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Reminder: Atlus/NisA permanent price drop on 3ds Etrian Odyssey 4. Etrian Odyssey Untold and SMT Soul Hackers £8.99 @ Nintendo

Posted 17th Jan 2017

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More of a reminder than anything new. The permanent price drop on the digital versions of these three games was 7 months ago. All are £8.99 on the 3ds and all are worth it.

What prompted this was whilst having a clearout or at least thinking about it i checked on the going rate for a new physical copy of Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl and was shocked at how much a copy was going for.

I realised that when Atlus and Nis America split not only did they drop the digital price of these games but NisA also stopped producing the physical version as well of course and so stock has disappeared and prices have crept up.

So really just a nod to any newer 3ds owners who might not be aware that digital versions of these 3 particular games are a lot cheaper than there physical counterparts! Not many new hukd members are going to scroll back 7 months to phillips4551 original post. Also an honourable mention to him.

I didn't include the price drop on Persona q because i've posted it a few times in the recent past already.



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