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Pure Gym Plus £16.99 with £0 Joining Free for Blue Light Card

£16.99£26.9937% off
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About this deal

I saved £5 a month with this and lasts for 12months..

Using the BlueLight App, I noticed I can apply to any gym in the country (so I have chosen the cheapest one) and using "Plus" I can go to the 3 gyms in my city which normally cost £20+!!!

There are 117 other gyms you can go to, check the list when signing up to see if yours is in there!

PureGym More details at PureGym
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    If you choose a cheaper gym than your home gym, and keep using the more expensive one. They make you pay the difference, or block your card.
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    Tweet from Pure Gym.. "There's no need to change your home gym, you can add a secondary gym to your membership for no extra cost" Also, the gyms are within the 117 other gyms list so its fine. (edited)
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    I actually joined PG recently and had to leave.. it’s absolutely crowded no matter which one you go into.. I couldn’t even get on the equipment I wanted. I’ve opted for working out at home.. Ive got like £300 worth of weights and kettlebells also have a bench.

    Good deal if you live in a village with a small population and there happens to be a PG.
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    Gotta pick your times, mid morning is great as is Sat and Sun afternoons, I also find 2/3 AM good lol ....
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    After 12 months your offer will end and monthly payments will increase to £23.39 a month but you can cancel by then
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    Still £26.99 for Plus option at my local gym in Kent after discount. Maybe the offer in the post was specific due to the gym only opening in May?
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    You have to put your home gym as the same as I done in the screenshot Ballymena.. if your gym that you actually want to go to is within the 117 list you can still go there
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    Anyone got a link I can use?
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    Sack it off…..i lift bags of sugar in my kitchen, the sofa in my lounge and the bench in my garden and i look like this……no cash required…..other than the PEDS i buy.
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    I'm sure they offer £19.94 for BLC holders? If I do the math over 12 months for this deal (£16.99 × 12 months + £15.99 = £219.87) you're only saving £19.41 over the whole year? Guess it's still a saving.
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    my gym is £22 with the BLC discount so im saving £6 a month and £0 joining fee.. its not a lot but its something
  9. absolutemagnet's avatar
    Only if your gym
    Is cheap and you have multiple gyms near you, this worked out more expensive than standard blc discount for me, perhaps I’m doing something wrong, it wanted me to pay another £54 for plus multiple gym access across the uk??

    How did u get £0 joining fee for ballymena? It says £15 for me? Is there somewhere else to enter blc promo code? Apologies (edited)
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    I done it all within the BlueLight app.. it has a link here I took a screenshot for you

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    Shame the closest one to me is 15 miles away, then 40 miles for the next!
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    The issue is
    If you freeze for a month they charge u
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    On the Plus membership you can freeze for upto 3months free of charge
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    Is this a normal blue light price or when does this offer end? Student discount is the same? Only for 12 months
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    No this is a introductory price for 12 months because the gym Ballymena is new.
  13. simonbendall's avatar
    No PG near me
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    Just for info they also do a student discount, up to 30% thru Unidays but you have to pay upfront... worked out for me at about £15 pm

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    NHS is better then
    But 12 months contract
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    Cheap but I cancelled my membership as it was full of school kids crowding round one piece of kit and messing around. I’d maybe rejoin if they kept it adults only but with online signups they can’t really control who’s going in all that time.
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    anyone can share blue light card discount with me please? I can share unidays, totum discount in return
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