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LEGO Clearance eg LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art - £27 / City 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp - £45 Free Click & Collect in Selected Stores @ Smyths

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About this deal

Smyths LEGO clearance deals are live

Stocks vary store to store but some good deals for sure

Link to a page with some of the clearance sets Top Clearance of LEGO (smythstoys.com)

Some items might be available for home delivery but most are only available for click and collect at stores with stocks, to check item stock just go onto the item and you can search stocks for each store, and on most items click and collect them.

Some of the best ones so far (there are about 70 - 80 clearance sets overall though!

LEGO 41706 Friends Advent Calendar 2022 Christmas Toys for Kids | Smyths Toys UK - £12 (RRP £22) + online del as of posting
LEGO 31207 Art Floral Art 3-in-1 Flowers Crafts Set, Wall Décor | Smyths Toys UK - £27 (RRP £60)
LEGO 60307 City Wildlife Rescue Camp Treehouse Vet Set with Animals | Smyths Toys UK - £45 (RRP £90)
Smyths More details at Smyths

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    Thanks for the heads up, got a City Airport (60262)
    I got the City Wildlife set for £27 from £80
  2. Avatar
    Got Harry Potter clock tower at my local thank you
  3. Avatar
    Managed to nab a Lego imperial droid for £40
    Dang, fair play on that one, didn't see it at any near me sadly. Probably the better of the finds as that set has been hard to find for the last few months.
  4. Avatar
    Top post pal! Gutted I spotted it too late but managed to grab a Marvel set!!
  5. Avatar
    Some great deals, but no sets available near me. Thanks for posting, it was worth me checking the deal out
  6. Avatar
    Some outstanding prices but virtually everything is OOS!
    A big chunk of items had very limited stocks and a lot sold in the hour i posted this deal.

    One of those deals that getting early gives the best opportunities.
  7. Avatar
    nothing in mine.. i was in late last week and the shelves only had newer items in not much old stuff so not surprised.
  8. Avatar
    All OOS in my local stores. Shame
  9. Avatar
    Worth checking in store if you pass one as there were a couple of sets available that were listed as out of stock online.
    Totally agree.

    Picked 2 sets up earlier in store that were showing as out of stock on the stock checker 
  10. Avatar
    Nothing I really want there, but some massive discounts, so heat from me.
  11. Avatar
    Thanks alot got a friends set
  12. Avatar
    Got my mom 2x the floral sets so she can complete the three designs. Thanks OP!
  13. Avatar
    Amazing of you can get it but it was around £50 in my Birmingham store earlier
    These prices are all new prices which started today
  14. Avatar
    Nothing for me, but some good reductions in there. Heat.
  15. Avatar
    Got the rolling stones from the Costco offer in n Oct/Nov and thought that was good but for £70 might get another to keep boxed - good one
  16. Avatar
    LEGO 60302 City Wildlife Rescue Operation Vet Clinic Animals Set is cheap!
  17. Avatar
    Ordered 2 art floral sets to make a mosaic portrait picture! Actually saw the deal as soon as you posted it for once and managed to grab them! Thanks! 💪🏼
  18. Avatar
    Thanks! Just bagged the last Rolling Stones Lego Art in a 50 miles radius! 😃
    You’re going to love building that.
  19. Avatar
    £27 for 2870pcs! Bought, thanks OP.
  20. Avatar
    Amazing price, ordered, thanks.
  21. Avatar
    Fuzzy Flippers was the only Super Mario set that seems to be available in a fair few stores.
  22. Avatar
    Managed to get one in Stockport. Saving it for Mother’s Day when she asks where are my flowers!!
  23. Avatar
    thanks. just cleared out all stock of floral art at my local store.
  24. Avatar
    Is the stock checker accurate does anyone know? Everything oos showing for me
    Definitely not accurate.

    My local store showing as out of stock on most items, however when called in there were several in stock.

    Worth a trip to local if not too far
  25. Avatar
    Got two clocktowers
  26. Avatar
    What a naff website they have, cant filter "in stock"
    Wouldn’t bother as could still be in stock even if shoes as oos - found this out earlier when called in to my local 
  27. Avatar
    From what I can see every store has a least one clearance item in stock, maybe not the most desirable ones but some left. Some steller finds still available too.

    Though noticed that the Floral Art set is entirely out of stock, but also noticed a new set on offer, £20 down from £45, stock dotted around the country - LEGO 10780 Disney Mickey and Friends Castle Defenders Set | Smyths Toys UK
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