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Posted 30 September 2023

LUKO 12L Refrigerant Dehumidifier - 2L Capacity 38dBA 200W Refrigerant W/Code - ebuyer_uk_ltd

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I think this dehumidifier is a much better deal than the 10L ones at around £100 posted recently (e.g. B&Q) even before coupon. Members here who bought it seemed to be pleased. It was available with a 15% off at the start of the month, here it is with a 10% - dehumidifiers go up in the winter, so plan ahead.
I don't expect a Meaco (I have one for my second floor) - but at 1/3rd of the price it doesn't have to be one.
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  1. Spudboy's avatar
    Does anyone know if it has a laundry mode as I couldn't see it in the description?
    CrazyBob's avatar
    Yes it does.
    I got one of these on a previous deal, a steal at this price.
  2. sach1636's avatar
    Ordered with TECHDEAL10
  3. ecuador's avatar
    New code, COSY15! It's now £59.49!
    liltman's avatar
    Thank you!
    After looking at the ones on Amazon, I decided to go for this one. Much bigger. Hopefully be reliable!
  4. Sho_Nuff's avatar
    Does it require any exhaust pipe like an air conditioner?
    LadyEleanor's avatar
    No, but you can probably fit one if you wish.
  5. NoNamesLeftWhy's avatar
    This is back for £62.99 if anyone is interested.
  6. sixgoldstars's avatar
    Already have a dehumidifier that I'm happy with, but bought this to be a mobile option. Reasonably happy, but would probably advise against it if you're looking for a laundry option. Firstly, the air output from my other dehumidifier is noticeably warmer. Yes, there will be more power consumption, but it's useful wastage. Secondly, the exhaust on this is on the side. I find it better to have a top exhaust under your clothes.
    Other than that, can't complain.
    ecuador's avatar
    'Hot' dehumidifiers are definitely wasteful, unless you already heat your home using electricity. I assume your other one is a dessicant type? Because refrigerant ones don't output noticeably warmer air, which is their main advantage. Cheap to run, then with humidity lowered your (gas powered etc) central heating becomes even more efficient.
    I'd definitely pay more if a dehumidifier could be as efficient with even less power consumption.
    But, yeah, the vent on the side may not be optimal for drying - although this depends on positioning, what kind of drying rack you have etc.
  7. andisitadeal's avatar
    Is the 2L tank a problem?
    ecuador's avatar
    It's pretty standard for the 12L models.
  8. Sho_Nuff's avatar
    Ordered. I am curious what effect this would have in my small hallway and bathroom in hot weather? My flat seems to have a humidity and eco system of its own which is far more humid than outside. I guess it would make me sweat less in the hallway, but then any electrical equipment generates its own heat. I don't know but I guess it is worth finding out where the price is good.
    compadre's avatar
    Only use mine in colder months, and they do emit perceptible heat.
  9. Kiwi's avatar
    Is this good for mould and damp?
    Robdataff's avatar
    No, if you want it to be mouldy and damp you shouldn't buy one of these.
  10. Sho_Nuff's avatar
    Nobody told me I would get free ironing water out of thin air. No more ordering water off Amazon or carrying it home from the High Street. What a bargain.
    Grem_S's avatar
    It is indeed good distilled water, but bear in mind it can contain dust and pollen etc from the air passing over the heat exchanger. No problem for plants etc., but for ironing, if it were me, I'd run it through a coffee filter first.
  11. Jiwani80's avatar
    Is anyone able to see warranty period?
  12. Jiwani80's avatar
    FANCY8 code not working for me
    Sho_Nuff's avatar
    Worked for me just now.
  13. lee19285's avatar
    Still available but FANCY8 code expired.
  14. herrbz's avatar
    What's the energy use?
    Sho_Nuff's avatar
    I Googled this last night. I think the answer was 20p or 30p per hour. That would be quite cheap where refrigerant or a compressor is involved but I don't know if these units have a compressor.
  15. Matt_Goodsell's avatar
    how does this compare to the costco deal? hotukdeals.com/dea…261
    I am aware capacity may be less (need to empty more often?) but will only be used to dry clothes in a 3-bed house that tends to be damp in winter.
    ecuador's avatar
    The 20L vs 12L figure means that this one here will be pulling moisture from the air at a lower rate than the other one. If I went for the near £200 price range, I'd go for a Meaco personally.
  16. knkyafro's avatar
    For the money this looks ideal. Was looking for a cheaper second unit and this ticks the box. Thanks for sharing
  17. ecuador's avatar
    I don't seem to be able to edit the deal to the current coupon which is TECHDEAL10 (62.99 price), but you should be able to see it fine following the link.
    The dehumidifier seems quite good, I'd say it manages to pull water from the air at about 3/4ths the speed of my much more expensive Meaco 20L. This means that it can fill up its tank faster than the Meaco, which is a disadvantage. On they other hand they do include a free hose if you want to use it 24/7 connected to a drain (IIRC for the Meaco you have to source your own hose). (edited)
  18. Shassan1's avatar
    Hi. Is there anyone on this forum and can comment about performance?  I understand it’s not expensive however still over £60 and anyone sharing their personal experience will be highly appreciated. I asked seller about warranty, they never got back to me. However it says 12 months warranty in fine prints. 
    Mehgriff's avatar
    I went for this and am quite happy. No experience of dehumidifiers but seems to do the job. I got it for drying clothes inside and a mixed load including towels took about 6 hours on continuous. The control panel is very flaky. I thought mine was broken when I got it as couldn’t turn on. I now leave it on and connected to a smart plug as it remembers the last setting. For £60 ish its a bargain. No idea how long it will last.
  19. ecuador's avatar
    Last day for the TECHDEAL10 coupon.
  20. CeramicBowl20's avatar
    Looking for a dehumidifer for this winter, but good value deals for Meaco products seem rare. Is this worth the gamble or should I sit tight for deals from at least some reputable brands?
    ecuador's avatar
    As I wrote above, I've had a Meaco for a while now, but this one seems like a real bargain so far. I have no idea if it will last years like the Meaco though...
  21. justabout72's avatar
    Nice picked one up to go with my meaco, I have 2 rooms that suffer with condensation on the external walls hopefully this might help
  22. liltman's avatar
    I know nothing of Dehumidifiers but I feel I might need to buy one.
    I assume it's not very accurate but my alarm clock shows 70% humidity quite often over the past month and I am struggling to be in that room sleeping! So maybe it is accurate. I don't know but all I know is I find it hard to be in that room and it's the room I sleep in lol. GRR.

    After reading some comments here though, is this quite normal, someone mentioned 65%.

    From reading online 50% is around where I should be and anything close to 70% is uncomfortable (probs why I am struggling to sleep) and above that is considered dangerous? (edited)
    ecuador's avatar
    I get a bit over 70% without a dehumidifier and use one to bring it to 60%, which should be fine.
    If I set it to 50% the compressor will be running all the time which is not economical.
    It's a bit subjective too, plus the humidity readings from various devices don't exactly agree.
  23. rizel23's avatar
    Thanks poster bought a second one, great value for money and pulls the water from the air quickly.

    Controll’s are bit iffy but for £60 liveable with 
  24. Manos_de_diamante's avatar
    Thanks OP, ordered!

    59.49 with COSY15
  25. liltman's avatar
    It arrived early, just set it up!
    Damn I am impressed, for someone who hasn't got a clue about these devices lol.

    It said my room was 67 humidity, if I am reading right, then after about 1 minute of this device in use, it went down to 60! I never expected it to be that fast? lol

    I then moved it to my bedroom, same situation except after 5 minutes I actually heard water drip!!
    I am blown away how fast it's working.

    Is that normal? Or do I really have a problem haha. That hopefully this device is going to fix

    I heard people sleep with these devices on, but no way. It's not a bad noise but it's definitely not quiet!
    ecuador's avatar
    Their humidity reading is only accurate if the fan is working for a minute, it obviously doesn't drop from 67 to 60. It's similar on my Meaco, if it's full and has stopped, it can show something crazy like 80+, but when you empty it and it starts again, it starts dropping fast eventually showing a more realistic (lower) reading.

    You are supposed to get water dripping very soon. You have a "problem" I'd say if it fills up more than twice a day? Or something like that.

    And, yeah, I wouldn't sleep with one in the room (although I can - it's my partner who wouldn't be able to), but I have it just outside the room on the main corridor, with the door ajar and I don't hear it. (edited)
  26. jamgin's avatar
    Just got mine and trying it out.
    Not sure if faulty or not but on the auto mode every so often the red power symbol starts flashing and if on low fan it switches to high. Can't change fan speed until power symbol stops flashing.
    This happening with anybody else?
    justabout72's avatar
    You'll have to speak up mate, my one is so loud
's avatar