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Posted 2 June 2023

O2 30GB Data (60GB with Volt), Unlimited Min/Text, 3 months Disney+ & EU Roaming - £8pm (£6.40/Month With Multisave) / 12m @ Uswitch/O2

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O2 30GB Data (60GB with Volt), Unlimited Min/Text, 3 months Disney+ & EU Roaming - £8pm ((£6.40/Month With Multisave) / 12m @ Uswitch/O2

12 Month O2 Sim Only Plan 30GB (60GB with Volt)
Unlimited Minutes
Unlimited Text
£8 / Month £6.40/Month With Multisave – More Info - o2.co.uk/mul…ave

Existing customers eligible for an upgrade, may upgrade to this deal.

3 months Disney+
Free EU Roaming
O2 Priority Included.

Volt Info – o2.co.uk/vir…-o2
Benefits for your entire household - When your household’s with both of us, you’ll enjoy double the mobile data on every eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan in your household, a broadband speed boost to the next available level (if you aren’t already on the fastest speeds you can get in your area), and supercharged connectivity at home or on the move.
Uswitch More details at
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  1. Bargainhunter53849's avatar
    I have two sim cards already with O2....I can't see how I can switch to this without cancelling and taking out these. Is that correct anyone?
    ricebay's avatar
    ricebay Author
    No need to cancel, simply click on the deal, select your various options and as soon as you hit checkout it will ask if you're an existing customer, select yes and it will ask you to login and go from there.
  2. wizard101's avatar
    If I'm in an existing contract currently with o2, and the contract hasn't ended, can I still switch to this plan online, if its the same price or more expensive than I am currently paying?
    Kal007's avatar
    Yes you can take advantage of this price. You just say you are an existing customer during the check out process and you are are effectively signing upto a new 12 month contract. No penalties for upgrading existing contract early.
  3. Heyhey1247's avatar
    Unusable in Manchester City centre. Worse than 3 now
  4. Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    How do I buy this when I have an existing O2 contract 1m left?
    dré.'s avatar
    o2 are amazing, you can upgrade with 11 months left on a 12 month contract, just login when prompted and check you want to upgrade and keep existing sim-card, it's really simple. You should never have to pay for Audible/disney+ ever again if you extend/upgrade every 3 months. You won't get charged for the remainder of your contract. It's an upgrade extension. I did it twice in a month (to get another 20gb of data) a few months ago. (edited)
  5. bass2k8's avatar
    I haven't been able to go through the form as an existing customer, to upgrade my existing (and only) line.

    My steps:
    1. Click Get deal* link
    2. Complete form + add to basket (o2.co.uk/sho…ons)
    3. Checkout from basket (o2.co.uk/sho…ket)
    4. Click "I'm an existing customer" (checkout.o2.co.uk/del…ery)
    5. Sign in
    6. Redirects me to a new plan configuration page (o2.co.uk/sho…...)
    7. Complete entire form, it then tells me I'll be getting a new number

    I've stopped there as I do not want another line on my account. Has anyone else been able to get around this?
    hotdealsuk1973's avatar
    do you have a direct debit setup on your existing account ?

    it will only let you upgrade like this if you have it setup and not paying via debit card or credit card.
  6. 7HOT's avatar
    Goes to show it is just a scam how they increase our fees in April, (due to increased operating costs) yet can reduce them again to entice new customers
    eldaras's avatar
    Most of the cost of living increase is due to greedy companies . It's a weird circus we live in.
  7. mgk's avatar
    Anyone know if doing this with 2 SIMs you need to request the multi-save again or is it automatic?
    Rob_Murphy's avatar
    Pretty sure you've got to text another request
  8. callumshell1's avatar
    i literally just got a 20gb plan with them for £10pm fml
    fastclau's avatar
    Check your account! You might be lucky and if it says that you can upgrade, then you can get this deal
  9. szigmon123's avatar
    Fyi, if you add this to your basket, and then go through tcb you should get the cashback - as always no guarantees, but I have on 3 occasions
  10. naarmi's avatar
    My two EE contract ends next week, how do I transfer to this keeping my numbers. Shall I buy from O2 today?new to all this changing amd swapping, any help will be appreciated.
    BlueCreek's avatar
    Yes buy from O2 today, that way your new sim should arrive when you are ready to do the swap.
    You can then request your PAC code by texting PAC & the account holders date of birth to 65075. (Eg. PAC DDMMYY).
    This will send you a unique code and any final costs of your contract should there be any. You can then give this code to O2 to transfer your number. Usually this can be done online (edited)
  11. markot123's avatar
    Anyone done this "upgrade" when using an O2 eSim as their existing Sim, and wanting to stay on an eSim
    ? (edited)
    1Juice's avatar
    I only use esim and have done this upgrade without issue, just make sure not to request a replacement sim during checkout.
  12. lkl265's avatar
    Got the SIM on Tuesday and ported from Three this morning no issues. Does anyone know how to activate (or how long it takes if activation is automatic) Volt ?. I tried the link in MyO2 but that gives an error.
    Jack43red's avatar
    I sent a message to O2 on chat and they sorted it with in 2 days but it can take up to 14 days..
  13. KopCity's avatar
    How do existing customers upgrade? Can they? I was paying £8 before the RPI thing
    Jack43red's avatar
    You can upgrade I did 2 lines last week. It sends you to O2 and you just sign in and follow the instructions.
  14. ShotokanPaul's avatar
    Brilliant. Back to 8 quid a month after the £1.38 price increase. Nature is healing.
    TheRealSpamster's avatar
    Me too! And in my case more than double the data.... I'll have to find more stuff on the Internet now.
    Best thing is I didn't even have to speak to customer services to upgrade my plan to the lower tariff! If only Sky TV operated like this....
  15. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Great deal and would save but unfortunately I have to move networks as O2 for me has been soooo bad lately, doesn't work too well in home town and Preston/Blackpool struggled to get Internet. Lad has Lebera and his was always fine so will have to move to them
  16. feckoffcup's avatar
    Guys would 30Gb be enough for moderate internet usage at home? I am moving to a new property and will need a temp plan while my full fibre gets installed. Also - can anyone recommend a 4G USB dongle that I can use with this SIM to provide access from a lapttop? Hope this makes sense.
    itisnajah's avatar
    I'd probably check first if the data is fast enough in your area. In most places for me O2 mobile data speeds are really slow, but I'm ok with that as it's cheap and includes free roaming, and I only ever use data for WhatsApp and social media. I have WiFi at home and work so I'm not personally affected by the slow speeds. I definitely couldn't rely on it as a hotspot for home internet use.
  17. colliwag's avatar
    Any know what speed this is? Mate saying some of o2 deals are limited to 25mb/s vs 100mb/s he said he ‘needs’
    Davidmrb93's avatar
    Not sure about this one, I just upgraded to the 15gb version as I get volt benefit to 30 and won't use that let alone 60. I'm on the 20gb for £8 deal still technically atm still(should be about same as this) and my speed test just now was 42 download and 4 upload on 4g+, might be better in different areas especially with 5g. (edited)
  18. Kevo2k7's avatar
    Do Virgin customers still get volt benefits if upgrading mid contract?
    Jxy's avatar
    Yes, got an email saying that Volt benefits will be activated in the next 14 days.
  19. chedixon's avatar
    I’ve been with o2 for many years but he internet coverage has declined badly over the last year imho. I see 3G max so often nowadays it’s rubbish, will be jumping ship as soon as my contracts done.
  20. GrahamFairham's avatar
    I am on O2, I would normally jump at such a great deal however as many have already said, check your coverage.

    It has declined, to the point where in some cities I am in it is unusable. Manchester and Birmingham are particularly bad.
    underfamed's avatar
    i’m in mcr and i want to switch from 3’s network which is terrible (literally no service sometimes) in the city centre, but apparently O2’s is equally bad

    i am with virgin too so i would get volt with this deal, but i don’t want to be stuck with bad service for the whole contract (edited)
  21. brumblesmum's avatar
    Does anyone know how long it will take for them to "upgrade" the data allowances (VOLT)?
    I was already on a 20GB deal (which was increased to 40GB via VOLT) - just done this deal and it is showing 30GB - just assumed it would automatically show 60GB as VOLT was already applied, but it is currently showing 30GB?

    Nemesis7's avatar
    I was also on the same plan with volt and its also showing just 30GB for me at the moment
  22. Bradley_RobinsonDM9's avatar
    I've done this several times over the last year or so and now o2 want me to pay off the remainder of months in my sim only contract. I'm not sure if this is because I'm too early in my contract or if I've done it too many times and they've picked up on this.
    tickedon's avatar
    You need to be eligible for an upgrade (normally after three months). There will be a big banner in your my O2 account area if you are.
  23. alistairpage's avatar
    Can anyone explain to me how to get the Volt benefit? I'm on Virgin as my Internet provider but the checkout on USwitch is not showing anything more than the 30gb :/
    ricebay's avatar
    ricebay Author
    Volt is applied after checkout. After taking out the contract you would need to contact o2 and request volt and provide your VM details. As long as your addresses are the same with o2 and virgin within 14 days (typically far quicker) your data will double and broadband speed increase.
  24. MrFizzy's avatar
    If you take one of the free 3 month benefits e.g. Disney, do you need to manually cancel it if you don’t want to get charged?
    Lak_S's avatar
    Not sure if it's the same now but when I did it back in November there was an option to turn off auto-renew in your extras on myo2. So I turned it off straight after I activated the benefit and got an email saying it wouldn't be carried over and would be included in my plan for 3 months and then cancelled
  25. Player-1's avatar
    if i upgrade via this link...will my volts have to be deactivated then reactivated again?
    unfit's avatar
    Mine has been, waiting for volts to added again.
  26. muziboy's avatar
    I am already on 02 and they have declined my credit check , i have excellent credit score . Anyone experineced the same ?
    MattThommmo's avatar
    Clearly don’t have an excellent credit score.
  27. jpwjpw's avatar
    Doesn't work for me. I'm 6 months into a previous 30GB uswitch O2 contract and have previously "upgraded" fine with these deals mid-contract. Now it's saying i'd need to pay £61 to "upgrade" to this deal

    50305023-Uvt7Q.jpg (edited)
    GSB's avatar
    Indeed, it seems O2 have changed something.

    While I managed to switch my wife to this deal (who is also in contract), it's treating mine like it's an upgrade and not a tariff change won't let me as I am in contract.
  28. HappyShopper's avatar
    Question for existing O2 customers who have 'upgraded' to this deal - did you have to go through several screens of confirming details, reviewing the contract and then a credit check?

    I'm a long standing O2 customer and whenever I've upgraded mid-contract, which has pretty much always been towards the end of my contract to avoid price increases, the process has been much quicker (just a couple of screens) and never involved a credit check.

    Even though my credit check went through OK, certainly not happy, as an existing O2 customer, having to perform one.

    Wondering if O2 has changed it's upgrade process for everyone, certain customers or just me.
    helenwalker's avatar
    Yes, i had to do a credit check. been out of contract for 2 years, so presumed they had changed it recently.
  29. 777jrg_'s avatar
    I currently have the exact same contract with them that should expire around November. I am paying more than this because of inflation since May. Can I go for this without having to pay the remaining of my contract? How does it work?
    ricebay's avatar
    ricebay Author
    O2 generally give you the option to upgrade for free, click the deal and go through the options at checkout, it will ask you to sign in as an existing customer and you may or may not get a free upgrade - it will tell you if there's an amount to pay.
  30. androidavis's avatar
    Very sorry if this has been covered already. We have virgin tv, broadband, phone and mobile via o2 on a virgin deal. So we already have an o2 sim for one of our family members.

    I have ordered this deal this morning, and then again another one just now. To get the double data and multisave bonuses do we have to proactively do something online or contact them; or will the double the data just get applied at some point and the multisave get applied at some point on its own?
    ricebay's avatar
    ricebay Author
    For me, I contacted CS and volt was applied next day. In terms of multisave you will need to text 'LOYALTY' to 21500 and follow the instructions given - btw you only get 28 days to apply for multisave. (edited)
  31. gerardgimbert's avatar
    I have just switched to this deal on 5 phones. 3 were already on o2 and 2 were on Virgin. I don't know if it will apply to everyone, but on the website when I looked about cancelling the virgin contract it showed how much I would have to pay for early termination, upon phoning them because it's o2 they waived the charge. For anyone on the fence like I was it's worth a quick call just to double check. (edited)
  32. meistic's avatar
    How long did take to get volt email for you guys? 9 days here, still nothing.
    ricebay's avatar
    ricebay Author
    Perhaps contact o2 CS, I messaged them and volt was applied next day for both o2 and virgin.
  33. sheffield788's avatar
    Voted hot, good deal. Waiting for my wife's 3 months Disney+ to run out and I will go for it. My £8 deal is now £10 and I get only 15gb data. (edited)
    Jxy's avatar
    Just changed from 20GB to this, redeemed amazon prime, then switched to the same offer again some 10 minutes later and redeemed Disney plus aswell. Hot hot hot
  34. sparkleworld's avatar
    Thank you just renewed 4 contracts saved £90 a month! …..works out at over £1000 over the year. Kerching
    Jack43red's avatar
    I have 2 lines how do you do second line?
  35. matt.strachan's avatar
    If I take out 3 of these for the family, will it make it all £6.40 each?
    gamesaregood's avatar
    I think first is always £8 and second 2 are £6.40
  36. R0BUST's avatar
    If you’re already not with O2, don’t do it! It’s a terrible slow network. I changed to this deal but got out of it with the price rise.
    gadgetcake's avatar
    Depends where you live no?
  37. scope's avatar
    God Damn I am fed up with O2.. But they havent removed the Volt benefit since leaving Virgin, and im going to USA shortly, so wont leave until Im back.. Their backbone network for internet su*k big time.
    GujSehambi's avatar
    This is Hot UK deals, not Hot USA deals.
    This deal is for the uk and it’s hot. We’re a deals site not a worldwide review site
  38. Lang's avatar
    Thanks OP!!
    molimo's avatar
  39. Kal007's avatar
    Thanks OP great price if you need the data. If you just need 6GB (doubled to 12GB with Volt) there is a cheaper deal for £6/month with 3 months disney+
    mark_harrison's avatar
    Can you post the link please . I can only see 6GB for £6.99 pcm. Thanks.
  40. duke's avatar
    Switched from 30 gb to 20 gb at the start of April to swerve the price increase,just let me go back to 30 with this deal,although I read you can only upgrade every 3 months?
    Signal and download suit my needs too round this way.
    Love the way you can switch,although they are a pain to deal with it you have problems.
    iForgetful's avatar
    I upgraded and it's only just over 30 days since I first joined. An extra 1p for 15GB of data seems worth it

    I upgraded and it's only just over 30 days since I first joined. An extra 1p for 15GB of data seems worth it (edited)
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