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Posted 1 March 2024

Free 2-for-1 Gardens Entry Card + free seeds with £5 Gardeners' World Magazine sub: 3 issues for £5 (much cheaper than single copy)

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£5 for three copies, including the May issue with the 2-for-1 Gardens Entry Card - this copy alone retails for around the £7.50 mark.

NB You must add the code below to get this offer:


Best of all, when you take out a subscription, you'll automatically become a Subscriber Club member. This comes with a whole host of exclusive benefits including:

  • FREE seeds for UK subscribers, included with your 2024 spring issues.
  • Free delivery direct to your door, so you never miss an issue
  • Enjoy unlimited Premium digital access to our subscriber-only area of GardenersWorld.com
  • Reward pages, with extra content in every copy, plus exclusive money-saving offers, competitions and discounts
  • A 2-for-1 Gardens Entry Card and Guide with the May issue and a calendar with the December issue
  • Subscriber only events and opportunities to meet the magazine's experts
  • BBC Gardeners' World Live extras including ticket savings
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  1. Newbold's avatar
    Here’s a link to the gardens included with this years card:


    It’s usually much the same every year with a few minor changes.
  2. grinnaslee's avatar
    If you pay £5 then cancel the DD or renewal straight away, do you still get the 3 issues? (edited)
  3. Newbold's avatar
    Remember to add this code to reduce the price to £5 for 3 copies: GWSSH24
  4. david97's avatar
    Comes up at £15 for 6 issues for me. No sign of 3 for £5, sadly
    Newbold's avatar
    Have you added the code?
  5. YellowPeril's avatar
    Worked for me. Thanks OP
  6. NorthernGardener's avatar
    Brilliant, really good value. Try to get this issue every year. You have to scroll down to enter the code for the discount. Thanks OP
  7. Yoxxox's avatar
    The code defaults the price to £5 for three issues. Just remember to cancel before the three months is out. Used it with TCB offer for today…showing £3 cash back plus £2 offer today only for a £5 spend. Email from TCB shows money in my account. Time will tell if it is honoured or not
    cubegame's avatar
    Are they on TCB?
  8. willcarson's avatar
    Great spot, thanks OP
  9. Pennywise999's avatar
    Thanks for posting - great deal
  10. grinnaslee's avatar
    Can anyone please provide feedback on how easy it is to cancel the direct debit with these?
    Newbold's avatar
    It’s very easy - just make sure you don’t forget about it though!
  11. hemjshah's avatar
    Is 2 for 1 offer valid only until April 2024?
    tinkerbellian's avatar
    The 2 for 1 offers last for a year , although with restrictions on some dates at some places
  12. tinkerbellian's avatar
    Thanks given it a try but suspect they will cancel mine again , I’ve had too many free trials in the past on every account, name, email combination 
    EndemicAlarm's avatar
    Ditto, last time I bought a subscription they just emailed and cancelled it later.
  13. joeymcjoe's avatar
    Great spot thanks.
  14. sug7's avatar
    Anyone know of trentham gardens is included please?
  15. Babs_Mitchell02's avatar
    What's a gardens entry card? Thanks
  16. Bolkyloren's avatar
  17. Andrew_Ord's avatar
    The option for adding a code does not appear for me is it before payment page ?
    Andrew_Ord's avatar
    Found it thanks for the share 
  18. Smiles20's avatar
    Thanks for heads up Newbold, worked for me. (edited)
  19. GregorskyDeals's avatar
    Thank you, ordered(y)
  20. Sessionz's avatar
    Cheers for this, and to Beady_eyed_rach as well.

    For anyone having problems with it, it didn't show the £5 offer for me straight away. I had to enter the code twice before it registered, then the 6 month subscription option changed to the '3 for £5 option'.

    Added to my calendar to remember to cancel!
  21. floquer's avatar
    great thanks
  22. eyup's avatar
    Having done this, the confirmation email says the subscription will not start until August therefore missing the 2 for 1 gardens card. Did anyone get similar? I will cancel
    Newbold's avatar
    There's a drop-down menu during the signup process offering 6 options, starting with the May issue. August is one of the options, and somehow that must have been selected.

    The May issue is sent out around 11 April, and it's still possible order it as part of the subscription. Best bet is to phone them and ask them to change the start issue - they take a few days by email usually and it might be too late by then.
  23. Searcher2's avatar
    I've signed up for this. Thanks OP. However, We are planning to go to Kew at the start of April and the 2024 card won't arrive by then. The 2023 card apparently expires on 5th April. Has anyone got the 2023 card they won't be using before 5th April that they would be willing to send me? I am happy to send stamped address envelope and pay for the card or give a donation to charity. Cheers!
's avatar