Unfortunately, this deal has expired 30 September 2023.
Posted 16 September 2023

Reebok Mens Energen Lite Running Trainers (Sizes 6.5-12) - W/Code

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Reduced to £18, use code to reduce the price to £15.20.

Delivery is £3.99 / £19.29 delivered with code.



Feel the kilometres fly by in these men's lightweight running shoes from Reebok. The single-density FuelFoam bottom cushions each landing and provides all-day comfort. Your feet stay cool thanks to the breathable mesh upper, and targeted overlays on the heel and toe add a supportive feel to your stride.


  • Mesh upper
  • Breathable feel
  • Lace closure
  • Textile lining
  • Rubber outsole
  • Weight: 290 grams
  • Midsole drop: 4 mm

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  1. PST.'s avatar
    Since reebok were sold by adidas earlier this year their reviews have been horrendous. Please look up reebok eu on trust-pilot to see for yourself before committing to a purchase. 
  2. blackcoffee's avatar
    I will never buy Reebok again. Got 2 similar trainers and they're the most slippery trainers i ever had. Walking on anything slightly wet feels like ice skating ⛸️ Horrible!
    mubzchen's avatar
    Totally agree
  3. Vasile_B's avatar
    use UNIDAYS, they will have a %30 discount.
    mrabrown09's avatar
    I have a code...
    Be happy to share if anyone has a sun holiday code. Bought a paper today and codes stopped yesterday...
  4. sammy_ross's avatar
    before buying these go look at reviews for reebock eu 2 weeks i have been waiting for my trainers you have been warned !
    BanterKing's avatar
    Some of us are in no rush. We’ll walk for now
  5. PD2K79's avatar
    Just on TrustPilot it seems they have had some problems since the takeover but my last 2 orders arrived ok.

    They are rated ‘bad’ on TrustPilot - the same as Amazon, Nike, Adidas, Tesco, Asda, Timberland etc (edited)
    TECHSPEC's avatar
    Let's me honest, most people run to Trustpilot when something goes wrong.

    Satisfied customers are less likely to review. (edited)
  6. SNIPER85's avatar
    Can you wear them as normal trainer's?
    Limmy's avatar
    no, they are incompatible unless you get the firmware updated
  7. TECHSPEC's avatar
    Great thanks. £67 my size on Amazon.

    Got the Lite 3 too, to make over £25. Better than paying for postage. (edited)
    PD2K79's avatar
    Always worth chucking something extra in to avoid that £3.99 charge - hate paying for postage
  8. Mangs's avatar
    Sports Direct is currently the same price (without the student code), in case this goes OOS.51002885-ak3sN.jpg (edited)
    molviuk's avatar
    Thanks for this. Only thing with Sports Direct is they don't give money back when you request a refund. They give you store credit
  9. TECHSPEC's avatar
    Arrived today. Bargain, good fit and super comfy.

    So much for the conspiracy theorists 😏
  10. abid.hussain's avatar
    What’s the sizing like on these?
    fearcrazyidiot's avatar
    With Reebok i have to go half size up. Same thing with Adidas.
  11. SuB-K's avatar
    Just received mine today, 11 days later....
  12. rimz790's avatar
    ok managed to grab these in 11, i had to use incognito mode on chrome for some odd reason to make it work and used a unidays code to get it down to £16.59 delivered (edited)
  13. fearcrazyidiot's avatar
    Yea it does look concerning. I have ordered previously of Reebok and had no issues. Let’s see how it goes.
    ud987's avatar
    What are the concerns?
  14. ptecn's avatar
    Ordered on 17th at evening still no dispatch ????, (edited)
    Carl.Swart's avatar
    For those, that may not have received their orders yet, I ordered on 20 September 2023 and my order was delivered today, 10 October 2023. So, yes, it took a while.
  15. trotter100's avatar
    Thanks op 2 pairs trainer delivered 31.45
  16. gotanygrapes's avatar
    Niceeee Reeboks are so comfy! Heat added
  17. Ragdoll_Pigeon's avatar
    I bought two pairs the last time they were on offer otherwise I'd buy again, comfier than all of my more expensive ones
  18. drunk1's avatar
    Ordered these along with the Lite Plus 3 for £31.45 delivered.

    8% Quidco too, so a further £2.02 tracked.

    Thanks OP! 🔥
    Slarty's avatar
    10% Topcashback
  19. hotmik's avatar
    Ordered last time

    Still haven't even been dispatched

    So at least 2 weeks delivery so far!!!!
  20. nathanobrien58's avatar
    2 pairs of trainers for £25.20 delivered. Excellent deal, cheers OP.
  21. ansonuk1's avatar
    Your feet might stay cool and breathable thanks to the mesh upper but won't they get wet in the rain or running over dew covered grass ? Perhaps someone using mesh trainers can comment
  22. botchtista's avatar
    Nice trainwrs for the price
  23. deleted2766048's avatar
    Thanks heat added 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  24. ytrondeals's avatar
    Heat added 🔥💯😁 thanks for sharing
  25. crazydealhunter's avatar
    Thanks Op. hopefully they will deliver
    PD2K79's avatar
    They seemed to really struggle with the take over but my last two orders have been ok!
  26. Tevos1176's avatar
    Nice deal, perfect for my lads P. E. Ordered 2 pairs to avoid paying postage with free returns.
    navneet1311's avatar
    So does this mean you can return 1 pair free of charge ? Loophole to avoid paying the postage fees. I might that
  27. fearcrazyidiot's avatar
    Thank you. Just ordered these along with Lite Plus 3.

    £31.45 in total
  28. 568423's avatar
    Sweet deal! Got my son & I trainers & sliders for less than £40
  29. erfyp's avatar
    Ordered these on the 8th though without the code. Haven't even shipped them yet.
    Cant find a way to cancel order either to reorder at this price.
    coco_fina's avatar
    Just keep the one that's arrived send back the ones you order again for discount.
  30. JoeUk123's avatar
    Bargain thanks
  31. coco_fina's avatar
    Works on all sale items I believe
    PD2K79's avatar
    Yes, looks like it - worked on everything I tried earlier 
  32. FreebieJeebie's avatar
    Nice order this and the lite plus 3 will do as work shoes for the next few years. 
  33. nicklus's avatar
  34. Bash786_Ali's avatar
    Nice two pairs bought.
    Cannot go wrong for £31.45

    Sorry plus Quidco 😜😜😜 (edited)
    TheAceofSpades's avatar
    Cashback sites usually state in their T's&C's that discount codes void the cashback. Sometimes you can get lucky though 😄
  35. eldaniel's avatar
    Thanks, 3 pairs of different sizes ordered for my kids. I am surprised there is a nice selection of sizes considering how hot it went. Thanks OP
  36. BeeBilly123's avatar
    Order. But now wished I hadn't, just seen the reviews on Trust pilot varies from, no delivery, late delivery and issues with returning faulty goods.
    I registered, and there is no orders listed on my account, not even my address. paided with Paypal so hopefully can sort out refund in the future if required.
    Da3s0n's avatar
    I ordered a pair, which was delivered within a few days and received my refund the day I posted them back!
  37. Astec's avatar
    Just ordered, £12.60 with uni days... Bonkers cheap. Ordered some several months ago, no issues but happy to wait a bit for delivery.
  38. Michelle2222's avatar
    Which ones are the better trainer if anyone has an idea, these or the reebok lite plus 3 mens in the other listing
    TECHSPEC's avatar
    Get both, then no postage fee.

    My quick research says these are better. (edited)
  39. mark4970's avatar
    If these have foam soles, they'll probably not last much more than a month or 2. Much better value getting the REEBOK RUNNER 4 4E SHOES at £21 a pair with the 30% code. Got 2 pairs and they will last a lot longer !
  40. Uridium's avatar
    Heat added for listing them as Trainers and not Sneakers
's avatar