Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 May 2023.
Posted 18 March 2023

Pure Gym Plus £16.99 with £0 Joining Free for Blue Light Card

£16.99£26.9937% off
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I saved £5 a month with this and lasts for 12months..

Using the BlueLight App, I noticed I can apply to any gym in the country (so I have chosen the cheapest one) and using "Plus" I can go to the 3 gyms in my city which normally cost £20+!!!

There are 117 other gyms you can go to, check the list when signing up to see if yours is in there!

PureGym More details at
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  1. Solac's avatar
    If you choose a cheaper gym than your home gym, and keep using the more expensive one. They make you pay the difference, or block your card.
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Tweet from Pure Gym.. "There's no need to change your home gym, you can add a secondary gym to your membership for no extra cost" Also, the gyms are within the 117 other gyms list so its fine. (edited)
  2. PHL's avatar
    I'm sure they offer £19.94 for BLC holders? If I do the maths over 12 months for this deal (£16.99 × 12 months + £15.99 = £219.87) you're only saving £19.41 over the whole year? Guess it's still a saving. (edited)
    Phil_Blake's avatar
  3. Funnyhaha's avatar
  4. psd99's avatar
    Too many roadmen in these gyms
    Cheap and cheerful u get what u pay for
    Seriously some of the people have self hygiene issues
    Peter9588's avatar
    Why have you got issues with the people that do road works? They’re just trying to earn a living
  5. Sanjjj's avatar
    After 12 months your offer will end and monthly payments will increase to £23.39 a month but you can cancel by then
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    And once you cancel they will email you loads of promos for free months etc

  6. MRDAMO666's avatar
    Sack it off…..i lift bags of sugar in my kitchen, the sofa in my lounge and the bench in my garden and i look like this……no cash required…..other than the PEDS i buy.
    Atul_Gandhi's avatar
  7. absolutemagnet's avatar
    Only if your gym
    Is cheap and you have multiple gyms near you, this worked out more expensive than standard blc discount for me, perhaps I’m doing something wrong, it wanted me to pay another £54 for plus multiple gym access across the uk??

    How did u get £0 joining fee for ballymena? It says £15 for me? Is there somewhere else to enter blc promo code? Apologies (edited)
    Sanjjj's avatar
    I done it all within the BlueLight app.. it has a link here I took a screenshot for you

  8. HaamidMajeed's avatar
    How do you do this to your existing account?
    Sanjjj's avatar
    I logged in during checkout
  9. Lil6ix's avatar
    I actually joined PG recently and had to leave.. it’s absolutely crowded no matter which one you go into.. I couldn’t even get on the equipment I wanted. I’ve opted for working out at home.. Ive got like £300 worth of weights and kettlebells also have a bench.

    Good deal if you live in a village with a small population and there happens to be a PG.
    mfactor's avatar
    Gotta pick your times, mid morning is great as is Sat and Sun afternoons, I also find 2/3 AM good lol ....
  10. Uranus's avatar
    I wish I was a bored billionaire.
    I would open up an attractive business but discriminate against blue light, NHS and students by charging them all an extra 10% compared to regular people.
    Wahooo's avatar
    Salty much
  11. Alexandru_Dura's avatar
    I remember when I went London for 4 weeks paid 37 quid to one month no joining fee just to find out it was open only Monday to Friday till 8pm the latest . rip off pure gym really poor from the whole company .
    Jack_Morgan13's avatar
    That seems like a you problem for being complacent and not doing your research xx
  12. gabesdad's avatar
    Still £26.99 for Plus option at my local gym in Kent after discount. Maybe the offer in the post was specific due to the gym only opening in May?
    Sanjjj's avatar
    You have to put your home gym as the same as I done in the screenshot Ballymena.. if your gym that you actually want to go to is within the 117 list you can still go there
  13. Wahooo's avatar
    Must be doing something wrong as it’s showing more than this for me - cheapest it goes to is £20.99 for the plus membership and then it goes up to £26.99 again after the first month. (edited)
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Are you doing it through the BlueLight app? and you have to pick Ballymena gym,
  14. Jiebo0123's avatar
    Full of absolute degenerates. Avoid this place
    tfish's avatar
    you live in london. your opinion is void
  15. erroll's avatar
    Should just say Ballymena in the title
  16. RockyBarlowa's avatar
    At my local one the other day, a group of 4 guys about 16-18yrs old were there.. I wish I was joking when I say one of them was working out in bootcut jeans, a lumberjack shirt and a trucker cap with a mullet. Couldn't make it up! (edited)
  17. youngchap's avatar
    Does it have to be 12 months or can we do it for 3 months etc too?
  18. joe140's avatar
    Anyone got a link I can use?
    Gates098's avatar
    I got you covered
  19. fastcarmaniac's avatar
    Shame the closest one to me is 15 miles away, then 40 miles for the next!
  20. youngchap's avatar
    The issue is
    If you freeze for a month they charge u
    Sanjjj's avatar
    On the Plus membership you can freeze for upto 3months free of charge
  21. youngchap's avatar
    Is this a normal blue light price or when does this offer end? Student discount is the same? Only for 12 months
    Sanjjj's avatar
    No this is a introductory price for 12 months because the gym Ballymena is new.
  22. simonbendall's avatar
    No PG near me
  23. mfactor's avatar
    Just for info they also do a student discount, up to 30% thru Unidays but you have to pay upfront... worked out for me at about £15 pm

    youngchap's avatar
    NHS is better then
    But 12 months contract
  24. lucas's avatar
    Cheap but I cancelled my membership as it was full of school kids crowding round one piece of kit and messing around. I’d maybe rejoin if they kept it adults only but with online signups they can’t really control who’s going in all that time.
    mfactor's avatar
    As said earlier I pick my times, but found the same myself one day, trouble was they were from the school where I worked (site team) so all I got was sir this sir that, bloody embarrassing, told them to call me Jase....
  25. Starkiwi26's avatar
    anyone can share blue light card discount with me please? I can share unidays, totum discount in return
    Gates098's avatar
    Send me a message if you still need a code
  26. alex252's avatar
    Is it possible to use this offer without blue light app? Been searchin for such offer for sometime now... Great if someone can share any code via message.. Cheers.. (edited)
  27. zarakhtar's avatar
    Do you have to pay monthly or a fixed term price
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Pay monthly, cancel anytime
  28. scrounger's avatar
    Would they entertain first aid certificates to get the offer ? (edited)
    Sanjjj's avatar
    No sorry
  29. steeble's avatar
    I only get it for 3 months through blc, which is same as standard offer
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Maybe you chose wrong gym as your home gym, have a look at my screenshot
  30. Narrowboy's avatar
    Great deal, knaresborough is £12.99!!!!
    Sanjjj's avatar
    But this is not Plus membership so you cant use it in other locations
  31. smeders's avatar
    £24.99 for plus at Uttoxeter. £23.49 for basic.

    Better deal at start of year as I have basic for £15 a month with no joining fee
    Sanjjj's avatar
    I dont think you understand the home gym part, have a look at my screenshot
  32. SirAlexCR7's avatar
    The trick is to go early e.g. Between 7 - 8.30am. Usually there will be fewer people and crucially, fewer kids.
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Yes I go between 11pm-1am
  33. DudeDERAILED's avatar
    If you don't use home gym and always go to more expensive one, will they not change your membership to the one you use?
    Sanjjj's avatar
    I hope not! lol I have only just started doing this
  34. mfactor's avatar
    There is a way of doing it for free, I have forgot my fob and number a few times and as I have been using them for a few years either a member of staff or nodding acquaintance will let me in lol...
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Perks of being around nice people! lol
  35. youngchap's avatar
    When would this offer end?
    scrounger's avatar
    Soon I think
  36. youngchap's avatar
    Only 12 months or 3months or monthly too?

    Shouldn't it be the same as student discount?
  37. FlyingLlama's avatar
    Not this cheap for me unfortunately.
  38. o's avatar
    How does one get a account if your not a BLC work.
    youngchap's avatar
    Did u find the answer to itm
  39. gravyvessel1's avatar
    Does it not say picking Ballymena as your home gym that your membership doesn't start till that gym opens in May? (edited)
    Sanjjj's avatar
    Yes it starts in May
  40. EN1GMA's avatar
    Anyonr have a blc they won't be using and willing to pass on to me please? If so, please DM me
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