[Nintendo 3DS] Hey! PIKMIN - £15.95 - Coolshop

[Nintendo 3DS] Hey! PIKMIN - £15.95 - Coolshop

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Found 20th Nov 2017
Captain Olimar has crashed on an unknown planet inhabited by Pikmin!

And his first 2D platformer will give you a new perspective on his adorably fierce partners. Touch the screen to throw Pikmin into action: swim with Blue Pikmin, fly with Winged Pikmin, and more to survive hostile wildlife, solve ecological puzzles, and escape!

  • Help Captain Olimar explore and escape a new world by guiding him and his Pikmin with the stylus
  • Olimar is a half-pint Hero on a personal mission to save himself
  • Get a new perspective on the powers and personalities of Pikmin
  • Tap the touchscreen to choose Pikmin and toss them at objects or enemies

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Thank you so much, my daughter will absolutely love this 😄
Thank you so much, this was the last thing on one of my daughters lists. Very happy!
Ordered and heated. Thanks buzz!
Awesome game!
Aargh! I just brought this from Amazon for £24!!!
cheap, didnt like it though!
bought. "solid 7 out of 10" price territory.

thanks buzz
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