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Preowned: Mario Party: Island Tour 3DS £10 / Mario Party: Star Rush 3DS £10 / Mario Party DS £15 in-store (+£1.95 p&p online) @ CeX
Posted 1 h, 38 m agoPosted 1 h, 38 m ago
Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS) £10 / Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS) £10 / Mario Party DS (DS) £15 in-store (+£1.95 p&p online) + 2 year w arranty at CeX Mario Pa rty: Island To… Read more

Repro? Like reproduction / counterfeit?


Good luck not getting a repro cartridge either. The copies are everywhere now from China, plus they play pretty much the same so hard to tell unless you know what you’re looking for or open up the cartridge


That annoys me when they do that but they've told me online orders will not have reprinted covers (only in-store purchases) unless otherwise stated on the product listing


not a bad price, just make sure you check the cover if you are a collector as often CEX re-prints their covers for 3DS / DS


big "hello" to everyone with a "DS" keyword alert setup (highfive)

Pokémon Ultra Sun (Nintendo 3DS) £34.15 @ Amazon (June 15th Stock)
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Pokemon Ultra Sun has been out of stock for a while and is going for a higher rate on the likes of eBay. Stock is due in on June 15th but taking pre-orders now

wow ive still got this sealed & surprised at the price


Hi all, I understand why it may have gone cold, there are a few reasons that would have compounded. The Sun/Moon versions are still cheap but the Ultra ones, especially Ultra Sun is a tough one to find. eBay has many listing selling upwards of £60 so I'm happy if some collectors are able to grab this before it disappears again :) Also it is now Next Day delivery so no wait :D


I don’t think it’s just people voting cold because it’s already cold, I think it’s also because it’s been available for £15 within the last six months from Argos where the non Ultra versions are still available for £13 - I know they’re different games but to the average buyer/parent it won’t make much difference. Add to that the plethora of £5 3DS games that have been posted over the past year or so it sets people’s expectations on the value of a 3DS game much lower. Personally I’ve not voted either way (as haven’t looked around for current best prices on it) but I get why it’s gone cold.


This has been as little as £12.99, I think that’s why it’s gone cold I’m afraid


You've got unlucky here OP and been a victim of see-cold/vote-cold habits that this site is often afflicted by. This seems like a very good price for a sealed copy although I'd be interested to know where Amazon has found a stockpile of these given it's been OOP for a good while now.

The Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Heroes Nintendo 3DS Game (Free click & collect / £3.95 Delivery) £4.99 @ Argos
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Get ready for an updated version of the multiplayer Four Swords mode included in Game Boy Advance version of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Four Swords was, as the name suggests, desig… Read more

Just a heads up - don't expect these to be anywhere near collector quality if you're buying to display / keep as such... dirty, ripped cellophane and a bloody great messy sticky label.


Fun little spin off, remember having a lot of fun in online multiplayer with this. Everyone use to throw each other into the pits.


Is 3ds online still Available? What's this game like as a single player?


I see eBay plagued with these listings. People aren't bothered to take the stickers off (lol) I tend to not anything with stickers though.


Cheers, picked up a copy this morning. My youngest has really got into Zelda games recently & this is one of the few he hasn't got. Should keep him busy on a we bank holiday Monday.

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Stella Glow at 3DS - £8.74 @ Nintendo eShop
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
This is a quality strategy RPG that commands a fair amount of money for a physical copy, so at this price digitally is a bargain. I noted it hadn't been mentioned in the other po… Read more

No problem :) Yeah I was fortunate when I went on a bit of a 3ds binge late in its life before moving over to Switch (which I was dead against originally what with the 3ds being my fav system of all time then, not sure what is now). They kept on pumping out jrpg/niche titles and managed to win this one on an eBay best offer for a great price :D Used mind, but does mean I don't need to buy digital 8) Unlike the other games (embarrassed)


Can’t believe how much some of my DS games are worth now - looks like I picked the right system to collect for. Don’t want to get rid of any of my games though! Don’t own this physically mind you, but I’ve just made some space on my SD card for it. Thanks OP!


Oh jeez keep that sealed and buy the game digitally!!!


Is this a full game? I get an error saying it's add on content? Edit: The code didn't work so I searched for the game in the search and it allowed me to download from there.


Don't open a sealed copy, it is going for silly money. A sealed version is easily worth £100

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker - £8.74 - 3DS via Nintendo eShop
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
A few more Atlus titles popped up on sale on 3DS eshop. Been curious about the Devil Survivor games for a while and this may be the lowest DS2 Record Breaker has been so I might gi… Read more

Thank you, this helps a lot.


Etrian Odyssey is a dungeon crawler where you map the dungeon as you go. I really enjoy the mapping part but you can put it in auto map if you don't dig it. I started with Beyond the Myth but their all pretty well regarded. Only picked up Devil Survivor 2 this week and have only an hour or so played but liking it so far. Has the typical demon collecting SMT style but its grid based battles so bit of a strategy element to it there too. Havent gotten far enough into too to get a proper feel for the battle system though. Have SMT strange journey too which is pretty much and Etrian Odysey game with a SMT skin.


I only have the Persona games and have never plaid a SMT or Etrian Odyssey game. Can anyone recommend any of these. I'd like to buy a couple, maybe one of each series and don't know where to start. Thanks!


God, I have Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker sealed still and that's legitimately selling for £150+. Maybe I'll grab this digital.


Thanks for the heads-up on these. I think I'll get Millennium Girl and Nexus for now and maybe Fafnir Knight before it goes off of sale.