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Posted 15 May 2023

Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 4 person Inflatable hot tub - Rattan design with freeze shield £209.10 free collect select stores / £221.10 delivered @ B&Q

£209.10£332.9937% off
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Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 4 person Inflatable hot tub Rattan design with freeze shield £209.10 collection / £221.10 delivered, this incldues the 15% discount at checkout. Decent reviews. Currently £332.99 at Amazon and £420 at B&Q. Some reviews from the Argos site


Relax this summer in this unique, stylish Cancun Airjet Lay-Z Spa hot tub with both impressive design and substance, using a beam construction for structural stability and cushioned comfort after each setup. Perfect for creating a comforting spot in your outdoor space to enjoy all season long!

  • Number of jets - 120
  • Comes with one filter, ChemConnect, one inflatable cover
  • Assembly required

Features and benefits

The Cancun AirJet™ features a unique grey rattan design that's perfect for tucking into a cosy corner of your contemporary garden space. With plenty of space for up to 4 adults, a rapid 40°C heating system, power-saving timer and Freeze Shield™ for use all year, the Cancun AirJet™ lets you enjoy a daily dose of relaxation from the comfort of your home. At the touch of a button, surround yourself with thousands of therapeutic bubbles and experience an intense full-body massage thanks to the powerful 120 AirJet™ system.

  • The AirJets release warm air into the water, surrounding you with a calming bubble massage
  • DuraPlus™ material is stress tested to offer superior durability and retains its shape no matter how many times its inflated and deflated
  • Freeze Shield™ automatic heating function protects pump and liner from damage due to cold weather
  • ChemConnect™ chemical dispenser evenly disperses a stable level of chlorine


  • Amp rating 9A
  • Cable length 7m
  • Volume669L
  • Manufacturer guarantee 2 years
  • Heat output 2.05kW
  • Location Indoor & outdoor
  • Material TriTech ™
  • Maximum water temperature 40°C
  • Number of seats 4
  • Product shape Round
  • Product depth 660mm
  • Product diameter 1800mm
  • Product height 660mm
  • Product width 1800mm
  • Product weight 27.47kg
  • Safety feature PRCD temperature contro l
  • CE marked CE marked
  • Residual current device (RCD)
  • RCD protection Voltage220V
  • Colour gray
  • Product code 6942138978087

Delivery / Returns

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The bit not immediately apparent here is that the price you see on the site will be reduced by 15% at checkout (and not before).

To quote the red text:

15% off selected outdoor products. Online only. Discount applied at checkout.
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  1. ggfergy's avatar
    10 bought for eBay.
    BustyB293's avatar
    The don’t shift at all. Because of energy prices ….. 300 odd a month to run…
  2. stoney_Jedi's avatar
    Use as a Wim Hof ice cold bubble spa to save ££
  3. papasb's avatar
    2kw at 49p per kw, so £1 and hour. 18 hours to heat from cold. So £36 to get to 39°C.

    It heats about 1.5 °C an hour.

    Roughly four hours to bring back up again if you turn it off over night and also have the heat cover. So about £8 to get back to temperature assuming it dropped to mid / late 20s °C.

    These are not cheap to run, by no means, but they aren't the horror numbers some people post.

    We have the larger 6-8 person one, so this will be a bit cheaper to hear.
    cbflazaro's avatar
    Variable tariff is capped at 34p/kwh . If you warm at night on a off-peak tariff you can get around 9p/kwh.
  4. jsd74's avatar
    They should make a new Lay Z Steel with wood burner underneath
  5. Phil_Smithf4B's avatar
    Very tempted..it's highly unlikely energy prices will ever be this high again and will drop at some point this year.
    bargainhunter666's avatar
    Just like petrol?
  6. DDP_DDP's avatar
    I wanted to like my hot tub i really did and actually enjoyed it for one summer
    But with these tubs the initial cost is always at a reduction to entice you in
    Once installed and used for a few times the novelty will wear off and quickly
    especially when the water turns green and you have to clean it and regularly
    Having to also purchase the overpriced chlorine tablets that barely keep the tub clean for any length of time
    You will have to pack it away for 10 months or the year and it doesn’t do well in the cold
    hairline fractures will appear if you leave it up all year round..
    If they just made these even slightly better it would be worth it..
    It’s fun but i wouldn’t get another one!
    cocobwoy's avatar
    If your water is turning green, then you are doing something wrong
  7. This.Is.Dog's avatar
  8. kevano22's avatar
    Just bought because on offer. Reviews look good. Always wanted one. Can anyone recommend the chlorine tablets needed? I see some 1kg ones in argos for a tenner. Will they do?
    screech123's avatar
    Use these one personally

    Clearwater CH0019 1 kg Multifunction Chlorine Tablets, 4-in-1 Dispenser Tablets (Sanitiser, Stabiliser, Algaecide and Clarifier) for Pools and Hot Tubs, 50 x 20 g, White amzn.eu/d/9…bvP
  9. T31000's avatar
    I thought about getting one,did some research from people at work who had one only to find out it costs around £25-£30 a DAY to tun.☹
    jameswestby's avatar
    My Lazy spa costs £75 a month at the current energy price. And that's keeping it at a temp of 37 all the time. And when I want to use it I up it up to 40 an hour before I go in about 3 times a week.
  10. Carol.milton's avatar
    I remember during the pandemic when these were like £500
    powerbrick's avatar
    and power costs were a hell of a lot less, so.....
  11. MrsJackson99's avatar
    Bought one last year and turned out to be a novelty for us. Loved getting in but it wasn’t very nice getting out, getting dry then having to go back out to sort the cover out. The costs of running it didn’t suit us but I guess if you have to factor that in when you buy something like this with ongoing costs attached. A thermal cover helps with this. Also, although I did a huge amount of research into chemical balance and sought advice from a FB advice group - which I followed to the letter - I found it difficult to keep the water crystal clear even with light use. We’ve still got ours but will likely sell it once we’ve had a chance to drain and clean it. Or may just keep as a cold water pool for our kids!
  12. kevano22's avatar
    Do you have to get a starter kit as well? Bnq trying to upsell me
  13. gabbo_21's avatar
    These are great if you have the skill/knowledge to heat them in other ways.

    I have a wood stove with water coil for mine, so only really used the pump to circulate water and the odd bubble session 
's avatar