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Refurbished Lenovo Legion Graphic BoostStation External GPU - With RTX 2060 6GB - £299.99 With code (UK Mainland) @ laptopoutletdirect /eBay
26/05/2022Expires on 26/05/2022Posted 2 h, 33 m agoPosted 2 h, 33 m ago
May not be for all, but a fair price for anyone needing an external GPU solution. Back in January the Boostation alone was £154.94. So that puts this at £145.05 more than back then, includin…
Avatar Ken

At this price? That's an unrealistic wish for egpu with 3080 XD Guess it depends what you play. Obviously will be better than a non dedicated GPU. From memories when I tested an rx580 in an egpu on my xps 9370 I think was very playable.


Would my Zenbook S with a 1065G7 be even remotely suitable for use with this? I imagine it would thermally fry / the CPU would bottleneck like mad... but any advice would be appreciated!


With a 3080 and I am in.


is there any point getting this for a dell xps 13 9310? i think the cpu will throttle like heck anyway


check out here

Ryzen 5 5600X + 16GB + RTX 3080 + 240MM Corsair AIO + 850W Gold + 1TB Samsung 980 (No O/S) Gaming System £1468.99 with code at CCL Online
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The Gamer Max AMD Ryzen 5 5600X £200 16 RGB Memory at 3200MHz £60 Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE AX V2 £135 Corsair Hydro Series H100x AIO Liquid Cooler £65 1TB - Samsung 980 £80 NVIDIA GeForc…
Avatar sarden84

Most likely, I don’t see sunflower oil being accepted as payment.


Will we be talking roubles?


So a few grand a year for non stop mining? Pff get better jobs imho.


Mainly due to LHR unlock


Hasn't seemed to deter them though.

HP OMEN, AMD Ryzen 7, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060Ti, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD, Gaming Desktop PC - £989.99 (members only) @ Costco
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
10% off selected HP laptops, desktops and monitors. Reduction will be automatically applied at checkout. Valid from 19/05/2022 to 22/05/2022. Features- AMD Ryzen 7 5700G Processor- 16GB RAM,…

No, it's not every month, it's just every 6 months if you count TI releases, every 12 months if not (embarrassed) If each generation lasts 3 years, (which tbh is false unless you're on the very entry-level pieces) then current gen at a good/low price is a better option for a bargain than RRP for the next gen on release. This is especially true when considering the difficulty we're likely to have in getting a hold of next-gen tech due to scalpers and global supply issues, and even more so when considering that they're planning on upping the release prices of the next-gen cards by around 10% compared to what they were for the 2/30XX series cards.


Maybe youre new to PCs... how did you work this out? Gens last 2-3 years mate... next gen is literally on the doorstep they dont bring a new gen out each month :\ Best value is not always prev gen at all... when i was a kid i bought prev gen for the same price as next gen. Anyone who bought a 1080ti on release is probs still using it now as it was such a good card.


Then you'll never buy a PC as there will always be a Next Gen. Best value is always prev Gen.


Yeah because the PC is way better? You dont get a 3080ti, better CPU, better RAM, better PSU, better power supply for the same price mate... £600 more for like £1000+ more value BARGAIN to anyone who needs a PC right away but at this stage its just better to wait next gen... probs be paying around 2k+ but the kit will be better value as its top of the range and another good chunk ahead.


Another 600 quid then? That's quite a difference ...but yeah I get your point. Thank you

MSI GeForce RTX 3060 12GB VENTUS 2X Ampere Graphics Card £374.99 delivered @ CCL with code
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Good price for a 3060. Not the best MSI card but these cards don't require the best cooling anyway. Details The GeForce RTX™ 3060 lets you take on the latest games using the power of Amp…
Avatar Katro16

Code is not working for me here. :(


The original MSRP price for FE 3060 RTX: $329. £374.99 is still scalping you a bit but only by 10-15% or so. It's the cheapest MSI 3060 on the market so don't expect some insane performance boost from overclocking this. If you're desperate and wanted to get a 3060 - go for it. But keep in mind these cards are now 14 months old. And for the love of god don't buy this card if you already own 1080//2070: These cards have virtually the same performance. This is an entry GPU for people with something like a 970 GTX, 1060 GTX etc. I'm sticking with my 1070 until I can snag a 3080 or wait for 4000 series.


I've waited 2 year, another 7 months isn't going to hurt (lol)


£369.99 now. You don't have to wait until Christmas next year to buy a card now :D


I don't think anyone needed that to be explained to them.

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MSI GeForce RTX 3060 12GB VENTUS 2X Ampere Graphics Card £383.47 delivered @ Ebuyer
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Gone up £7 but still a good price. Good price for a 3060. Not the best MSI card but these cards don't require the best cooling anyway. 10% CompleteSavings would bring this to under £345 + P…

Sold out when about to order (mad)


It'll probably set your room on fire getting there


Not particularly, i would say 1080p 144hz ultra then yes but at 1440p 144hz ultra only in games like overwatch and valorant


Prices are starting to come down boys


Cheaper at CCL. Its £374.99 via the SPECIAL-25 code

ASUS GeForce RTX 3090 TUF 24GB OC GPU - £1,399.99 Using Code @ CCL (UK Mainland)
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Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Not sure how this will be received, but it's the cheapest 3090 around unless you're buying used, as far as I am aware. The most recent deal on a 3090 was the Gamerock model, that came with a…
Avatar Ken

Yeah 3090 don't come in LHR so probably easier to resell. Nice little flip for you then... if that was your intention all along.


£1800 mid Jun last year, used for 6 months


How much did you pay for it?


Eh I'm waiting. I wouldn't say that the 4070 is a competitor to the 3090 though. The 3090 was a terrible card on release for value for money. The only reason it looks better now is because the market is absolutely pants. It does seem weird to go for a flagship nearer the end of its lifespan. Of course you will have to ask whether you actually can get your hands on a 4000 series card. Part of me just wonders if console gaming is the way to go nowadays.


Pricing of the 4000 series will be interesting. If no official shortage how will all shops band together to justify a hike from recommended price while not being seen as competition price fixing. If they don't do this the 3090 will be 700-800 quid within 10 weeks.