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Posted 18 April 2023

PALiT NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Dual 12GB GDDR6X Graphics Card (+ NVIDIA Overwatch 2 Bundle) £549.98 +£5.99 delivery @ Novatech

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PLUS also included --- NVIDIA Overwatch 2 Bundle Game Voucher

Only £555.97 including Next Day Delivery

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  1. hukdjps's avatar
    Only 12gb VRAM

    16gb is the new minimum imo (edited)
    Dannyboy80's avatar
    Take a look at Doom Eternal at 1440p on a 3060ti.

    You can ultra everything and on the textures, find performance is actually below a 3060 12GB.

    Simply put the textures to high and everything else ultra and you are getting well over 100FPS with ray tracing on. Smash a 3060 completely for performance.

    The point is, you COULD make a YouTube video saying, 'look at this broken mess!!' but it's something you would only see if you really push that or go out of your way to achieve. The game even gives you a steer on getting a good set up.

    Sure, more VRAM would be nice but for most it's a complete non issue and I find it funny that some would rather trash the VRAM than look at the game optimisation.

    RDR2 looks as good as anything brand new and that's not a VRAM hog. (edited)
  2. uscool's avatar
    Should be called the 4060ti
    Seanspeed's avatar
    No, that's still too generous.

    Literally, this is below what the 3060 was in the Ampere lineup. It's basically the equivalent of the $250 RTX3050. But they just conveniently change the naming schemes around(of the GPU's and dies) and thus tricks tons of people into thinking this GPU is higher tier than it actually is.

    4080 = 3070
    4070Ti = 3060
    4070 = 3050

    They've similarly fooled even slightly more informed people by changing the die naming.

    AD102 = AD102
    AD103 would normally be AD104.
    AD104 would normally be AD106.
    And the upcoming *actual* 4060Ti, based on AD106, would normally have been AD107, or literally a sub $200 tier part.

    Nvidia's greed is much worse than most people seem to actually realize.
  3. Somersett's avatar
    A tech youtube channel had an interview with a low level dev at a AAA company today laughing at 12GB, saying 16GB was hardly future-proof, and 20GB should be the targeted VRAM if you are paying major (and over 500 quid IS major) money for your GPU. Nvidia is going to try to sell you a 4000 series card with 8GB (yes- a joke of a joke of a joke of 8GB) of VRAM in the next couple of weeks.

    This card should be 350quid tops. It's a tiny die with mega cheap PCB, VRAM and VRMs (because that is all it needs to run well). And just as flash has never been cheaper, VRAM, PCBs and VRMs have never been cheaper either. The fans and chunk of heatsink cost next to nothing as well. And at 350 quid, Nvidia would be making a massive profit per unit- especially if it chose to sell direct.

    Anyhoo, the mid-end is a buyers market, and once the AMD 7800 variants launch (very soon now), prices are going to crash hard. If you've waited til now- I'd wait a little longer- and by doing so you help send a message to Nvidia.
  4. tii's avatar
    Is this a good upgrade from 3060ti (with a 5600x)?
    hellachloe's avatar
    No. It's like 30% faster and your 3060Ti will fetch roughly £280 on ebay after fees and shipping. (edited)
  5. KITTYBOTS's avatar
    Asian review site computed the numbers. This is a 3060 or 3060ti replacement.

    emilioestevez's avatar
    Yeah you come to the same conclusion by just looking at die sizes too.

    The 3070 & 3060ti had a 392.5 mm^2 die
    The 3060 had a 276 mm^2 die
    The 4070 & 4070ti have a 295 m^2 die
    The 4080 has a 378 mm^2 die

    The 4070 / 4070ti are 3060 equivalents from this generation in terms of how much silicon they're selling you. They just moved the naming up a tier so they could charge more.
  6. Ramiren's avatar
    Why is this hot?

    This is a terrible price for a bottom of the range card disguised as a mid range card.

    The only reason to give this heat, is if you don't understand the actual specs and are just making purchase decisions based on the fact Nvidia have named it a 70 series (when it's actually closer to a 50/60 series card). Even if this were a 70 series card spec wise, £550 is still extortionate mining inflated BS pricing for a mid range card.
    Azwipe's avatar
    It's hot because people think for themselves and don't listen to the nonsense on You Tube that is parroted on here.

    Some of us understand not every NVidia launch gives a massive jump in performance, some understand inflation is running at nearly 20% since the previous launch, some are happy to get 3080 levels with better RT and frame generation with lower power consumption for under £600.

    Calling this a bottom of the range card
  7. Crossbow's avatar
    Also cashback at 3.15% topcashback.co.uk/nov…ch/ which is £14+
    "Please note, purchases paid for with PayPal will unfortunately not be eligible for cashback."
  8. Seanspeed's avatar
    A cut down, sub 300mm² part for £550 is in no world even a decent deal, let alone a good one.

    I cant stress this enough - this is *below* what the 3060 was in the Ampere lineup. Meaning they've effectively raised prices for this tier of GPU by over 100%. This used to be the price territory of fully enabled upper midrange dies(which even the 4080 isn't, as it's a cut down upper midrange part).

    Insanity that people are upvoting this. We really are just gonna let Nvidia get away with this and ruin the GPU market for everyone, forever, huh? Completely depressing. I simply wont give in. I would feel extremely dirty buying one of these, especially knowing how many other PC gamers I'm hurting by doing so.
    liltman's avatar
    Seriously need a competitor to challenge them. I am praying for AMD to match them or beat them in peformance soon but beat them on price. I know it won't ever happen though. Even though AMD has got a lot better recently.

    Nvidia has lost it now though, totally bonkers.
    The annoying part as you say, most will buy it and think it's a deal.

    It's a bit of a trap too as I almost want to buy one but I refuse to pay these prices but it just feels silly to buy a 20 or 30 series now if you were to buy a new card. SIGH lol.
  9. EDEN188's avatar
    This or the 6750xt please? It's for a itx case, which had lower TDP?
    Czubaka's avatar
    There's more than 200£ difference between these cards lol 6750 undervolts nicely but if you can afford 4070 then go for it.
  10. Cuddl3s's avatar
    If you buy this rubbish don't be surprised if in two years all you will get for 800 pounds will be the equivalent of todays 3050 level of performance in a xx80 series name card.

    This card is what i hoped the 4050 would be for 299 pounds or less, this price is literally insane. (edited)
    uscool's avatar
    lol you asking for too much next you'll want them given for free, IMO its 4060 and should be at appropriate pricing (edited)
  11. aerodeck's avatar
    Good price for a 3080 12gb with a software upgrade
    xybp9's avatar
    Actually performance is nearer the 3080 10GB model that had fewer cuda cores than the 12GB model
  12. Ohm's avatar
    Had two Palit graphics card and they both die within a year. Never overclocked them or mine on them. Just casual gaming. Never again. Happy customer of MSI and Asus now.
    chapchap's avatar
    But my experience goes like this- Had two Palit graphics cards and they have both been solid for years. Always overclocked them and used for lots of gaming.Happy to buy Palit again.
  13. hellachloe's avatar
    Boy is PC gaming screwed if this is considered a good deal lol. (edited)
    Czubaka's avatar
    This will get to 500 degrees at least

    Edit: here we are
    50008112-n1dfk.jpg (edited)
  14. TheRaider's avatar
    heat good value for a premium card
    Seanspeed's avatar
    This is not a premium card, good lord.

    This is a cut down, bog standard midrange part being sold for £550. It's awful. This thing shouldn't be more than £400 in any sane world, and that *still* allows for a reasonable price hike for Nvidia to cover cost pressure increases. Even £450 wouldn't be good, but might at least feel in the realm of sanity.

    Y'all have all lost it, and have been *thoroughly* swindled by Nvidia and their low effort naming shenanigans to make y'all think you're getting more 'premium' than you actually are. (edited)
  15. Nick_Manhota's avatar
    How is this heat WTF, its a very expensive poor upgrade only 12 gb vram it will be a stuttering mess in 2 years or right now at 4k its a £300 gpu at best.
    madmarkman's avatar
    This is not a 4K card and should not be marketed as such. It will however play almost everything out right now with very high settings 4K(not the top all singing and dancing settings)but it should play at 1440 with very high settings for a very long time . I voted hot for to days market and price.I would wait if you can for better or the rumoured price drop.
  16. Czubaka's avatar
    HUKD GPU deals comment section is the reason I pay for broadband
    Crossbow's avatar
    Afraid to think what you'll pay for if you saw the CPU deals section, a brick wall?
    Quarrelling over a £10 price difference between a processor with & without an X at the end of it. I said I'd happily pay the extra £10 for the better X, plus buy a £10 kebab to enjoy with it - a £20 gross overspend - & they 𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭 couldn't see the funny side of it
  17. SL1210s's avatar
    Nvidia's inventory levels are now at over $5Billion and the recent launch of GPUs have been in stock since day 1, save the 4090.

    Now days after the RTX4070's release they are now giving out discounts!

    Something is about to give!

    As a previous poster said this is 100% a buyers market so I think waiting around and not funding leather jacket man's greed is a safe bet providing it doesn't kick off in Taiwan!
    StinkingQuentin's avatar
    1 Billion seconds ago it was still 1991!
  18. Sickyman678's avatar
    The comment section never disappoint when it comes out rtx posts 💀
    t1redmonkey's avatar
    Yep, get the popcorn out
  19. Grzegorz_Podobas's avatar
    Ive been PC gaming for over 20 years. I wanted to upgrade from 3070ti to 4080, but this gen is a price laugh. So I cleqred my PC backlog and sold my 3070ti. Now time to clear massive PS5 backlog and hopefully in few years prices will get back to normal, so I can go back to PC gaming
    Conclusion, skip this gen, get ps5 (edited)
    Czubaka's avatar
    Got ps5, switch and recently built a PC. And what I discovered....is.... that I have no time for any of them

    I must say - mad respect for clearing your PC backlog. I don't think many people can boast such a thing. (edited)
  20. iwo's avatar
    Too dear for a Pallit.
    technobot's avatar
    True, part of me really like palit for the nostalgia, my first dedicated card was a palit 210
  21. Tommy.123's avatar
    Not worth going palit at this price.
    ali254's avatar
    What’s wrong with Palit?
  22. bisoner's avatar
    Only way the 4 series cards make sense in my head is on power consumption.

    I'm a really casual gamer (parent) so assume it's a 150w system saving for 3 hours a day for say 200 days a year how much would I expect to save a annually on power?
    Rambojazdude's avatar
    Around £32 a year based on your numbers and 36p per kwh (edited)
  23. noiren's avatar

    They’ll come further down, they have a town of these laying around, not to mention the 30 series which has yet to sell out
    paulspeed1981's avatar
    They always do that's how the world works.
  24. RickyWong's avatar
    Those rushed to buy FE at £599 probably need to start scour the ground for pennies to get that £50 back in less than a week.
    Azwipe's avatar
    More than happy with my FE for £589. If i wasn't i'd return it and buy this.
  25. Javz's avatar
    Was gonna buy a 4070 on day release before specs and benchmarks were confirmed (was on a GTX 970) and couldn't justify the £589 price tag. And the next best was a 4070 Ti but at £811....

    Thankfully bought a used 5700 XT for £130. The 40 series is just sh*t... But this is a good price for a 4070, however the entire line up is just extortionately expensive.

    Hopefully might upgrade to a 50 series or anything else that AMD/Intel rock up in the next two years
    Azwipe's avatar
    Based on the 4070ti what exactly did you expect the spec to be? The 4070 is 35% cheaper with the same amount of VRAM.
  26. shamus21's avatar
    Looks like punters are waking up and seeing the RTX 4000 series for what it is. Just a side grade.
  27. BluesFanUK's avatar
    Paid arounnd £550 for a 980ti about 7 years ago - that was their big card outside the Titan for workstations.

    No less than a decade on and Nvidia are selling mid-range GPU's at the same price. Talk about inflation!
    shaun.jonesnhj's avatar
    yeah sadly the reality we are in right now, everything is up, food in the UK is at times hitting triple the prices some stuff was only a few months ago, it's through the rough
  28. mreriksen's avatar
    RRP is £590, so it's £35 down from RRP les than a week after launch. So technically it's a good deal.

    But this is `Nvidia's strategy and how they milk people. Only every second Gen of GPUs represents a good value.

    GTX 1070 was same or faster than 980 ti £400 vs 600
    RTX 2070 was same as GTX 1080, but slightly cheaper £450 vs £550
    RTX 3070 was as fast as 2080ti, but much cheaper £480 vs £1100
    RTX 4070 is same as RTX 3080, bust slightly cheaper £590 vs £650.... (edited)
  29. deleted2810965's avatar
    great deal.
    4070 is the best you'd get for the price.
  30. TwentyTwo's avatar
    Decent price, but other budget ones like the Asus Dual and the MSI Ventus x3 are significantly quieter than this, probably worth spending the extra money for those or waiting for a deal. (edited)
  31. Duckiermold_'s avatar
    overwatch 2 is free, whats the bundle
    Czubaka's avatar
    Some rubbish mate. It's like those console 'Fortnite' bundles lol.

    'To supercharge your progress in the recently launched Overwatch 2 Season 4, we’re offering the new Overwatch 2 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle plus an additional 1,000 OW2 coins. Starting today through May 8th, 2023, buyers of eligible GeForce RTX 4090, 4080, 4070 Ti and our newly announced 4070 graphics cards and desktop PCs will receive the Overwatch 2 Ultimate Battle Pass, plus an additional 1,000 OW2 coins, a $40 value.

    Season 4 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle Includes:
    Season 4 Premium Battle Pass
    2,000 OW2 Coins
    20 Tier Skips
    Infinite Guard: 76 Legendary Skin
    Infinite Ace D.Va Epic Skin
    Infinite Airwings Weapon Charm
    1,000 Additional OW2 Coins'
  32. mat_in_london's avatar
    Not sure if Ishoudl say, oh can gett cheaper, price should be around £200. lol
  33. Eptesicus's avatar
    Still far too expensive.
  34. moshispam's avatar
    I think it's expensive for a 4050ti in disguise (though the VRAM it has is suitable for an entry level card :- )
  35. wrcallar's avatar
    Damn you vram guys making me think my 3080 is obsolete already...
    Czubaka's avatar

    You should be OK for a while mate.
  36. Esfiha28's avatar
    Awful price for this level of card, which is really a 3060 level card now with a near 100% mark up in price and a deceptive name.

    Also 12GB won't be enough by next year for high end games. For £550 you'd expect this thing to max out nearly everything for 2-3 years at least. (edited)
    riccom's avatar
    How is a newer gen 40 series gpu that offers 3080 performance really a 3060? (edited)
  37. Kankan101's avatar
    Buy for a dollar sell for two

    Avon & Prop Joe they should have just done graphics card the Nvidia way people are more hooked on then that WMD.

    Graphic fidelity is way overrated give a a quality game because I won't be looking at those fancy pixels to care. (edited)
    Davidmrb93's avatar
    I mean I agree gameplay over graphics but it's subjective as there's plenty who get their enjoyment out of games looking amazing and as realistic ad possible, even if at times they aren't that great story wise
  38. YH_Lin's avatar
    Oh it’s already dropping the price, 450!
  39. dragon97's avatar
    Does Paypal work for anyone else It's not for me
  40. waqar's avatar
    Not worth it this gpu should not cost more than 450
    Azwipe's avatar
    If we weren't living in a period of rampant inflation it would be.
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