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Get Disney+ (Including Star TV) for £5.99pm / £59.99 annual until 23rd Feb (New customers) @ Disney+
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Refreshed 18th FebRefreshed 18th Feb
Sign Up To Disney+ & STAR (Coming 23rd February) & Save Over 20% On Monthly + Yearly Plans. £5.99 - Monthly £59.99 - Yearly Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + National… Read more
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No arguing bud. I’m sure that will be down to licensing agreements which will expire. It’s possible they will still continue to licence content to third parties but I doubt they would.


Oh dear, should have used my other e-mail account. Good to know!


Arguing on the internet it pointless, but, in the interests of accuracy. Star is not exclusive - just one example, The X-Files, is also available on Amazon Prime. I'm sure if I cared enough, I could find more to demonstrate the inaccuracy of that statement. People are welcome to check for themselves.


We are missing the Alien and Predator movies plus Big Trouble in Little China and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, could be even more missing on Disney Star UK that other territories get.


I think that's part of the reason for Star and possibly other additions in the future. I agree, but at the same time I think anyone with kids are sort of locked in. It's the fact that they are pulling their content from other subs/channels for the most part. This means buying them digitally or by DVD/BluRay and if your kids keep switching their favourite programme, its gets expensive. I bought Lion King, Aladdin, Little Mermaid etc when it was flavour of the month etc, but its easier to buy the subscription for now because of the kids.

O2 SIM only 12mth contract, 10GB data 5G with unltd mins/txts (Inc.6 mths Disney+) £8 per month, £10 Quidco, equiv £6.17 / mth @ O2
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Direct from O2 10Gb DATA Unlimited minutes and texts 12 months contract Includes Free 6 months of Disney+, now £7.99 per month, just increased from £5.99 pm, so the equivalent … Read more
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No. Told them I was leaving to join sky mobile for the same plan but at £5 a month and they said they will match it if I stay with them for another 12 months. I've never had an issue with BT but the Disney+ included on the O2 one is making me think I might switch


Had they caused you grief to get a £60 credit.


It's just the SIM. My 12 months is up in April though. It was £10 a month deal but they agreed to credit my bank account with £60 so effectively bringing it down to just £5 a month for the 12 months It was a retention deal


Same for me offered 1 month free, when I said no, they checked again and came back with 3 months discount, as you said applied in months 2, 3 and 4. With my Disney+ subscription expiring soon as well this is a very good deal.


A few people - I got the tip from somebody that shared here on this website - can’t remember if here or a different o2 deal... it would seem to be for new customers though... as a customer would say is best to get your pac / “thinking about leaving” option and see what they offer you

O2 Sim Only - 150GB Data + Unlimited Calls/Texts+ Free 6 months Disney+ for £20 a month (12 months) Quidco £50 Cashback @ O2
24/03/2021Expires on 24/03/2021Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Get 150gb, Unlimited calls and texts over 12 months for £20 per month plus choose Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video etc. Free for 6 Months Roam at no extra cost in 75 destinations, US… Read more
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I'm in Portugal and don't get billed for calling German mobiles. I don't know if you can call EU numbers from the UK for free, but you can definitely call EU numbers when roaming for free.


Try both if you can - Vodafone seems to be very strong in recent Rootmetric reports.


Wouldn’t touch o2 after successfully winning after 5 years to get a contract removed off my name that never existed Now just waiting for compensation for 5 years of wasting my time


O2 or Vodafone?


Will work in Eu calling uk numbers. Can’t all any EU number neither from uk nor whilst abroad


If you are using 250GB you could get unlimited on VF (unlimited max - make sue it is not the ridiculous unlimited or unlimited lite, which are VERY much limited) for around £14 after cashback - this seems very expensive unless (like my brother in law) you only get good data speeds on o2.


You'll be lucky to get much more than 10mbps on O2 anyway


O2 always consider themselves the "posher" network of the lot on the market, whether justified or not I don't know. This seems to be quite expensive for what you can get from Voda/EE or Three (yes I know many hate it) nowadays.


Vodafone limit to 10Mbps on some of their unlimited data contracts, even if 5G. However it doesn't look like O2 do this.


Pants deal

O2 SIM 12GB data 5G with unlimited mins/texts + 6 months Free Disney+ £10 per month for 12 months via o2 Uswitch
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Similar deal posted earlier by @JonReese 10GB for £8. In case you are looking for more data you get 2GB more Data for extra £2 on this deal. Free 6 months Disney+ £2… Read more

Speak to O2 customer care. If not port your number to Lycamobile/Lebara payg and port it back to O2 after using PAC from Lyca or Lebara.. The whole process shouldn't take more than 7 days. Hope it makes sense.


I said in a previous comment that I've got 8GB for £10 and I don't need more, so I will not change it. I think I've changed my mind. My Disney+ trial expired, so I may take advantage of this, but more important, I've purchased a 5G phone, so I may take advantage of this deal now considering my contract ends in a week. I was hoping it will be a straight forward upgrade given the fact I am with O2 already, but am I right to say I need to replace my existent SIM with a 5G one? And if I have to do it, how can I keep my number, thanks.


Some people might need a bit of extra data.. This is 5G and 6 months free Disney+ included.


I'm on the Lebara 10GB, unlimited minutes/text deal for £4.49 and barely use any mobile data at the moment. There are a few 1GB/2GB deals with unlimited minutes/texts that would be fine.


O2 has crap customer service based in South Africa

O2 SIM 10GB data 5G with unlimited mins/texts (includes 6 months Disney+) £8 per month for 12 months via o2 Uswitch
Posted 5th JanPosted 5th Jan
I was looking at signing up for the 9gb data for £8 contract that @crazy_b posted last month, and noticed that you can actually get 10gb for the same price now! Thought it might … Read more

Now with £20 TCB, or £22.50 Quidco


Yes u get charged if u don’t cancel it so make sure to set a reminder to cancel it. My wife did get an email when the free 6 months was due to end.


I was 5 months into the 8GB for £8 deal, but have taken the upgrade on this (which while I was hesitant seems is permitted). Hopefully I won't see an RPI increase as soon and in the future that extra 2GB a month might be handy. In my experience O2 5G coverage is wider than they publicise. I have it in my local town (sadly not at home yet) and it's not on the coverage maps. Regarding the Disney plus for 6 months. Is that on a get charged if you don't cancel it basis?


That's what I said. the O2 data speed is my flaky!


Thanks. Yeah it was the naming of the menu items in iOS which threw me. In "Voice & Data" menu there are options "4G, 3G, VoLTE". They could do with renaming "4G" to "4G data". And while they're at it, "VoLTE" to "4g calls".