic theory and the works of Freud completely out of context.


Whilst I'm flattered you looked through my posts trying to glean intellectual, moral, political, racial, financial clues, then passing on diagnoses on my "struggles" in a feeble attempt to insult me. Its worrying is how seriously you're taking all of this whilst I am casually chuckling at how you're escalating. I don't think I have ever insulted anyone personally online, ever, and it always baffles me when your sort of people do (uh oh not a racial statement). Don't be threatened by other people's opinions no matter how chaste and moral you think you may be. It betrays a feebleness of character, and thats not fun. I'll leave your "thread" be, you're obviously very protective of it. (y)


Yet you’re still being evasive and alluding to doing something that’s morally corrupt at best. As others have implied, in the time you’ve been here you’ve done little else than switch on your keyboard warrior bravado mode in the early hours of a morning in the hope of getting a reaction. You’ve previously demonstrated on this site that you don’t actually understand the fundamentals of using an International PS+ account: you’ve contributed to a discussion on credit card usage yet you’ve no absolutely no clue at all how a credit card works, and most worryingly of all, used language that’s frankly borderline racist. I’d suggest you focus your time on your internal struggles.

The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 - £15.99 PSN STORE - EXTRA 5% FOR PSN+
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Available for all PSN users. Save an extra 5% off if you have PSN+ This price is only available from 8/6/2018 01:00 am to 18/6/2018 11:59 pm. DescriptionThe game of a generation… Read more

Today you have a choice, pay £7.17 on the US store or more than double that on the UK store. Do you what you feel is right.


Currently £7.17 on US PSN Store


Fine crafted gaming with every penny


What a game this is, possibly the best I've ever played. Damn fine gaming.


It's another one I've already got, got it free when I bought the gta v PS4 all those years ago, but what an amazing experience

PlayStation Plus 12 months + The Last of Us Remastered for £36.25 [UAE PSN Store]
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
As alternative to the 12 months PS Plus deal I posted for £37.49 on the UK PSN Store i.e.… Read more
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For 12 months PS+ and LoU? Bargain.


Personally I’m not bothered by that “hassle” I have a u.s,Canadian & uk psn accounts set up. Simply pointing out I can understand why people would consider the extra work hassle. Even with things like aliases & password generators it’s still numerous hoops to jump through. We may find it easy. For the average person it is hassle and a little bit of a struggle (how many times do you see someone say they’re struggling to set up a foreign account?) I was referring to the fact that on pcgamesupply they have a prepaid Canadian ps+year for £32.84. So you can get it for that price. Can’t deny a lot of people would want to take advantage of EVERYTHING ps+ gives. You’ve seen the amount of uk psn deals that are insanely good. You miss out on those with foreign plus. That’s a huge reason me and a lot of folk would rather pay the £40 for plus (I know it’s £49.99, but it’s not hard to find it for less than £40) &Imagine a lot of folks are like me in that they draw the line at having accounts for regions other than us & canada.


There's also aliases..., & all get delivered to I use this for my non-UK PSN accounts - it's not just easier to remember where each email address is for, it also helps you keep track of who is selling your email address on ;)


As someone else said you can use the same email account (that's what I do for my PSN accounts :) ). I guess we have different tolerances though as I wouldn't regard those few minutes one time as being much hassle. I don't know about UAE sales, are they that much different? I might have a look on psprices later if I get the time.


You’re having to look really hard there if you’re main gripe against international deals is that you need a different email and password, but fair enough if you think that’s a deal breaker for you Regarding Canadian PS+ just to correct you, based on PSN currency purchased from PCGamesupply this would cost £38.10 for 12 months. I’ve been clear from the outset what the pros and cons of a PS plus subscription are of an International PS+ account. There are people like myself for example that only need cheap access for playing FiFA 18 with workmates once in a while. I don’t have the time nor inclination to go online anymore than that so I’m reluctant to pay the going UK rate, neither am I particular bothered about the free games. This might not be for you, but it will be for others.

Buy 2 selected titles and get 50% off at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia *Example - Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 for £25.80
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
As of 16/04/18 Rp PSN credit can be purchased from Offgamers at following prices: Rp 100,000 = £5.83 Rp 200,000 = £11.66 Rp 400,000 = £23.32 ALIENATION™ (English) Rp 270,000 B… Read more
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Pretty much all of them. The Uncharted games are a good price though. As is the complete Horizon: Zero Dawn. WipEout has been about a quid cheaper for UK PS+ users, but not since the VR patch, so that one might be tempting to some as well.


Even 50% off lots of these have been cheaper on the UK stores


Prices are based on the allgamers rate of Rp 100,000 = 6.19 including the surcharge. Obviously if you buy cards that are more than Rp 100,000 the price will decrease slightly. Prices in brackets are the prices halved because this is a buy-two-get-50%-off deal. ALIENATION™ (English) Rp 270,000 - £16.71 (£8.36) BEYOND: Two Souls Rp 408,000 - £25.26 (£12.63) BOUND: Shattered Kingdom Rp 266,000 - £16.47 (£8.23) CounterSpy™ Rp 170,000 - £10.52 (£5.26) Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition Rp 171,000 - £10.58 (£5.29) Doki-Doki Universe Rp 154,000 - £9.53 (£4.77) Drawn to Death Rp 267,000 - £16.53 (£8.26) DRIVECLUB VR Rp 489,000 - £30.27 (£15.13) Entwined Rp 120,000 - £7.43 (£3.71) Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Rp 261,000 - £16.16 (£8.08) Farpoint Rp 554,000 - £34.29 (£17.15) Fat Princess Adventures Rp 279,000 - £17.27 (£8.64) flOw Rp 68,000 - £4.21 (£2.10) Flower Rp 80,000 - £4.95 (£2.48) God of War™ III Remastered Rp 340,000 - £21.05 (£10.52) Gran Turismo Sport Digital Deluxe Rp 799,000 - £49.46 (£24.73) Gran Turismo Sport Standard Edition Rp 699,000 - £43.27 (£21.63) HELLDIVERS™ Democracy Strikes Back Edition Rp 218,000 - £13.49 (£6.75) Here They Lie Rp 299,000 - £18.51 (£9.25) Hidden Agenda Rp 265,000 - £16.40 (£8.20) Hohokum Rp 170,000 - £10.52 (£5.26) Horizon Zero Daw Rp 429,000 - £26.56 (£13.28) Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Rp 549,000 - £33.98 (£16.99) inFAMOUS First Light Rp 170,000 - £10.52 (£5.26) inFAMOUS Second Son Rp 340,000 - £21.05 (£10.52) Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Rp 198,000 - £12.26 (£6.13) Jak II Rp 198,000 - £12.26 (£6.13) Jak X: Combat Racing Rp 198,000 - £12.26 (£6.13) Journey Rp 135,000 - £8.36 (£4.18) Killzone™ Shadow Fall Rp 299,000 - £18.51 (£9.25) Killzone™ Shadow Fall Intercept Online Co-op Mode – Standalone Rp 225,000 - £13.93 (£6.96) LittleBigPlanet 3 Rp 299,000 - £18.51 (£9.25) MATTERFALL Rp 239,000 - £14.79 (£7.40) PlayStation® VR Worlds Rp 489,000 - £30.27 (£15.13) Ratchet & Clank Rp 489,000 - £30.27 (£15.13) RESOGUN Rp 85,000 - £5.26 (£2.63) RIGS Mechanized Combat League Rp 609,000 - £37.70 (£18.85) Shadow of the Beast Rp 299,000 - £18.51 (£9.25) Sound Shapes Rp 136,000 - £8.42 (£4.21) Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle Rp 230,000 - £14.24 (£7.12) Star Strike™ Ultra Rp 158,000 - £9.78 (£4.89) Star Strike™ Ultra VR Rp 261,000 - £16.16 (£8.08) StarBlood Arena Rp 467,000 - £28.91 (£14.45) Tearaway™ Unfolded Rp 339,000 - £20.98 (£10.49) The Inpatient Rp 429,000 - £26.56 (£13.28) The Last of Us™ Left Behind Stand Alone Rp 126,000 - £7.80 (£3.90) The Last of Us™ Remastered Rp 339,000 - £20.98 (£10.49) The Order: 1886™ full game Rp 340,000 - £21.05 (£10.52) The Unfinished Swan Rp 140,000 - £8.67 (£4.33) Tumble™ VR Rp 133,000 - £8.23 (£4.12) UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End Rp 429,000 - £26.56 (£13.28) UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy Rp 429,000 - £26.56 (£13.28) UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection Rp 308,000 - £19.07 (£9.53) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Rp 299,000 - £18.51 (£9.25) Until Dawn Rp 340,000 - £21.05 (£10.52) WipEout™ Omega Collection Rp 429,000 - £26.56 (£13.28)


That's a good deal (not great) considering the physical prices recently. My Indonesian store issues are that they use circle instead of X (like Japan) so would prefer Singaporean or Hong Kong deals (if they are offering similar) BUT.... It would be over £30 as I need to buy a 400,000 and. 100,000!! I'm a big fan of foreign deals but on your list eyes went to the likes of Drive club VR, Farpoint etc.. which are shocking prices. If you lead with Horizon, Unchartered you would probly have a hot deal now.


Even at your amended stated prices, if you were looking to buy say for example Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 this would set you back £25.80 by way of this deal. Purchasing both titles via the UK store today would cost you £69.98

FLASH SALE! at Playstation PSN Store US and Canada *Prey, The Evil Within 2, The Inpatient, The Last of Us, Until Dawn, Saints Row, SOMA, Alien Isolation, Bioshock Collection, Darksiders 2,  Arizona Sunshine and MORE *Plus PS3 and Vita titles added*
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
PS4 Game Price % Off 101 Ways to Die $3.99 60% 2Dark $5.99 80% Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space $2.99 80% Alien: Isolation $8.99 70% Alien: Isolation - THE COLLECTION $11.99 7… Read more
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Man I feel your pain I’m the same, sometimes I go to play something but end up dicking about looking at the PlayStation Store for another game to add that I won’t probably play for like 2 years (lol) . It’s like you don’t want to leave the games unbought at such good prices. Ended up with just the 6 games from this sale! Took a gamble on Arizona sunshine and it’s a half decent PSVR game for just over a tenner. The only way for me to save money is for you to retire from HUKD


Ended up buying 16 games from this Flash Sale, I don’t think it’s helpful to me personally stacking all this cheap PCGamesupply credit in advance because I feel compelled to use it when a half decent sale comes along. It’s not affecting me financially or anything, I mean we’re talking $80 worth of credit and I’ve had far more expensive hobbies over the year, but I only have so much time to play games. Sometimes I spend more time looking at these sale lists than I do playing the games.


It’s a discount from the entire cart contents


I have a 20% off code (Far Cry 5 I think). If I add 3 games to the cart, will the discount be off the entire cart or just the first item?


Left, mid and right formulas are great for picking bits out of text... Find is really good for determining where to start a text formula... =mid(a1,(find("$",a1)+1,100) This would start the text excerpt after the dollar (the +1 means the character after), through to the end (100 characters is overkill but at least you won't miss anything) Trim just removes leading and trailing spaces. Beyond basic text formulas, =vlookup and pivot tables are the most powerful parts of excel - really good for matching and grouping data.

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 for £13.99 @ Argos
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
As Joel, a lifelong smuggler you must smuggle 14 year old Ellie out of the City and across the country. Fight or avoid based on you surroundings and equipment, chose your battles c… Read more
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I see, well I’m gonna wait till it goes back on offer then, thanks


@Chrysqwerty it was on offer, now back to £25.99.


25.99£ on website , how do you get it down to that price? Or was it on offer and it ended?


Picked one up today. Cheers!


To avoid that problem you could do a FastTrack. I've just done it and it seems quite good as they will hold it for 7 days (you can extend to 14) and if you don't turn up (i.e. find it cheaper, die etc.) you will be automatically refunded.

The last of us remastered - £20.95 @ Bargain Games
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
The Last of Us has been rebuilt for the PlayStation 4 system with improved graphics and gameplayIncludes the Abandoned Territories Map Pack and Reclaimed Territories Map Pack

Go on then, what’s your top game?


Crazy to think cdkeys were selling the USA digital copy for around £6 soon after it released.


What because I don't like the most overrated game of all time? (party)


I see you have no taste


I see you're easily impressed (party)

Spring Sale at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia - *The Witcher 3, Injustice 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, Dead or Alive 5, Crash Bandicoot, The Order and MORE
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection PS4 Rp 195600 PS+ Rp 146700 Assassin's Creed Chronicles — China PS4 Rp 31200 PS+ Rp 20800 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game Of The Year Edition… Read more
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Duly noted, looks like they've corrected the prices for this game at PSPrices too, have amended above.


it would be good but it's not the price anyway. should read RP 365085 with PS Plus


The only difference being, you don't have to leave your house and you could be playing the above titles in no time.


It's almost as good as the Tesco offer that was available for a few people


Imagine all the rupiahs you would save if it was 50 percent off

The Last of Us PS4 Remastered - £12.49 PS+ £14.99 Regular at PSN
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Description The game of a generation, remastered for PS4™. In a hostile, post-pandemic world, Joel and Ellie, brought together by desperate circumstances, must rely on each other … Read more
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Not offended at all pal. Always amuses me how youngsters get so shirty about people commenting about their poor taste in games lol!


Ok, you didn't mention PC. The cronusmax is more a hack than something Sony actually supports. Looking at reviews, the results are mixed. I also prefer the Xbox controller, but the Playstation's pad is perfectly fine. I'd say just use the intended controller to avoid issues.


The last one, on PC. Btw you can use an Xbox one or 360 controller on a PS4, I do it at work as they're much comfier than the PS controllers. Cronus max.


... wait so are you saying you bought a PlayStation 4 and you want to connect and Xbox controller to it? This won't work. Or are you saying you have an Xbox One and you want to play PlayStation games on it? That won't work either. OR... Are you talking about playing the old PS3 version of The Last of Us via PlayStation Now... But with an Xbox controller? That also won't work. Verdict... Just get a PlayStation and use the PlayStation controller it comes with


What an odd reply :/ It's each to their own, ain't it? Actually, it really amuses me to see people get personally offended when someone has the nerve to say that they don't like one of their favourite games :D

[PS4] The Last Of Us Remastered - £7.70 (Using code) - PlayStation Store (US)
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Be aware that the codes are one time use but deduct 10% from your entire basket. The code expires 31st January. US store code: D9NGJ7NF3L
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I'm new to this too. The way I did it was create US account (with US address) and buy the game. Then got to power/switch profile and choose your UK one to play... or you can just play it using your US account.


How does this work with regards to playing the game? Do I login with US account, buy and download game, then login with UK account and play it there? Or do I have to be logged into US account to play it?


Thanks guys, been wanting to play this for a while now. Managed to get $10 from for £7.03, combined that with free 2 day PS Plus and the 10% discount code - got the game with $1.01 remaining in my US wallet.


2013 is hardly very old, despite which it’s a vastly superior game to many ‘more recent’ titles.


What's the trophy service you work for?

2 FOR £25 PSN GAMES - Includes The Last Of Us, The Last Guardian, Fallout 4 and Gravity Rush 2
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
2 FOR £25 on PSN, Various games, Okay Prices. Here’s a look at the complete list of games The Last of Us™ Remastered Fallout 4 The Last Guardian™ Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™… Read more

Heard a few folk on YouTube complaining about the DS4 controls - that the touch screen on the Vita is a lot better for hitting things in time.


And price in Euros in the description (y)


Just bought the first one on the Vita or I'd be all over this. And maybe Far Cry Primal


Great deal if you’re including certain games, like Danganronpa (y)


Most of these can be had for a tenner or less on disc.

The Last of Us Remastered £14.86 @ shopto
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
If you missed Argos deal (like I did) this is the next cheapest you can get it for now. There are games on sale. Full list of deals here:… Read more

Out of stock now sadly


Cheers, just added the link to all games they have on sale atm (y)


Thanks. Also got uncharted.


Excellent if in no rush for it. Dispatched in 3-5 working days in case anyone didn't notice

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