Unfortunately, this deal has expired 16 July 2022.
Posted 16 June 2022

O2 SIM for New & Existing Customer - 20GB (40GB Volt) 3M Disney+, Unltd Mins/Txts, £8 P/M (£6.40 with multisave) -12 Mth £96 @ uSwitch / O2

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This Deal is available for both new and existing customer and topcashback is paying £14.70 cashback (Premium Members)

Topcashback link:Uswitch - Mobile Comparison Discount Offers & Cashback Deals | TopCashback

New Customer:

Data: 20 GB (40GB if you have Virgin Broadband)
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
Contract Length:12 months
Monthly cost: £8
Total Cost for the contract: £96
Features: Free 3 months Disney+, O2 Priority benefits
Roaming: Free EU Roaming included Roaming in Europe

*If you qualify for VOLT benefit, you will get Free upgrade of existing Virgin Media broadband Speed to next available Tier and Double data ( 40GB 5G data) for your SIM

  • O2 priority benefits examples: Free Cafe Nero and Greggs drinks , Free Greggs sausage rolls and other bakes Fri-Sat, 2 free drinks at selected pubs, 20% off late night shopping at ICON outlet at the O2, Free Cinema Tickets at Odeon every Sunday & Monday etc

Existing Customer

Everthing mentioned above for the new customer plus the following benefits:

  • If the price for your previous SIM only deal increased due to RPI, you can take this deal as an existing customer and bring the cost back to £8 instead of paying £8.92 for the similar deal * Your contract will reset to 12 months

Just click on Get Deal ( or go to uSwitch via Topcashback to get cashback), go through the checkout and choose upgrade existing number and login to your O2 account


  • If you already have O2 SIM contract, you can get this as an additional SIM and get 20% off using Multisave offer, bringing down the cost of this contract to £6.40 Great deal if you want additonal SIM cards for your family members!

How the discount works - Multisave | Plans & Tariffs | O2

  • Get 20% off the Airtime Plan of every new eligible Pay Monthly connection you add to your account. Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new number, within 28 days.
  • You can add up to 20 Multisave discounts – five of these can be Refresh contracts.
  • Use our eligibility checklist to see if you can claim this offer.
  • The lead connection is on a Pay Monthly or sim only tariff.
  • To get the airtime discount, make sure you have an existing Pay Monthly or sim only tariff that isn’t already discounted, or part of another promotion. Pop into an O2 store and chat to one of the team if you're unsure. if you’re unsure.
  • You've taken out a new eligible O2 Refresh or sim only contract.
  • All connections are registered under the same billing address as the lead device.

T&C: Multisave discount Terms and Conditions (from 17 June 2022 onwards) | O2


Volt Benefit is Available as well

How to activate volt?

  • Once you get you SIM and have O2 account, download the O2 app
  • You should see a banner "Supercharge your World with Volt"
  • Select "See what you can get" and it will give you option to activate the volt ( If not, please call O2 customer Service)


  • From 12 April 2022, O2 introduced 'premise matching', meaning you’ll just need to have the same address on both your O2 and Virgin Media broadband accounts to be eligible for VOLT benefits. Volt Megaguide - O2 Community
  • Virgin Media broadband speed boost to the next available level (if customers don’t take or already have the fastest  Virgin Media speeds available to them in their area at the point they place their order to become supercharged with Volt);
  • Intelligent WiFi Plus at no extra cost (if a customer finds any WiFi blackspots in their home and then choose to take Intelligent WiFi Plus as an optional add-on from Virgin Media, subject to stock availability);
  • Double the O2 mobile data for each eligible O2 Pay Monthly Mobile SIMS in the Virgin Media account holder’s name in their household (if they don’t take or already have unlimited O2 mobile data);
  • O2 Travel Inclusive Zone so customers can roam in 75 destinations;
  • Existing eligible customers must place order to unlock Volt benefits via My O2. Check Virgin Media broadband speeds availability
Uswitch More details at

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  1. martynhardacre's avatar
    I posted this deal the other day but it got removed as the deal below was better! It gets you 15gb but then a free extra 15gb making 30gb. Then you get boosted to 45gb with volt

  2. chickwithabrick's avatar
    I just made the upgrade, thank you OP. From experience, does anyone know how long it all takes to switch over to the new tariff?
    quake.ee's avatar
    Usually 24 hrs.
  3. mishap's avatar
    How do I get it for 6.40 was is multisave please
    Random1234's avatar
    Random1234 Author

    Replying to

    Yes, you can
  4. punkerisimo's avatar
    Just to add to this deal, if you have two SIMs you can get 20% off from the second number Text LOYALTY on 21500 and follow instructions.
    Ismail99's avatar
    Didn’t work for me
  5. P-A1XAKS's avatar

    Replying to

    Try sending it again? I'm not sure if it's a human checking it or but I had one saying not eligible then another saying I was.

    Also check you're doing it the right way around... Use the lead/first number you took out to send the text from as it's only the additional contracts that receive the discount (edited)
  6. mario999's avatar
    Really wanted to switch to O2 for Volt benefits, so picked up an O2 payg card. Compared to EE, the signal is poor. Got 5Mbps on O2 this morning inside, 128Mbps on EE.
    Also tested in different parts of Nottinghamshire and EE are four times faster in most places.
    Won't be switching. (edited)
    theworkingdead's avatar
    It really is area dependent.
    Where I live, o2 is the only service that gives a reliable connection and decent speed. Every other network is rubbish.
    But where I lived before this, it was EE all day long.
  7. Zerobob's avatar
    This deal has been available for quite a while now, and I finally got around to grabbing it yesterday.

    I was previously on a 15GB contract (30GB with VOLT) for £8p/m, but then O2 put the price up to £8.94 within a month of taking out the contract (which should be illegal) and then my 3 months free Prime Video ran out, so I thought why not just take out this contract instead... save 94p a month, get 10GB more data each month, and 3 months free Prime Video. No brainer.

    I was worried I wouldn't get my VOLT benefits if I took out a new O2 contract (having already activated VOLT for my previous O2 contract / Virgin BB) but my worries were unfounded... my VOLT benefits were applied the day after taking out this new O2 SIM contract... 40GB and 3 months Prime Video for £8p/m. Good deal.
  8. babagika's avatar
    Thank you. Just changed my existing from £11.97 to £8 pcm for the same allowances.
    TAZMANUK's avatar
    Was you still in contract and got to change the tariff or started a new tariff
  9. mr_dipz's avatar
    Changed to O2 a few weeks back. Terrible network speeds. I compared on 4G speeds with mine and my husbands phone at the same location. EE was 300mb and O2 was 17mb. Changed back to EE straight away again
    Andy_Reinlo's avatar
    the 'theoretical' maximum speed for 4g is 300Mbps so unless the stars happened to align at that particular moment, im guessing it was 5g?
  10. P-A1XAKS's avatar
    Anybody know how the multi save thing worksm I tried to get my partner one last week but couldn't. Does it all have to be in the same name on one account?
  11. yuppymike's avatar
    I got this deal a while back and would rather pay 3x the price with Vodafone.
    O2 almost always shows me as having a full strength 4G connection but far too frequently I there is no internet connection running though it. Just simple things like using Siri in CarPlay is a nightmare.

    Never have this problem on EE or Vodafone.
  12. Ayaz_Anwer's avatar
    Does anyone know how this Multisave works ?
  13. dlozuk's avatar
    Initially volt disappeared. Checked today and it’s back.
    Was paying £6.70 for 12mb. Now £8 for 40.

    Thanks for posting.
  14. dogsballs's avatar
    thanks for posting
  15. joffhopkins's avatar
    I'd switched to the 4GB/£6 tariff on O2 just last week, but now I'm in the office a bit more I've realised quite how much data I get through. Upgraded - thanks!
  16. weiran's avatar
    Thanks, was paying £11 for the same deal.
  17. Legfan2's avatar
    Wont let me checkout ! Current deal is up next month, saying upgrade eligibility has expired ? Says there is still £17 to pay on existing contract which i would happily pay but wont let me checkout.
  18. billythekid11's avatar
    Had 2 contracts with O2 just gone over to ID mobile and Lebara now we have data. O2 have the worst signal out of all companies for us. When in cities data is really bad that's if we could get a signal. Now speeds are great and actually works.
  19. Rob_Yorks's avatar
    If you’re on iPhone, check that the new O2 sim updates to your existing number after the port is completed. Mine didn’t so I had to visit an O2 shop for a further SIM swap.
  20. kpandit8's avatar
    You legend. This can’t be any easier!!!!
  21. APPLE-SAM's avatar
    Checking the O2 contract "Your new contract will start at midnight on the day you complete your order."

    When will this deal end?

    My O2 deal expires early next month so if I sign uo today am I in effect double paying until the original contract expires?
  22. Ayaz_Anwer's avatar
    I am already using this Sim via Volt benefits. Can anyone tell me if I can order the sim for my partner as well? Will she have the same VOLT benefits?
    TAZMANUK's avatar
    Yes provided you get it in the person's name who's on O2 and virginmedia
  23. HammerTime10's avatar
    I'm worried about 4G speeds now with any network. I was with Talk mobile currently and the 4G speeds are a p..s take!! glad the contract is finished now. only one you can get good 4G speed is EE now but the deals are crap for EE!
    ck3245's avatar
    Try a plusnet sim as a test, they use ee network and works well for me.
  24. jpoolfitz's avatar
    I got 30gb for £8 earlier this week using the deal posted on here two weeks ago
  25. AmcarDragRacing's avatar
    Just purchased the 20gb £8 deal through the link to the 100gb volt add on deal. Will that also include the additional volt data and perhaps the Disney plus 3 months. How can they be claimed. Thanks.
  26. jpoolfitz's avatar
    Can someone explain how you link sims for the multisave deal if you go through uswitch?
  27. dan444's avatar
    Is it possible to get an NHS discount with this offer?
  28. Ismail99's avatar
    Has multisave worked for anyone yet? Mines was denied.
  29. Darren_Eyers's avatar
    You can get special link to get I think it was £6 sim, but can only purchase one at a time. Problem is when you try to add another fails check and its not credit a check failure... At this point you just can't get it and tried waiting 3 weeks and trying again.
    Why other sims, well was trying to move Mrs, mine and the children and that is not an easy task... So end result children accounts not moved over... Should of stayed with original provider.
  30. M4lik99's avatar
    I have virgin briadband. If i get this sim will it entitle me to free wifi pods?
    Ismail99's avatar
    Yes. But it depends on which router you have. The hub5 is not compatible with wifi pods
  31. Jagmanx1's avatar
    only get free pods if you are on the 1gb package I believe.
    Ismail99's avatar
    Eligible for all volt customers.
  32. Smithy_83's avatar
    I have ordered one for my partner, my mother and father (seperate accounts)

    Activated 3 months disney plus on my partners account

    When this free period expires, is it possible to add the "perk" from say my mothers account onto her Disney plus account for 3 more months? I know its not "stackable" but what about after expiry?
    stevieshoes's avatar
    I think you have to pick your perk within 28 days, no not stackable one after another

    I’m interested to know how you go about getting the 20% discount on a 2nd sim. I see there’s a code to input but where/how does this work?
  33. jpoolfitz's avatar
    Pretty sure multisave only works on specific contracts not all of them
  34. mjk_ind's avatar
    Switched from Three to O2 using the uSwitch deal, can confirm that data speeds are sluggish :/
  35. Rossmor40's avatar
    The question is if people have fixed line broadband at home why do they need a 300mb download speed on a mobile anyway when you really aren’t going to need more than 20mbs speed on a device that size even for high quality video?

    This is a decent deal if you are VM broadband customer. I get double my broadband speed and 10 times more mobile data than I have now for £2pm more.
    M4lik99's avatar
    does it automatically double the data when you buy through u switch?
  36. Anthony_Wesson's avatar
    I just got this and the virgin media Broadband

    40gb sim and 350mb for £32 or 28 after the £100 credit from virgin suoernovaaaa
  37. yusuf.dokrat's avatar
    Service and speed is very bad. AVOID AT ALL COST
    Rossmor40's avatar
  38. Watcombe's avatar
    Thanks does anyone know if I can change my existing 02 SIM only deal which is part of the Virgin media volt, broadband, TV bundle - I have 13 months remaining paying £27 per month to O2 currently, this would be a great saving if it's possible?
  39. cigbunt's avatar
    to link this to virgin does it have to be in the account holders name (on virgin)
    or is it within the house hold
    P-A1XAKS's avatar
    Household, my partner has put it in their own name, and it eventually should link the addresses up (though hasn't just yet) but saying that mine took about 11 days to link up on its own before I got the text confirming volt benefits etc
  40. Billy_B123's avatar
    My volts gone after upgrading has anyone else had this issue?
    chickwithabrick's avatar
    Mine was same, an advisor fixed it through online chat for me
's avatar