Play Sand (15kg Bags) - 20p @ Asda (Instore)

Play Sand (15kg Bags) - 20p @ Asda (Instore)

LocalFound 13th Sep 2011
As title says, large bags 15kg bags. Put in the shed ready for the kids next year!
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great for block paved drive ways
Wow, have some heat! which store was it please?
Merthyr Tydfil store.
a couple of bags in the boot ready for winter driving too
What's the sell by date?

anytime, thank you
15kg is large now?
Its quicksand i could do with for mine

hot15kg is large now?

Tesco only sell 10kg bags so yep 15kg is a fair size for play sand and one bag fills up the kids sand table enough for them to play
also great for your fish tanks
have some heat for the great pic lol

have some heat for the great pic lol

damn thought it said playstation....
hahah have some more heat cant believe its so hot, probably a store specific one havent seen it in ours so probably the old wild goose......
also great to add for chicken dust baths
None at Fosse Park, Leicester
can you build with it.

can you build with it.

I dunno, it's called playsand.... you can build sand castles though lol
Wow great ta
urghh horrible stuff

gets everywhere
gets wet
then its my job to clean up the moldy horrible mess in the winter!

So at this point 609 degrees and still not confirmed any other stores have it.
This place gets crazier
heat added:)
Unfortunately Plymouth Asda is too small to stock play sand. I would have bought loads of the stuff for school at that price. HOT HOT HOT !
"Its quicksand i could do with for mine"
Is there any in Birmingham for saler ?

also great for your fish tanks

I agree, lovely planted tank with this as the substrait.
Dont let it get too hot in here otherwise you will be stuck with bags full of glass
great find
couldn't you just go the beach and bring a few buckets?
None In Melksham Branch.
Pity as I'm laying block paving this week......and the grandchildren love playing in sand as well.

can you build with it.

This stuff is ideal for use with a brickwork pointing mortar gun.
both ASDA's in Swindon still have it in store for £2 a bag!! I challenged it today and was told 'that's probably the price online'!?!??! OK then.. Except you can't order it online without paying loads for delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pillocks!!

a couple of bags in the boot ready for winter driving too

enjoy paying a whole lot more than 20p from loss of fuel efficiency then
Got some of Tesco's bags which were reduced to 70p and thought that was a good deal!
Expired / sold out and now £2 a bag...

Correct me if wrong but this is the link...…tml
If you're lucky enough to live near a beach just get it from there for free

Note: You might have to sift out the turds / used jonnies
Anyone know if theres any in stock at Norwich or Great Yarmouth???? Thanks
thanks babymama - off to get
834 degrees now and not 1 other person has confirmed getting this other than the OP.
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